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Naughty By Nurture – The Season Finale One


Well, fifteen weeks flew by, didn’t they?! So, just for context, we decided to enter the world of podcasts fifteen weeks ago. What a whirlwind it has been, and I might be completely biased, but what a stellar first season!

We tend to do things a little differently at dotdigital, making the overly complex super simple and easy to use. So, we decided that our podcast would follow suit. Not too taxing or complicated, but packed full of helpful content and super easy to listen to. That’s Naughty by nurture. We didn’t just want to focus on marketing fundamentals and marketing tactics. Bringing you inside information from some of the brightest (and often strangest) minds in the ecosystem. With a little bit of music to brighten up your day too. 

Speaking of music, the playlist has been a constant reminder that this podcast is fun and factual. So why not follow it on Spotify and enjoy the eclectic taste of our guests.

It’s been a fully packed first season. We’ve tackled everything from building loyalty; COVID and how it has affected not just our lives but also our marketing. Real-time content, giving up things we’re just terrible at, what your parents think about customer experience and why it’s so important, and even fishing! 

Naughty by nurture has been our absolute pleasure to produce for you all to listen to. That is predominantly down to our fantastic guests. They have made us stop, think, and question how we do things and how we communicate with our audiences. But they’ve also made us laugh out loud on numerous occasions. So we want to send a massive thank you to each of you for taking part and hope to welcome you back on future episodes to make more podcast magic!

For now, we’re taking a break before coming back with season two. Watch this space. In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of season one or you feel the urge to replay your favorite episode, you can listen in wherever and whenever you like. On the place, you usually consume your podcasts right here.

We’d like to give you, the listeners, the chance to suggest which topics we tackle in season two. So if there is anyone or thing you’d like us to chat with or about, let us know.

Until then, keep safe and remember, get to know your customers better, because if you don’t know who they are, you can’t give them what they want!

Special thanks to our friends at dotdigital for their insights on this topic.
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