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Recharge Changelog Recap: September 2022


September was an exciting month filled with launches and enhancements, focused on further enabling our merchants and driving additional value to their customers. All of the updates in this blog post can be found on our Changelog, where you can learn more about updates to products, features, and integrations in real time.

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New Theme Engine Novum version 5 is now available!

Merchants on Recharge’s Pro and Enterprise plans now have access to v5 of the Novum theme in the Recharge Theme Engine. When stores using Single Payment Methods create a new Novum theme engine version they are given the option to create a theme file that supports Multiple Payment Methods or Single Payment Methods

If Multiple Payment Methods is selected the store will remain a Single Payment Method store until the new theme version is published. This empowers merchants to:

  • Switch to a Multiple Payment Methods store and theme functionality with no downtime
  • Preview the new theme type before publishing
  • Prepare a Multiple Payment Methods supported theme with ease before converting to the Shopify Checkout Integration  

Note: Switching to a Multiple Payment Method theme version includes all the updates released in Novum 4.2.0.

If Single Payment Methods is selected, the following updates are included: 

  • When customers make a shipping address change, they are prompted to make the change for all other associated subscriptions; However, they can keep the change to that single subscription.
  • The billing information page is now called the Payment Methods page and is the sole location for customers to manage payment and billing information. The Payment Methods page has 3 functions:
    • Change payment method: The ability to add a new payment method—this card will replace the existing card being used.
    • Edit: The ability to edit the billing information on an existing payment method.
    • Delete: The ability to delete a payment method.
  • The Automatic Renewal Law cancellation flow update.
  • A Bundles customer portal widget.
  • Force Shopify customer account logins feature.

We’ve also rolled out three new Theme Engine API endpoints, allowing merchants to skip and unskip multiple subscriptions in existing or future charges using a single operation. 

These new endpoints mean that when customers choose to skip or unskip, all operations will perform simultaneously, dramatically increasing operations’ speed by five times. By using these endpoints, customers will see a decrease in waiting time once they choose to skip or unskip, and those customers that average more than one subscription or have one times will see a very noticeable improvement.

Bundles selections API endpoints & Bundles Klaviyo integration are now available (Bundles/API)

We released two new exciting updates to our Bundles feature in September, launching API endpoint functionality as well as a Bundles-specific integration with Klaviyo.

Pro and Enterprise merchants using our API to power their customer portals can now read and update bundle–related data via the new bundle selection endpoints, allowing these merchants to build their own customer bundle experiences.

Additionally, existing events in Klaviyo now include bundle-related data, allowing merchants to determine whether an individual line item is part of a bundle, the customer’s individual selections, and the relevant fallback selections should a product be out of stock. 

Properties included:

  • Subscription started
  • Upcoming order, Upcoming order (prepaid)
  • Subscription canceled, expired, reactivated

Support documentation for API endpoints and Bundles Klaviyo integration can be found in the links provided.

Colorado Retail Delivery Fee for stores using Avalara

In compliance with Colorado’s new Retail Delivery Fee requirement, Recharge began adding a $0.27 fee on charges with a Colorado destination address for applicable items, beginning July 1st, 2022. 

Upon implementation, we discovered a bug on July 15, 2022, with respect to how Avalara was handling this fee. As a result, we turned off the collection of this fee on Avalara stores to quickly implement a fix.

Starting on August 29, 2022, all stores using Avalara will collect a 27-cent Retail Delivery Fee on taxable sales delivered to customers located in Colorado. Per the legislation, we will include a separate line item for this fee on checkout.

Note: For merchants using Recharge with the Shopify Checkout Integration, Shopify will directly apply this fee to all relevant transactions. 

To stay up to date with the latest tax requirements, visit our support documentation

EcoCart integration now available for all Shopify merchants

EcoCart is an ecommerce solution that allows customers to convert their subscriptions to carbon neutral. With one click, shoppers can fund certified carbon offset projects, such as planting trees or building wind farms, to eliminate the exact carbon footprint of their order. Sustainability is now a driving factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions, and brands offering sustainable shipping options can see a boost in loyalty, engagement, and conversion while reducing carbon emissions.

Stay tuned  

Be on the lookout for more updates in the Changelog feed

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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