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Naming Conventions


NEWS: Facebook is slowly rolling out their new naming convention template builder which finally allows your expert teams to enforce consistency across all your campaigns.

Here's how Pilothouse uses naming conventions to find any campaign, ad set or ad. ?

Many buyers already use their own naming conventions.

But, Facebook has been slowly rolling out dynamic naming template changes to Ads Manager; now once you’ve saved a name template, you can apply it when you create a new campaign, ad set, or ad.

?NOTE: The update is only rolling out gradually, so there’s a chance not every ad account will have it.

Use the name templates to:

? Create a standardized naming convention for your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

These naming conventions can be applied automatically if you choose.

For example, your campaign objective can be dynamically filled in and updated.

? Integrate automations

Ensure the changes you make to campaigns, ad sets, or ads are reflected in their names without manually updating them.

Using a standardized naming convention makes setting up rules easier.

For example, if you name a campaign as “TOF,” you can set up an optimization rule for campaigns with the name “TOF” so that rule will only apply to that naming convention element.

✅ Summarize

Create an abbreviated summary of your campaign, ad set, or ad settings, which is easy to see from the reporting table.

? Avoid errors when naming your campaigns, ad sets, or ads

Build custom fields to include a list of options.

Example: ad format – [PIC], [VID], [CAROUSEL]

Example: audience targeting – [OPEN], [TIER1], [NA]

Here’s an example of a naming framework: ?

Campaigns: [FunnelStage_Objective_Destination_Date_Notes]

Example: TOFU_Leads_LeadGen_Aug20_ContentGiveaway

Ad Sets:


Example: ShortformAds_1%LALs_Canada_Aug20_Scarcity/Angle_Leads



Example: UGCVideos_ScarcityAngleSF_Aug20

? Dive into your account ASAP and apply this!

Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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