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Scale Endlessly: Unlock A Powerful, Fully Customizable Checkout On WordPress



For enterprise brands building ecommerce sites on WordPress, checkout performance can become a pressing issue, especially when visitors clamor to shop online during peak periods, such as Black Friday-Cyber Monday

The Open-Source approach of WordPress provides superior flexibility for enterprise brands to create a tailored commerce solution for their needs, but as the number of plugins required to create those custom experiences grows, so too does the complexity.

Site load speed is often a top priority for commerce teams serving enterprise brands. Close to 70% of consumers say that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer, reports Unbounce. A brand’s chances at conversion drop by a full 2% for every second of load time.

A high number of plugins on WordPress sites means checkout load times can slow dramatically due to incompatibilities between plugins or heavily-trafficked servers, especially as the volume of shoppers increases. Bold Commerce aims to solve these challenges by offering its Bold Checkout Experience Suite to enterprise brands on WordPress, giving them a robust SaaS tool ideal for checkout, BOPIS, subscriptions, and much more.

What is poor checkout performance costing you? Try our calculator now.

Checkout horsepower to take you farther, faster

When WordPress sites move to a headless commerce approach to their ecommerce ventures, they’re one step closer to scaling with ease and flexibility. Headless opens the door to a best-in-breed approach that gives brands the freedom to select the ideal technology solution for their needs, from ready-to-go features to compatibility across a large network of integrations. 

With Bold Checkout, enterprise brands on WordPress can protect up to 30% of revenue lost to slow load times by moving the customer through the checkout four times faster than other checkout options. It can also: 

  • Streamline your WordPress stack with Bold’s ready-to-go pre-built integrations instead of adding them through a complicated array of additional plugins.
  • Manage peak order volume without having to add more servers, since Bold decouples the checkout experience from WordPress servers.
  • Reduce database calls and maintenance grievances because Bold handles the entire transaction, beginning to end.

A single, lean plug-in built for extensibility

Ushering in the Bold Checkout plugin will not only create a consistent experience for shoppers, it will open the door to further innovation. 

As Bold Commerce co-founder Yvan Boisjoli wrote, “With a consistent checkout experience, a headless approach then creates space for other feature rollouts across all channels, such as alternate payment methods; creating different checkout flows for marketing, voice or in-store kiosk; layering in the ability to manage B2B pricing; different shipping costs and net terms with integrations to reduce the complexity of managing different systems; integrating a fraud system; and offering subscriptions, loyalty programs or accepting gift cards.”

Layering a strong and reliable SaaS tool atop an open-source approach is a winning combination for enterprise brands, according to a McKinsey report. “For companies looking to get a new business off the ground, SaaS is a way to quickly and cheaply access a robust array of existing services. When using just a single service or combining a number of them, SaaS has proven capable of meeting as much as 90 percent of the needs of a given function.”

It's evident the hunger for comprehensive SaaS solutions will only grow over the years. The C-suite is watching this space closely: Close to 70% of CIOs claim that agility and scalability are two of the top motivators for using SaaS applications.

While WooCommece is a popular choice for a WordPress commerce engine, it’s default commerce engine can be sluggish, overwhelmed by other plugin tools, and hurt the performance and site load speed. Bold’s single plugin can unleash the power of checkout, ensuring your WooCommerce checkout on WordPress is four times faster and more conversion-driven than ever before.

Unleash your checkout on WordPress and unlock more revenue now

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This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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