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How Stikky Leveraged Shopify’s Checkout Sheet Kit And Improved Conversion By 15%

How Stikky Leveraged Shopify’s Checkout Sheet Kit And Improved Conversion By 15%

With just a few lines of code, Shopify’s new Checkout Sheet Kit (Android, Swift, React Native) enables mobile app developers to implement the world’s highest converting, customizable, one-page checkout in their apps. 

Stikky is a SaaS company building premium mobile experiences exclusively for Shopify merchants. Sebastian Hennig, co-founder of Stikky, shares his story about how the early implementation of Checkout Sheet Kit helped to boost conversion by 15% while reducing checkout-related logic by 75%. 

Hear directly from Sebastian Hennig, co-founder of Stikky

My name is Sebastian and I’m from a small town in Germany. After leading engineering teams at various startups and a few sidesteps into the world of academia, I co-founded Stikky in 2023 to help Shopify merchants deliver great native mobile apps.

The challenge: delivering fast and frictionless checkout experiences on mobile 

Checkout is the most critical part of the shopping journey. Creating a frictionless experience is paramount for conversion. 

From the get go, Stikky invested in making the checkout experience as smooth as possible on mobile devices. While data collection could be done through native screens on mobile, we needed to send the customer to the web to process payment details. Customers would experience long spinners or loading animations required to improve the perception of the waiting time. This came at the cost of user experience, degraded performance, and most importantly lower conversion rates

The opportunity: integrating the Checkout Sheet Kit with just a few lines of code

I first came across Shopify’s Checkout Sheet Kit during the developer preview. I knew immediately this was going to improve the mobile developer experience by eliminating the need to build and maintain a separate checkout. Integrating this into our apps meant we could eliminate redundant business logic and defer to Shopify to deliver the fully-featured checkout with all of the merchant customizations and business rules. For example, we can now leverage Shopify’s address validation rather than maintaining our own, saving us valuable time and ensuring order correctness for merchants.

The developer preview announcement came at 5PM and we got to work immediately. Within hours, we integrated the Checkout Sheet Kit into our project and provided the generated Cart URL, which previously sent customers to the web checkout. The initial results looked amazing. Checkout Sheet Kit helped us achieve consistent styling, predictable design, and fully integrated UI with only a few lines of code. At Stikky, we only integrate features if the look and feel are streamlined with the merchant’s brand. The Checkout Sheet Kit made that easy. 

In the following days, we experimented with other features in the Checkout Sheet Kit like the preloading feature. With preloading, checkout can be loaded ahead of time. When a customer initiates the checkout process, the checkout sheet loads instantly to accept payment. Simple and efficient. As soon as we enabled this feature, the time it took to load checkout decreased by over 90%. The checkout flow was more responsive as well.

Compared to our previous solution building with the Checkout API, Checkout Sheet Kit provides an elevated and faster buying experience on the mobile apps we build, leading to higher conversion rates.

The results: boosting conversion by 15% while reducing code

With the Checkout Sheet Kit, we were able to build higher converting mobile apps faster than ever before.

We shipped the first mobile apps using Checkout Sheet Kit to our merchants in January 2024. The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Better yet, early metrics indicate that our merchants have seen an increase in conversion of up to 15% since the integration.

From a development perspective, we saved a ton of code while achieving a flexible and modular system. We reduced checkout-related logic by 75% as most validations, calculations, and UI logic were no longer needed with the Checkout Sheet Kit. 

Our experience integrating the Checkout Sheet Kit was supreme to say the least. At Stikky, we are excited to push the boundaries of mobile commerce even further and improve buyer experiences in partnership with Shopify. 

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This article originally appeared on Shopify Web Design and Development and is available here for further discovery.
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