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How To Style A Lace Front Wig Like An Expert?

“Do you own a lace front wig?” This question is frequently asked because if you use a lace front wig, you know that styling it for each wear can be quite demanding.

Some ladies have contacted us to ask for advice on how to style these wigs. You probably wouldn't want to wear the same style every time, would you?

So, as a starter, if you've ever wondered how many ladies get around with wearing lace front wigs, you are reading the right post and Hermosa Hair is here to help you.

Due to the rise in the number of frequently asked questions we've gotten regarding this topic, we have carefully created this guideline that will help you style your lace front wigs in a few seconds. You can leave for work on time!

Follow this guide, and be consistent because, at the end of the day, practice makes perfect. Keep practicing, and you will be amazed at how good you’ll become in a short time.

Our new styling techniques will blow your mind. if you're ready, let's go! 

Top 7 Tips on How to Style Your Lace Front Wigs at Home

For those who have limited information on what lace front wigs are, this is what it means in the simplest of words. 

From its name, lace front wigs are wigs that have a lace material in their front, that’s just it. These lace materials are used to give the wig your God’s given hairline.  At the end of the day, it looks just like your real hair edges.

Did you know that you can bleach the knots of your wigs or even use concealer to achieve the natural color of your skin on your lace?

Now, you can guess the reason why a lot of ladies are so in love with these wigs, especially in the UK and USA.

Diving into our golden rules for today, how can you style your lace front wigs like an expert in 2024?

  1. Wearing a wig cap or net

Many people overlook this part when putting on their wigs for styling. Meanwhile, this determines the overall look when you're done with the installation. After purchasing a good wig, ensure that you have a wig cap that matches your skin tone and complexion. These caps come in colors like black, gold, blonde, brown, etc.

You can achieve a better look by braiding your hair into neat cornrows underneath. By so doing, your wig lies perfectly on your scalp. You can call this the first tip when styling your lace front wig.

  1. Get a wig fastening tool

After providing a good foundation for your wig to lie, put on your wig to ensure that the edges of the wig match the edges of your scalp. You can then opt for any wig fastening tool that will add extra security to your wig. Some of these tools include clips, tapes, straps, adhesives, glues, bobby pins, etc.

  1. Create beautiful baby hairs

Interestingly, this is the new style in the hair market today. This tip ensures that your wig’s hairline looks exactly like the natural hairline on your scalp. You can customize your hairline by plucking a few strands of hair from your lace in front. 

Then, cut them to your desired length to fit the baby's hair. With a little styling gel or edge control product, you can now lay the baby hair to suit your face shape.

A lot of ladies can do this at home, but you can reach out to any hair stylist or professional wig vendor around you to help with the cutting and ventilating process. 

  1. Styling your straight wigs:

Straight wigs never go out of fashion; this is because they give off a classy look with less stress. It is suitable for students, bankers, teachers, and office workers. If you own a straight wig, style it by using a good hair straightener with some hair serums, oil, and heat protectant. 

These additional products will ensure that your wigs are protected from any form of damage the heat could cause directly or indirectly. Style it section by section, about 1 inch (2.5 cm), from top to tip.

  1. Styling your curly wigs:

Lace front wigs also come in curly wigs. Most ladies love to buy curly wigs because of the full appearance they give them. If you own a curly wig, you need this guide to style them correctly.

First, you must decide whether you love loose curls or tight curls. Next, use a hot roller or curling iron to curl your wig layer by layer. This will enable you to have the perfect curls at the end of your routine.

To define your wigs, use a little amount of hair mousse, oil, or spray to enhance the curls, giving your hair an African girl's look.

For a quick curl in the bathroom, use your fingers or a round brush to comb your hair gently to achieve a temporary curl. Repeat this throughout the section that you want to style.

  1. Styling your wavy wigs:

For our wavy wig girlies, we also have some tips for you. These wigs are the easiest to style because you don't have to do too much to get your waves on point.

To begin, spray your wig with a little water from your spray bottle to make it damp. This will prevent any form of tangling and tossing during the styling process. With the right texturizing spray, apply it in sections to the damp hair. Proceed with making little twists around the hair. 

Note that the size of the twist will depend on how wavy you want the final look to be. 

  1. Try a low bun or ponytail

This is in contrast to a regular ponytail or bun because, in Lace front wigs, the ponytails have to be low to achieve a natural girl’s look. There's an exception with 360 lace frontal wig. These wigs are known to cover the whole edges of the scalp; hence they can be packed into high buns and ponytails.

You can wear this with any outfit (jeans, shirts, etc.) for any casual or official function including your best friend's wedding. Yuppie! 

Avoid this in your Lace Front wig maintenance routine 

After styling and looking all gorgeous, maintenance comes next. This will help you preserve your look for an extended number of months or even years. 

We will give you our tested and trusted hacks that you can try in your comfort – home. 

  • Do not forget to wash properly 

This is key because some ladies wash their wigs like their favorite shirts and skirts, which is wrong. These wigs need pampering and attention. So, take your time to use the right products and tools to minimize shedding and tangling. Ensure that your products tend towards acidity rather than alkalinity. This will make the washing more manageable. 

  • Avoid rough-handling your wigs 

Be gentle! Be gentle! Be gentle! We could say this over and again. Lace front wigs are delicate and do not require excessive tugging on the strands. Opt for a soft brush and don't stay too long on the lace.

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