Kustomer Joins Meta To Evolve Digital Customer Service


Today I’m pleased to announce our mission to reimagine customer service for consumers has become even stronger — we are officially part of Meta!

A World of Change

The Kustomer journey began back in 2015 when the world was a very different place. Since then, almost every aspect of the way we shop, sell, and connect has been transformed. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses and digital-first brands are thriving. Social commerce and messaging have created new ways to create enduring connections with consumers. And, digital commerce has expanded into the realm of healthcare, counseling, pharmaceuticals, crypto trading, and more. As the pace of change accelerated tenfold in the past two years, even traditional brands that once sold through retail outlets have introduced new online customer experiences.

Businesses have been forced to adapt more rapidly to the changing customer expectations of this new world. Those that are growing fastest have been agile in the  face of change, and expanded their focus beyond satisfaction scores and cost-cutting measures, to prioritizing customer retention and business growth. These businesses deliver CX that is better for everyone — customers, agents, and businesses.

Let’s Do This — Together!  

The acquisition of Kustomer by Meta means we can now help more businesses grow faster by delivering highly personalized customer service–wherever and however customers want it.  As we combine our award-winning technology with the resources of Meta, we will give brands throughout the world greater customer visibility, intelligent automation, and the tools to quickly adapt to issues and opportunities.

With Gratitude

As we embark upon the next chapter, I’d like to thank our customers, employees, partners, and supporters who collectively propelled Kustomer’s success through the years. Jeremy and I are immensely grateful for your dedication and unwavering belief in the power of the Kustomer technology. You’ve always been loyal, and enthusiastic in your support for Kustomer. For this, we are forever grateful. 

We look forward to a bright future ahead at Meta, and hope those of you who haven’t yet made the switch to Kustomer will join us on this journey. Let’s connect to show you the future of digital customer service.

With gratitude,

Brad Birnbaum

CEO and Co-Founder

Contact Us: For more information, please contact [email protected].

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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