Live Case Study #3: How To Do DTC Branding (Fast)


Now, with two weeks in, I had:

A target audience: young women who also purchase products from Hydrojug.

A product: crossbody phone lanyard.


I felt that it was time to start building my Shopify store.

So that’s what I did. 

I got myself a brand new email address and signed up for Shopiy’s free trial.

Before I could actually start building the store, I need a few more things:

  • Business name
  • Brand colors
  • Logo

To move fast, I used a business name generator to get some inspiration.

I wasn’t aiming for perfection. The only requirement was a name that sounds good and isn’t descriptive. If I don’t find success with my first product, I could easily sell a different product. Without changing the business name.

So I clicked through hundreds of randomly generated names. Any name that seemed “okay” to me was put on a list.

In the end, I had more than 50 names. Way too many.

So I picked my favorite three:

I continued with brand colors.

Same process as with the name: using a generator to get inspo.

On, I looked up the trending color palettes:

Since I was inspired by Hydrojug and plan to sell my product to a similar audience, I wanted to have a similar touch to my store.

Their colors were mainly black, white + lots of pastelles.

I ended up with this one:

I might need to add a few colors here and there, but overall, it looked great to me.

Now to the hard part. Logo creation.

Uff… I’m not a designer and felt that free logo generators wouldn’t do a great job.

But I gave it a shot anyway. And I was surprised.

Namecheap’s free logo generator is great.

All three names looked great with that font. That being said, I didn’t create a real logo.

I continued my journey with a simple font logo.

Back to Shopify.

First thing I wanted to do was to import my product into the store. So I installed an app called DSers which let’s me easily pick a product on AliExpress and make it available to buy in my store. Plus, it will fulfill the orders later down the road.

Next, I wanted to make some edits to the settings:

  • Shipping zones.
  • Payment gateways.
  • Legal texts.
  • Tax setup.
  • Contact us page.
  • About us page.
  • Remove “powered by Shopify” from the footer.
  • Favicon…

…and other smaller changes so I have a solid store setup.

As everything was getting more and more ready, I realized that it’s probably a good idea to have some of the products I want to sell at home. That way I can take custom product photos and answer product-related questions.

I ordered five products on Amazon to have them shipped very fast to me.

Everything was coming together nicely.

It is only a matter of weeks until my first sale…

Well, at least that’s what I hope.

Stay tuned until next week where I will take care of importing products and adding some amazing social proof.

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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Steve has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Starting in the early 2000s, Steve achieved eBay Power Seller status which propelled him to become a founding partner of, a contact lens and eyewear retailer. Four years later through a successful exit from that startup, he embarked on his next journey into digital strategy for direct-to-consumer brands.

Currently, Steve is a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify, where he helps brands to identify, navigate and accelerate growth online and in-store.

To maintain his competitive edge, Steve also hosts the top-rated twice-weekly podcast eCommerce Fastlane. He interviews Shopify Partners and subject matter experts who share the latest marketing strategy, tactics, platforms, and must-have apps, that assist Shopify-powered brands to improve efficiencies, profitably grow revenue and to build lifetime customer loyalty.

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