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How SuitShop Implements An All-Hands Customer Support Model


We gathered our top three takeaways from our recent conversation with Gorgias customer SuitShop. Learn how they make customer service everyone’s business.

Everyone in your ecommerce business has something to learn from customer support. So if your agents are the only ones reading tickets, you're missing out on key insights.

We recently chatted with Katy Eriks, Director of Customer Experience at SuitShop, to learn more about the startup’s company-wide focus on support.

SuitShop sells suits and tuxedos for men, women, and children. Their ecommerce operation started on Kickstarter and expanded on Shopify. They also have three physical locations in Chicago, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Here are our three top takeaways from our conversation:

Takeaway 1: Customer support is everyone’s business

Customer support should be a cross-functional effort in any company, to some degree.

And in smaller companies like SuitShop, the whole team is often immersed in the process.

“Everyone in our company has a little bit of a hand in customer service,” Eriks shared. “If you call, it would not be a surprise to get our cofounder on the phone.”

The team takes this a step further by circulating support wins and key learnings.

“Our customers are always surprised by how much the team communicates with one another,” Eriks added.

Takeaway 2: You need the full customer journey to provide white-glove service

Eriks loves that Gorgias provides the entire customer journey within the ticket view. 

This is especially important with the delicate and sentimental nature of wedding planning. Customers want to feel that the process is special. That requires an intentional, personalized customer experience.

“Their information pops up, and we already know their name before they answer the phone,” Eriks said. Gorgias surfaces every order, interaction and data point in one view, so she can make everyone feel like a VIP.

Plus, every other member of the team shares that full context. Each customer hand-off carries the confidence of a consistent customer experience.

Takeaway 3: Customer support should drive growth

According to Eriks, the real value of Gorgias is the time she saves — and what becomes possible with that time.

“When I started, five or six years ago,” Eriks said, “we just had one Gmail that we all went through, one at a time. It was really life-changing when we decided to add (a helpdesk).” 

Gorgias reminds me a lot of our small startup,” Eriks said, “where they’re always asking for customer feedback.” By empowering a quicker support process, Gorgias provides more time for SuitShop to work toward those goals.

“Not having to dig through different inboxes or ‘phone a friend’ to find out what’s going on — I think we’re able to get through tickets very quickly,” she said. “We’re always very proud of our response time. And that’s really helped us be able to work on other things to help our company grow.”

Gorgias offers unlimited seats to involve your whole company in the support process

Our mission at Gorgias is to empower ecommerce businesses to provide an exceptional company experience. To further that goal, we charge by ticket, with unlimited seats. This allows you to bring your entire team into the support process — even if just for visibility.

SuitShop uses Gorgias company-wide to learn from customer service. And they can act on those insights with the time they save from a more efficient support process.

Sign up for a free trial today and see the value of Gorgias in the first seven days.

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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