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Scaling Support


About Thinx

Thinx is a fast-growing underwear and activewear brand focused on breaking the period taboo. They offer women hygienic period-absorbing underwear and are currently earning more than $100 million in annual revenue.

Thinx on Social Media

Thinx’s presence on social media revolves around the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

On Facebook and Instagram, Thinx runs hundreds of ads. On Twitter, they receive tweets from customers. Thinx also posts TikTok videos where users showcase the Thinx brand and their products.

Their ads and content on these social media platforms receive thousands of messages in their comments section. Many of these comments are pre-sale questions and, for Thinx, answering TikTok comments leads to conversions!

Inevitably, some negative comments also come through. Some remarks Thinx receives on their TikTok posts are also critical or cynical about their brand!

Cultivating and growing a presence on social media has its challenges. Thinx, however, saw potential in one platform in particular. That platform is TikTok.

Why TikTok?

First of all, TikTok is currently the most downloaded app and has recently surpassed Facebook. TikTok's user base posts fun video content instead of your typical attractive photos.

TikTok’s algorithm also behaves differently. TikTok surfaces the most viral videos and TikTok trends by default. The feed is quite unorthodox and doesn’t follow the traditional approach of displaying content based on who you follow.

Advertising is also different on TikTok. Although brands can advertise using their own TikTok profiles, most brands advertising on the platform do so through TikTok creators and influencers who have gained attention from TikTok followers and TikTok fans. These influencers then make videos utilizing these brands!

The Challenge

As mentioned, the content Thinx posts receives thousands of Tiktok likes and comments from TikTok users. Keeping up with all of the active users on your TikTok account becomes overwhelming.

To address this, Thinx was looking for a way to scale their social support and respond to the messages that were coming in. Their solution came in the form of Chatdesk Teams!

How Chatdesk Teams Helps Thinx

Chatdesk Teams provides Thinx with Superfans who handle 24/7 support across their social media platforms, including TikTok. Many of these Superfans are real people who are Thinx’s existing customers and, as the name implies, fans of their brand!

You don't have to buy TikTok comments or use poor-quality TikTok comments services, you can use Chatdesk Teams to increase your engagement rates!

Chatdesk Teams can do the following:

  • Solve ticket backlog and answer FAQs
  • Moderate offensive comments across social media platforms
  • Drive conversions on social media ads (+15%), chat, and email

The best thing is it requires minimal training, no dev work, and it can launch in minutes! From day one, Thinx’s Superfans delivered personalized responses that perfectly matched Thinx’s brand voice including emojis. Chatdesk even handles all their hiring, training, and scheduling!

Chatdesk Teams is faster and cheaper ($1-3 saved per ticket) than the traditional approaches to providing customer support. It also allows them to scale efficiently and convert service into sales! If you’re curious to see Chatdesk and how it works, simply schedule a demo!

Special thanks to our friends at Chatdesk for their insights on this topic.
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