How To Record Your Screen In Windows 10 Or 11 Easily Asynchronous Viewing

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A free, straightforward, lightweight PC display recorder with an integrated video editor is called iTop Screen Recorder. The app is made to give the user as much flexibility as possible by allowing them to take control of a specific area of the screen. As a result, the user can devote a significant amount of time to video editing and enhancement.

Due to its features, iTop Screen Recorder excels at recording conference calls, online training, video tutorials, HD movies, gaming vlogs, and other types of content.

You may store a recorded video as a consumer in several different video formats, including FLV, GIF, MP4, AVI, and others. Using this screen recorder, you may simultaneously upload your recorded video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

Important iTop Screen Recorder features

There is no time limit or watermark on the video

The user-friendly experience sets the screen recorder apart from competing competitors. There is no mandatory watermark on the video; you can submit it for as long as you desire.

Webcam and recording audio

One of the most upsetting situations is taking a screenshot to discover no sound or face. iTop Screen Recorder saves you time by recording the camera, audio, and screen simultaneously. It is a free feature that costs you nothing along the way.

No latency in HD recording

A gentle and well-optimized screen recorder is the iTop Screen Recorder.

It utilizes the benefit of a hardware-multiplied H.264 encoder, enabling gamers to brilliantly and lag-free record 2D/3-D video games.

Integrated video editors

As the finest screen recorder Windows 10 and 11, iTop Screen Recorder also lets you modify your recorded video using the same software, including inserting free subtitles, music, stickers, and other elements. You have total control over everyone, from the audio to the visual details.

Capturing a screenshot of the video

Another excellent app feature is the ability to snap screenshots while recording. User enjoyment of this simultaneous capacity is improved.

How does iTop Screen Recorder work?

  • Set up your recordings

Launch the setup software after downloading it from the company’s reliable website, choose the screen’s location, and enable the webcam, microphone, and speaker recording.

  • Begin recording

All you have to do at this point is click the report button, and the iTop Screen Recorder will begin gathering everyone without latency. The recording may be started, paused, and stopped using the hotkey.

  • Compose the video and save it

Once the recording is complete, save it and launch the built-in editor to apply filters, BGMs, and subtitles to make the video more engaging.

iTop Screen Recorder FAQs

Is iTop Screen Recorder suitable for playing games?

The truthful response is yes. You can record everything with its desktop program or online screen recorder, from gameplay clips for vlogs to expanding tutorials and content. Additionally, the integrated webcam and audio recorder will guarantee that the audio during your gaming session is of the highest caliber.

Can I use iTop Screen Recorder for nothing?

The iTop Screen Recorder offers users a free experience where they can record anything on their screen without a time limit. However, you must upgrade to a Pro edition to use the GPU acceleration for recording or add a custom watermark.

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