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Route Bags Four Comparably Best-Of Awards


It’s pretty easy for a company to tout major awards and accomplishments on the internet these days without much proof to back ‘em up. The noise of internet ramblings means many a startup can get away with talking the talk without walking the walk. 

Lucky for us, though, there are tools that now take the time to dig deep into a company, investigate what’s happening behind the social media facade, and compare the findings with others in the industry. This level of insight isn’t just about winning awards, though. Having a thorough understanding of what a company is like is good for everyone involved—from internal employees to external customers. 

Comparably is one platform with a penchant for revealing the true guts of a company or industry. With a mission to “make workplaces transparent and rewarding for both employees and employers,” Comparably pulls back the curtains around any company by asking real employees what’s going on in there. 

It’s a mission that aligns with and propels the trend of people seeking workplaces that match their own moral compass, goals, aspirations, and more. Perks like ping pong tables or a new Macbook are table stakes today. Instead, employers are standing out and attracting the best talent with factors like equity, work-life balance, growth opportunities, diversity, culture, camaraderie, and more. 

These intangibles have become priorities for prospects, and Route was lucky enough to land on four of the latest best-of lists by Comparably. Check out what categories we topped this year (and how we plan to do even better next time).

Comparably Shows Route’s Strengths

The year 2021 marked Comparably’s fifth annual awards showcasing companies that are exceeding employee expectations across several categories like culture and diversity. The methodology for ranking companies and awarding them best-of status went like this, per Comparably:

  • This set of Comparably Awards are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rated their employers on Comparably.com during a 12-month period (November 26, 2020-November 26, 2021).

  • There were no fees or costs associated with participating, nor was nomination required. The final data set was compiled from 15 million ratings across 70,000 companies.

  • To qualify, Large companies (more than 500 employees) must have met a minimum of 75 employee participants and Small/Mid-Size companies (500 or fewer employees) needed a minimum of 25 employee participants. For fairness and statistical significance, additional weight was given to companies with more participation from their employee base relative to their company size. 

With 15 million ratings pulled from 70,000 companies, snagging a spot on any of these lists would be an honor. Route was floored to spot our name on four of them. These ranks have us beaming with pride, but that doesn’t mean our work is done. We’ll always be working toward a sweep of No. 1 rankings. Until then, we’re stoked to provide a workplace that people can boast about when it comes to factors like these. 

#45 Best Companies for Diversity (Small and Midsize Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated Companies for Diversity in 2021, according to anonymous feedback from employees of color on Comparably.com over the past 12 months.

Diversity in the workplace is crucial to creating more equitable societies and communities. In the office, though, a diverse team has been proven to increase productivity, generate more creativity, boost innovation, expand reach across many types of customers, and more. Companies that embrace hiring practices that exemplify diversity reap those benefits as well as ones that can’t be measured (like being a force for good in the world). It’s also a sure-fire way to attract and retain top talent that prioritizes the multitude of benefits that come from a diverse team.

#9 Best Companies for Women (Small and Midsize Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated Companies for Women in 2021, according to anonymous feedback from female employees on Comparably.com over the past 12 months. 

Similar to the importance of a culturally diverse squad, women in the workplace remains a top priority for people when it comes to choosing an employer. Women are still underrepresented across the corporate ladder, but companies that work to repair the broken rungs are the ones that thrive. It’s been shown that women leaders are doing more to support people across teams, such as managing work-life balance, creating manageable workloads, and checking in on the general well-being of people. These are often overlooked yet critical factors to a happy and successful team in and out of the office.

#58 Best Company CEO  (Small and Midsize Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated CEOs of 2021, according to anonymous employee feedback on Comparably.com over the past 12 months.

A company’s CEO can have a great impact on every part of a business. From the prospects attracted to apply to the direction and success of the company to drawing investors, the CEO is truly the lynchpin to long-term success. The ability for a CEO to stay decisive and informed while balancing relationships and authentic care is tough to master, and Route is lucky enough to be led by one of the greats on this list.

#5 Best Company Culture (Small and Midsize Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated companies for Best Company Culture in 2021, according to anonymous employee feedback on Comparably.com over the past 12 months.

Company culture is undoubtedly linked to factors like diversity and inclusion, and it’s becoming one of the biggest talent retention tools in the workforce. A great culture takes continuous nurturing, improvement, and care. It’s that special something that engages people and makes them feel just plain happy in their career. It’s the mastermind of happy hours and team parties, and with people entirely dedicated to the culture at Route, we’re honored to be a part of this list.

Route Is in Great Company with Comparably Awards

While these lists are amazing testaments to the care and attention paid to these aspects of a company, they’re also great motivators. Aiming to be the best in all categories ensures that we won’t chalk this up as “good enough,” but instead we’ll keep working to improve every part of the business, every darn day.

Mark our words—or just keep your eyes to the news as we keep working hard and climbing high.

Want to join the team?

This originally appeared on Route and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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