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Showcase Your Social Proof With The Medals

At, we care about being authentic and transparent. That’s why we develop a system of medals that showcase the quality and quantity of your reviews. Such medals are strong indicators that help your customers “judge” the trustworthiness of your store and make better buying decisions.

These medals are added automatically to your store listing on the review site once you have satisfied the conditions. You can also add these medals to the footer of your online store as additional social proof. In this article, we’ll introduce the meaning of six different medals, and how you can add them to your online store.

1 – medals: Strengthen your store’s social proof

We have 6 different medals, each of which has specific levels and conditions.

Transparency: You will receive the Transparency medals if you publish at least 80% of the total verified reviews you receive.

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Authenticity: You will receive the Authenticity medals if at least 80% of the reviews you publish are verified reviews.

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Top Shops: The Top Shops medal ranks your store according to the total number of published verified reviews you receive compared to all other stores on

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Top Trending Shops: The Top Trending Shops medal ranks your store according to the total number of published verified reviews you receive compared to all other stores on in the last 30 days.

Monthly Records: You will receive the Monthly Record medals if you obtain at least 10 verified reviews in one month.

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Cumulative Verified Reviews: You will receive the Verified Reviews medals if you obtain at least 20 reviews.

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2 – Add the medals to your store

Follow these instructions to add the medals to your store:

  • From admin dashboard, go to Settings > Other Widgets > Medals.
  • Toggle the bar to ON, then our theme concierge will install the Medals above the footer of your store.
  • You can customize the Title, Background Color and Border Color of your Medals section.
  • Click Save Settings.

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  • The medals text links to your store listing on the reviews platform (e.g. or if your store listing is disabled.
  • If your store doesn’t have any medals, we’ll display this statement “Unfortunately your store does not have any medals at the moment.”

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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