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Nosto Named Preferred Personalization Provider for Shopify Plus

A person holding an iPad displaying the Nosto logo, recognized as a preferred personalization provider for Shopify Plus.

We’re proud to announce that Noso has been named by Shopify Plus as the preferred personalization app with the launch of its new Certified App Partner Program. Nosto has helped drive an average growth rate of 126% year over year for Shopify Plus and Shopify merchants and has helped them generate $5.21 billion in online sales overall.

Nosto’s integration with Shopify Plus and Shopify enables merchants to build and drive personalized shopping journeys, test and optimize experiences without revenue risk and seamlessly integrate Nosto into their entire technology stack. This results in higher conversions, revenue and customer lifetime value.

About Shopify Plus’ Certified App Partner Program

The new partner program identifies best-in-class technology solutions that can help Shopify Plus merchants succeed. Selected apps are formally reviewed by the Shopify App Review and Quality Assurance Team to ensure they meet rigorous standards in the areas of performance, security, privacy, and support. This qualifies them to be added to the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Directory within the Shopify App Store which allows merchants to easily identify the apps that are best suited to solving their specific needs.

Supporting 700+ Brands and Over 3 Billion Unique Shopping Experiences

Leading brands such as Volcom, Chubbies, Gymshark, Culture Kings, Skinnydip and Pura Vida are among the 700+ Shopify stores that trust Nosto’s platform to deliver a total of 3.4 billion personalized shopping experiences and 28 billion product recommendations to their customers.

Matthieu Galtié, Head of Ecommerce at Volcom Europe, a Shopify Plus merchant and leading designer of clothes and accessories for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, uses several products from Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform to drive conversions and average order value onsite as well as highly segmented and personalized interactions with their customers:

“Using Nosto, we are able to adapt our product recommendations to every individual behavior and sync with our custom audience segments to create truly unique experiences. The customers who interacted with Nosto’s recommendations had a conversion rate 3.5x and an average visit value 3.8x greater than those who didn’t, and our average order value increased by 10%.”

-Matthieu Galtié

Watch this 3-minute video to discover first-hand how Volcom uses the power of Nosto to create fully personalized and segmented experiences on Shopify.

Interested in learning more about how Nosto supports some of today’s leading Shopify/Shopify Plus-powered brands? Browse our library of case studies from merchants using both Nosto and Shopify and Shopify Plus.

This article originally appeared in the Nosto blog and has been published here with permission.

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