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Marketing Analytics 2.0 – Dashboards Meet Workflows


Data. We all have it (some would argue too much of it), yet most of us struggle to make use of it on a day-to-day basis. And so it’s not surprising then that Gartner’s 2020 Marketing Data and Analytics Survey found that “Marketing Analytics only influence 54% of marketing decisions made”. 

There is good reason to be optimistic though. We’ve been working away on developing ways in which we can bring analytics and actionable insight into your everyday workflows. 

Why am I talking about workflows? Well, all dashboards contain data, but not all data has to culminate in a dashboard. The thing about dashboards (no matter how much I love good data vis) is that they typically represent hindsight. And whilst hindsight can be a beautiful thing, sometimes you just need the right data to inform your next decision there and then, and help you decide what you do with your campaign or automation program whilst you’re in build mode(and not when you’re in your next marketing team meeting). And that’s where workflows come in. Most marketers spend a fair amount of time building the perfect segment and crafting a better-than-ever customer journey in Program builder. So that’s exactly where we now serve you your very own valuable, relevant data.

Meet dotdigital’s latest platform release in which we bring you major updates that will help you make data-driven decisions every single day. 

Find the perfect customer-campaign fit

Firstly, hats off to the 15,000+ users who already use dotdigital to create segments they can market to, this one is for you. Directly in Segment builder, you’ll now find Segment analytics. 

Segment analytics gives you more insights into (you guessed it) a segment as and when you build it. 

Across email, web, commerce, and RFM analytics, you have all the data you need to make strategic improvements based on your data. This means you can optimize your audience based on a campaign objective, optimize your content to fit the behaviors the people in your segment are displaying, and learn about your prospects and customers on the go.

Email and content marketers will find email and web analytics particularly useful. You can start building out your segment based on demographic data, and use these views to ascertain what day of the week they are most likely to engage, whether they are a high-intent audience based on past engagement, and what pages on your site they’re most interested in. This allows you to optimize your send, select what content you should include, and make informed decisions on where on your site you should drive them to. 

Ecommerce marketers benefit too from the commerce and RFM analytics tabs. You might discover that your segment has a penchant for a particular product category, has a higher AOV than your average customer, or that your segment consists of a large number of lapsing customers. In turn, you can optimize your campaign by changing your promotion or the logic that underpins the product recommendation type you plan to feature.

Plus, we give you the opportunity to benchmark what the analytics are telling you against your own data, by using the ‘Compare segments’ view which lets you compare your newly created segment to any existing one. 

And naturally, it all works for existing segments too. 

Optimize your automation performance with pin-point precision

Another great update for all our customers using Program builder to orchestrate winning customer journeys is the introduction of Program analytics. Earlier this year we introduced improved Program reporting, which gives you a birds-eye view to track the overall performance of each marketing automation program. 

Now imagine your manager said  ‘Our nurture program saw 25% fewer clicks this month versus the previous – can you check that out?’. Sure, you can. But knowing which campaign, text, or touchpoint in that program contributed to that change was hard. Until now.

Program analytics in dotdigital gives you an in-situ view of program performance, so you can see exactly what part of your program is working hard and fast, and where it could be optimized. 

You can see everything from where your contacts enrolled from (a schedule enrolment, enrolled via abandoned cart, a signup form, and more) to how each campaign is performing, whether that’s email, SMS, push notifications, or any other channel you have featured in your program.

Another nice way to benchmark your program’s performance against your data is by using the ‘compare campaigns’ view, which lets you compare the performance of campaigns featured in that program. 

Program reporting and program analytics combined give you all you need to always be optimizing and test new automation strategies with confidence; knowing that you’ll have the insight to determine what is moving the needle. 

Put excellence into the expected 

Last but not least, we have introduced a myriad of updates that will help you deliver better-than-ever customer experiences. Live chat and timely, relevant transactional communications (think: account creation confirmations, order and shipping updates) are increasingly becoming hygiene factors and key contributors to how your customer perceives your brand. 

You can use dotdigital Chat to answer any incoming query in a flash, and even acquire new contacts with our integrated Pages and forms functionality. Check out this case study to find out how Converse used live chat to increase its footprint in new markets. We’ve made the Chat widget super-smart with this release, which gives you more flexibility over when it is displayed on-site, and whether you receive notifications of an incoming message via email or web push (or both). 

Our transactional email API too now makes it even easier for you to deliver a better customer experience. You can add attachments using the API (no more tickets that they can’t log in to view their invoice!) and include metadata via the API to further personalize the email. In the hospitality sector, for example, you might use this to include details about someone’s booking (booking location, booking ID, and more) in an email in which you request they confirm their reservation. We then offer webhooks that report back when they hit ‘Confirm’ in real-time, resulting in a seamless experience for you and your customer. 

Customer experience optimization

There’s a lot more in this release, from updates to our WooCommerce plug-in to an all-new Zoom Webinar integration. You can read more about everything that’s new in dotdigital this September here

And we’re not stopping there. Save the date for October 27th when we launch our next product release, it’s going to be a good one. Make sure you’re set up to receive product updates from us by updating your preferences

Special thanks to our friends at dotdigital for their insights on this topic.
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