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Partner Spotlight: Tapcart


Together, Searchspring and Tapcart are empowering merchants to solve product discovery problems, increase customer loyalty, and drive more revenue.

Tapcart is the leading mobile app builder for Shopify’s fastest-growing brands including Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, LSKD, and more. With Tapcart, you can instantly turn your Shopify store into an epic mobile app with no coding required and power a low-upkeep revenue stream designed to convert mobile shoppers. 

With Tapcart, brands have access to unlimited free push notifications, giving stores the ability to send messages directly to their shopper’s home screens—driving instant spikes in traffic, revenue, and AOV. With a streamlined mobile-first shopping experience, customers access premium features, and embedded integrations that boost retention rates, and increase lifetime value.

Tapcart & Searchspring

Today’s shoppers are looking for highly personalized and engaging experiences that bring them closer to the products they want. However, it’s no longer enough to simply deliver an outstanding shopping experience on-site. With time spent in-app vs browser climbing to almost 91%, merchants must also deliver an identical experience on their mobile app.

The Tapcart and Searchspring integration gives merchants the tools to do just that. Combining powerful search and intuitive product placement with an easy-to-use mobile app platform that makes the overall shopping experience more productive and enjoyable across mobile devices.

“A hyper-personalized experience is one that meets customer expectations, improves conversion rates and builds trust throughout the funnel. Through the Searchspring and Tapcart integration, we’re able to surface relevant, highly converting products that lead to an overall stickier, retention-driving experience.” 

– Jon Knott, Senior Technology Partnership Manager, Tapcart

Over 30+ merchants are harnessing the power of mobile commerce with Tapcart and Searchspring, including Volcom, Ruggable, Beginning Boutique, and more.

Ready to upgrade your mobile shopping experience? Reach out to Jon Knott to get started today.

Emily WestPartner Marketing Manager

Emily is the Partner Marketing Manager at Searchspring, leading all co-marketing initiatives with trusted Agency, Technology, and Platform partners. With nearly a decade spent in marketing, Emily has a passion for helping companies tell their stories.

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