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How Trello Backups Can Save Your Business


‘Twas the night before Launch Day, and all across your boards, not a creature was stirring, not a card, list, or attachment… wait a minute – where did everything go?

Unfortunately, data disasters can happen at any time (and they typically strike when it’s least convenient). Whether a Power-Up went sideways, a teammate made a mistake, or a malicious actor tried to cause trouble: data stored solely in cloud applications (like Trello) is at risk.

Trello backs up its platform, but it doesn’t offer account-level protections. For example, if a hurricane knocked out Trello’s servers, they would be able to restore your account. But individual data disasters – like malware, buggy third-party apps, or even just simple human error – cannot be restored by the platform. Under the Shared Responsibility Model, account-level data (i.e., all of the precious info saved on your boards) is your responsibility to secure and back up. Rewind Backups gives you full control and immediate access to backups of your critical business data. If something happens, you can restore your boards, lists, cards, and more in a few clicks.

“Rewind Backups for Trello gives me confidence that the time invested in managing our work in Trello is secure and backed up. I feel relieved knowing my data is protected.” – Peter Bonoff, Operations Manager, Curran Online.

An up-to-date backup of your critical information is key to protect your files, workflows, and bottom-line against unexpected downtime. Rewind Backups for Trello keeps your information securely at your fingertips, ensuring the lights stay on and the wheels keep turning.

3 Consequences of Having a Vulnerable Trello Account

Losing months (years?) of previous work

Your Trello boards are your home on the web. When work’s getting done, it’s probably happening somewhere on Trello. Your boards contain months, maybe years, of hard work – if that data was lost, could your business recover? If you’ve got a backup, the answer is yes.

As part of a good business continuity plan, all data required for daily operations needs to be backed up. That includes company secrets as well as the data that drives your daily operations, e.g. customer lists, order histories, schedules, and more. And, current data isn’t the only data you need to secure: losing records of receipts, payments, and employees can result in serious consequences like failed audits or regulatory fines.

Every piece of information that lives in Trello – and only in Trello – is vulnerable to accidental deletions, disgruntled contractors, or malware. You worked too hard to lose your valuable Trello boards; make sure your business’s critical data is protected.

Cost in time and money to recover.

How many hours have you spent optimizing your Trello boards: your Power-Ups, your automations, every single detail written on every single card? Now, imagine doing all of that work twice. If your data isn’t protected with a backup, that could be your reality. After all, Trello cannot restore altered data, or recover deleted items; that responsibility falls on you, the user. That means if something goes wrong, you’re also on the hook to fix it – unless, of course, you have an up-to-date backup handy.

Revenue lost from interrupted business operations

Data disasters rarely wait for a convenient time. Thanks to good old Murphy, they tend to happen at the worst possible time (for example, right before Black Friday). If you and your team are running around putting out fires, recovering lost data, and apologizing to angry customers, you’re not focusing on running your business. Plus, after a breach, dissatisfied customers may choose to support a competitor with better data security practices, which would hurt your bottom line.

“We put an awful lot of trust in our apps with almost everything being in the cloud. If your data gets corrupted, your chances of getting it back or getting it fixed in short order may be limited or non-existent. Using Rewind Backups for Trello will give you the assurance that nothing is broken forever.” Scott Friesen, Trello Consultant, Simpletivity

5 Ways a Backup Can Save Your Business

Trello downtime

When Trello goes down, people aren’t able to access the information stored on their boards. That information is required to plan operations, make decisions, and get work done. When that critical data isn’t available, business as usual grinds to a halt. With a backup, you’re able to see past versions of your Trello boards even if Trello is down, meaning you’re never without the data you need to get things done.

Innocent mistakes

As the great Hannah Montana once said, everybody makes mistakes. That’s why everybody should have a recovery plan in case of an innocent mistake with big consequences. An up-to-date backup of your data allows you to experiment with confidence, as no mistake is unfixable.

Bad CSV or JSON files

A bad CSV or JSON file import can ruin your perfectly calibrated workflows. Not to mention, eat up an incredible amount of time downloading and uploading. A dedicated backup solution is the simplest, safest, and most convenient method for backing up your data.

Buggy Power-Ups

Power-Ups are the secret sauce to every Trello-ite’s productivity: they are huge timesavers and can help you streamline your workflow. Safe to say, Power-Ups are fantastic – except when they aren’t. Since your Power-Ups have access to your data, they can also change, alter, or delete it. If a Power-Up misbehaves, it can seriously wreak havoc on your productivity. Having an up-to-date backup of that data protects you against any unwanted changes by third parties. When you know your account is safely backed up, building your perfect combination of Power-Ups is stress-free.

Malicious attacks

Disgruntled employees, ransomware, or malicious code: cybercrime can happen to any business of any size. In fact, 46% of small to midsize businesses experienced a ransomware attack in 2019. Ensure your files, data, and workflows are always right where you need them with an automated backup.

How to Back Up Trello

The lack of backup solutions on Trello has led to users getting… creative. From automated reminders, to taking screenshots, to weekly copying of boards, Trello-ites have risen to the challenge of securing their data. However, having hundreds of backup boards isn’t exactly a secure backup solution – and if you need to restore your data, you’re still going to have to manually recreate your boards, lists, and cards.

“There’s always the risk, if you’re not naming your boards properly, that someone ends up working and thinking they’re on the current board, when really they’re in last week’s board”, adds Scott Friesen, Trello Consultant, Simpletivity. “Making copies of the board is a common method, but [it’s] a little clunky and certainly very manual”.

In response to the struggles of the Trello community, Rewind has developed a backup solution just for Trello, automatically backing up your data daily, letting you focus on running your business. Just install the Backups for Trello Power-Up, and sit back – Rewind will securely store the data on your boards, lists, and cards in the Rewind Vault. In a few clicks, you can restore your Trello boards back to when everything worked perfectly, and get back to business.

How to restore Trello boards with Rewind Backups.


  • Information on Trello is vulnerable to mistakes, bugs, and malware.
  • Trello data needs to be backed up, so your business can continue if something goes wrong.
  • Rewind is the only automated, “set it and forget it” backup solution for Trello.

Start protecting your bottom line today: Start your free trial of Rewind Backups for Trello now.

Rewind is the leading provider of BaaS apps. Since 2015, Rewind has helped over 80,000 businesses back up their data on Shopify, QuickBooks Online, BigCommerce, GitHub, Trello, and more.

Start your free trial of Rewind.

Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.
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