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Product Discovery Manifesto: Our Commitment To Retailers


There are people who run ecommerce websites.

Then there are people who care so deeply about the success of their business and team

that nothing but wild, unencumbered momentum will do.

People who squeeze every last drop of value from their technology stack, and who hold their vendors to account.

It is this yearning for growth that is at the core of Klevu, our employees, the solutions we create, and the people that enrich the Klevu community.

At Klevu, we believe that every retailer should be able to compete with Amazon and win. That AI innovation isn’t the privilege of the chosen few. And that good technology

doesn’t need to be complicated or break the bank.

We believe that the best way to personalize website experiences is by using the most relevant customer intent data, from search, to fuel your conversion engine.

We believe that the best customer experiences are magnetic. And that too many vendors on a website cloud attribution and make seamless journeys impossible.

That’s why we’re making three pledges to retailers everywhere:

  1. To make AI-powered product discovery innovation accessible.

  2. To improve shopping experiences, and make it easy to do so.

  3. To deliver value quickly and constantly improve.

Shoppers are three to five times more likely to buy when they can find relevant products quickly, but more than 30% of online shoppers “bounce” if they cannot find what they want quickly—representing a $1 trillion missed opportunity.

Join our relevancy revolution.

Discover AI magic. Discover fast ROI. Discover the Klevu Discovery Suite.

💚 Team Klevu

Special thanks to our friends at Klevu for their insights on this topic.
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