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SAAS Marketing: 5 Strategies The Pros Use To Beat Their Competitors

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Marketing is essential to every business, regardless of its size. Without marketing, how would anyone know that you were open for business? How could they tell you they were interested in your product or service? And how could they find out who was selling it to them? Marketing is the process by which a business grows, develops, and increases sales.

There are different types of marketing. You can decide to use one or more for your business. Some types of marketing include;

  • Telemarketing
  • Word of mouth 
  • PR Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Saas marketing, etc 

This article will explore Saas marketing and its most effective strategies. 

Understanding SaaS Marketing

SaaS refers to Software as a service, which is gaining popularity daily. This is a type of marketing that you can use to create awareness and promote software. In this case, the software you are promoting is a service product. 

SaaS marketing allows you to introduce a new product to the market. You can then raise awareness about the product’s use, including its potential for securing a revenue based loan. While this approach may resemble traditional marketing, SaaS products stand out due to their unique characteristics and the distinct financial opportunities they present, such as revenue-based loans.

These products are not physical ones, and you can’t feel or touch them. It would be best if you marketed them with a slight change in the regular pattern.

SaaS marketing involves selling SaaS products in digital spaces. The focus of this strategy is on digital channels and content marketing. The target market in SaaS marketing is quite different too.

Most SaaS customers are B2B or B2C companies. A SaaS SEO Agency should help to provide a solution to such companies. These solutions can include monitoring inventory levels in warehouses. 

There are several Saas strategies you can use in these companies. Below are the top 5 you should consider. 

Best Saas Marketing Strategy

A SaaS marketing strategy needs to be captivating and straightforward but still informative. Ensure that the target audience understands why they need to patronize you. How do you achieve this?

Use Engaging Contents 

You cannot talk about marketing without content. Posting content on your site and social platforms are effective for marketing products. The content should be relatable to your target audience. It should also be catchy enough to keep their attention. 

One of the ways to create captivating content is by using visual content. You can make catchy promotional videos to advertise on YouTube and other platforms. YouTube has over 2 billion users who log in every day. This makes it a perfect platform to invest in. 

Videos allow you to use other artistic elements in one piece. You can use both still and motion pictures in the video. You can also add design, music, voice, etc. Remember, not all your customers know saas products. You must be intentional about getting their attention and convincing them. 

Pay Attention to Customer Needs

One way professionals are successful in SaaS marketing is by going the extra mile. Your customers are humans and love to feel like they are unique. This is why you need to find out what satisfies your customers and provide it. 

Clients will market your SaaS products for free when they are happy. Yes, by word of mouth and recommendations. One way to use this SaaS marketing strategy is by using customer reviews. 

This means you need to provide a platform for users of your products to let you know what they think. You can share these reviews on social media. They serve as a form of SaaS marketing to potential customers. 

Offer Free Trials

Offering free trials to potential customers is an effective strategy for SaaS marketing. A free trial allows customers to understand how your product software works. They will also know how it can solve their problems. If they are happy with the product after the trial, they will buy the actual product.

This does not mean you are giving your product for free. You are advertising it by letting your customers have prior experience. This way, they won’t doubt recommendations or promotional content. 

Offer Discounts

Deals and discounts are another excellent SaaS marketing strategy. Such offers show customers that they can enjoy higher value with you. This is another way of attracting customers without using plenty of content. Discounts are also helpful in upselling and cross-selling.

Refer-a-friend deals prove to work in most marketing strategies. Ask your customers to refer a friend to get a discount or bonus. This is an effective and popular way to attract new customers and increase sales. 

Deals and discounts are profitable but make sure you only do these occasionally. If you continuously offer discounts, they stop being exciting to customers. It means people will begin to consider them the regular price. This will only defeat the aim of generating sales. Incorporating open banking can enhance these deals by offering personalized discounts based on customer’s financial behavior, making each offer more exciting and unique.

Diversify Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

This is another effective strategy professionals use in SaaS marketing. Every marketing strategy has its pros and cons and where they work best. With proper planning and integration, you can work with more than one at a time. 

There’s a long list of marketing strategies you can choose from. Some of them include the following;

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Testimonials
  • Livestreams
  • Offline events, etc.

You can combine more than one to reach a wider audience at different levels. For instance, hosting offline events to create awareness may attract older people only. If you infuse the use of podcasts, you may now reach the younger generation as well. 

Benefits of SaaS Marketing

There are several advantages to using SaaS marketing strategies. You may enjoy some of these benefits immediately, while others become evident over time. Some reasons why you should invest in SaaS marketing include the following;

It Is Cost-Effective

Using SaaS marketing is not expensive as other traditional methods. Instead of paying for radio and television space, you can create content and share for little or no price. It allows you to save funds for other aspects of your business. 

As your business increases, the cost of marketing does not have to. It does not mean you will not spend any money, but it will be more affordable. 


SaaS marketing is flexible and accessible from anywhere. This is possible as long as there is an internet connection at the location. Customers can do this from their comfort zones if they want to access your software or program. 

They only need to have a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. From these devices, they can connect to the internet and log into their accounts anytime.


SaaS marketing relies on technology which makes it more reliable. This reliability is crucial since clients access your product online. Your service provider handles everything; thus, it should be able to control all aspects. These aspects include upgrades, maintenance, backups, etc. 

Unlike traditional methods, SaaS marketing allows you to plan your strategies. It also lets you know the possible outcomes to expect. 

Gives You Control

SaaS marketing allows you to have absolute control over your business. You can choose which features you prefer and the content you want to share. It also allows you to customize your services to fit any specification. You can also decide what pricing structure you will use in your business.

How to Create a SaaS Marketing Strategy 

Now that you understand how and why you should use SaaS marketing, you need to know how. Below are simple steps to guide you.

What Is Your Goal?

Ask yourself what you want to achieve; do you want more customers or better engagements? Answering such questions will help you determine how to go about it. This way, you will focus on your goals and plan to achieve them. 

Know and Understand Your Target

Understanding your audience is essential. You cannot reach them unless you understand how to. For instance, know that the young population of your audience enjoys using YouTube. This will prompt you to make the content suitable for that platform so they can come across it. 

Map Out a Plan

Put down an action plan that you intend to follow. After you set goals and research your audience, then you make decisions. Choose which strategy will work best for your business and begin to work on it.

You should set a deadline and budget to ensure you use your resources correctly. Also, if possible, get a plan B. This will come in handy in case of any emergencies that may arise. It will prevent you from having to start all over. 

When you have put a practical plan together, start implementing it.

Assess the Results

Whether it seems successful or not, it is essential to assess the results. Go over the results and find out what you can do better. Also, look out for loopholes to avoid mistakes next time. Assessment will enable you to develop a sustainable plan that you can always use. 

Do not get carried away by the success of the strategy. It would be best to put in more work next time because the market is more competitive. 


SaaS marketing is not as difficult as you think. With the proper steps, you will sell your SaaS products to many customers in no time. Get creative with your content and pay attention to customer needs. The guidelines and tips above will help you perfect your SaaS marketing strategy. 

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