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10 Social Media Analytics Tools To Boost Your Social Media Growth

Nowadays, when there are millions of posts on every social media platform daily, it’s clear that ‘just’ posting on social media isn’t enough.

If you want to make an impact on social media, it goes without saying that you need to understand what’s working and what’s not and the reasons behind all of it. That’s why social media analytics tools come into play – helping you derive insightful, actionable, and data-driven results from social media that can save you hours of hard work and help you make prompt decisions regarding your social media strategies. 

But the real challenge arises when you have to choose only one social media analytic tool, given the options. We get it – and that’s why we have listed some of the best social media analytics tools you can try in 2024. 

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2024

Check out the best social media analytics tools that can help to boost your social media growth:

1. Statusbrew

When you post a bunch of content on social media and run a lot of campaigns on multiple platforms, it might get hectic to analyze each one’s performance based on the data manually. You need a tool to bring all your social media analytics to one tab and help you make data-driven decisions based on insights. And Statusbrew does just that! Statusbrew stands out as a versatile tool for social media analytics because of its wide array of features tailored to enhance and track the performance of your social media strategies across platforms. 

Key Features

  • With just a couple of clicks, Statusbrew offers efficient and user-friendly reporting features – for example, you can avail various templates for different purposes like team engagement, brand performance, etc. The best part? Each template is fully customizable, including every metric. 
  • Save considerable time on your competitor research with Statusbrew‘s Competitor Analysis tools, where you can benchmark and observe your social media performance against leading brands in real time. 
  • Statusbrew offers over 200 metrics for those who want to customize and build their reports from scratch, focusing on every client's needs and requirements.

2. Meltwater

When building a brand on social media, making sense of all the data with different metrics from multiple sources can be challenging. That’s where a tool like Meltwater comes in, where its functionalities encompass four key areas – Monitor, Analyze, Distribute, and Engage. There’s also an exclusive “Explore” tool to capture trending narratives across social media. With it, it becomes easy for businesses to overcome the manual process of handling data from multiple social networks and find the content for different platforms.

Key Features

  • Analyze deeper insights from your earned and owned social media data and make informed decisions for your business. 
  • Get real-time updates about your best-performing content across channels through automated reports and dashboards.
  • Analyze complex topics and get answers to your questions by filtering all your data using keywords with Boolean search logic.

3. Hootsuite

Nowadays, the most challenging businesses face is managing and understanding their social media presence effectively. While there are different social media tools for other purposes, think of the time to set them up and use them effectively. That’s where an all-in-one device like Hootsuite comes in handy with its clear and actionable insights that can simplify your overall social media management process and help you identify patterns in your brand performance. 

But Hootsuite can be overpriced for small businesses.  According to Statusbrew, 18% of users are looking to switch from Hootsuite due to a 128% price increase. 

Key Features

  • Keep an eye on all the metrics and check which campaigns drive the most conversions with Hootsuite’s advanced analytics feature – in one dashboard. 
  • Understand the peak engagement times of your followers throughout the day with Hootsuite’s reporting feature. 
  • Use advanced analytics to quickly determine which campaigns drove the most and minor leads and align your resources with the right assets.

4. Sprout Social

With a great customer experience on your social media, converting your customers into successful leads is easier. You need a tool that can offer you real-time analytics regarding your audience and their engagement in your content – and Sprout Social does all that and more. Apart from providing detailed insights into your social media performance and enhancing customer experience, the tool also offers visual reports for better visibility and efficiency of your social media channels. These analytics allow you to tie your data directly to your business results – making it seamless for businesses to understand the impact of ever-changing social strategies. 

Key Features

  • Get access to interactive charts and graphs for complete visualization of your social performance and understand insightful metrics.
  • Quickly identify your top-performing campaigns and optimize your ad revenue with paid performance reporting by evaluating cross-channel social advertising. You can also ensure an increased reach on social media with Sprout’s Hashtag Tracking tools and understand which hashtags are preferred most by your audience groups.
  • Access and analyze the cross-channel performance of your social profiles and posts and evaluate your growth percentage on social networks. 

5. HubSpot

With one of the top rankings as a social media analytics tool, HubSpot prioritizes a comprehensive approach to analyzing social media interactions and audience insights and managing them effectively. Its diversified integrations, comprehensive analytics, and advanced scheduling features make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to boost their conversions. Without a tool like HubSpot, companies might struggle to gain a holistic view of their social media performance in real time, leading to missed opportunities. 

Key Features

  • It allows you to track the performance of your social media posts and campaigns to understand customer preferences and create better content strategies.
  • Identify trends and patterns with HubSpot’s social listening feature to understand what people say about your brand across different social channels.
  • Get an overview of your social media performance at a glance on HubSpot’s Social Media Analytics Dashboard.

6. BuzzSumo

Imagine needing to figure out what type of content your audience prefers. Seems confusing – right? When you have insights regarding what kind of content will resonate with your audience, the brand can eventually stay caught up – be it in relevance or engagement. BuzzSumo emerges as the perfect solution for catering issues like tracking competitor strategies and discovering high-performing content across multiple platforms. 

Key Features

  • Get ahead in your SEO journey using Backlink Monitoring and Keyword Monitoring to receive instant alerts for every win. 
  • Filter trends based on the locations of your target audience and get to know what's popular in their regions.
  • Customize your feed just how you like so that you can only focus on the data that matters to you. 

7. Brandwatch

It’s common to see businesses struggle to interpret and monitor customer interactions effectively. Undoubtedly, such practices often result in retarded brand growth and missed business opportunities. But Brandwatch is the perfect fit for this puzzle, offering deep insights into social media trends – enabling businesses to keep track of their data and monitor performance so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Key Features

  • Get the best overview from your social channels with cross-network metrics and KPIs to understand whether your strategy and efforts are making any impact
  • Stay on top of your performance with real-time and customizable dashboards to ensure every metric can be tracked and showcased. 
  • Schedule sharing your social insights with your stakeholders and teams in just a few clicks so everyone is on the same page.

8. Google Analytics

Most businesses go wrong when it comes to accurately measuring and optimizing your social media performance because they primarily go for traditional methods of social media analytics, which are fragmented and lack necessary integrations. However, with Google Analytics’s (GA4) cross-platform tracking capability, you can now get a holistic view of your social media performance and understand how various metrics contribute to the overall online presence.

Key Features

  • Find out about conversion discrepancies in the top and middle of your funnel and ensure both of their metrics are in sync. 
  • Understand your audience's demographics and know where they spend most of their time running successful social campaigns.
  • Analyze your social media performance data and predict your target audience's actions for your brand. 

9. Keyhole

Imagine manually tracking all your social media metrics. Sure, you will save investment on a tool, but it will cost you precious time and several errors. With Keyhole, you do not need to worry about any of this because it simplifies the whole process and allows you to analyze multiple profiles and brand mentions instantly. 

Key Features

  • Get notified whenever your brand is mentioned on any social media platform for optimal engagement with every immediate prospect. 
  • Take care of your online presence and brand reputation by analyzing the sentiments behind each human interaction.
  • Measure the real impact and performance of your social media influencer campaigns and say goodbye to tampered and fake screenshots.

10. SparkToro

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is getting actionable insights about your audience's preferences from various online platforms. Even though many tools can help you do that, SparkToro provides detailed audience intelligence and allows marketers to make data-driven decisions. 

Key Features

  • Get to know about your industry trends and audience preferences on social media with effective social listening. 
  • Based on your social media content performance, you can get a ‘SparkScore’ and suggestions for improving your score.
  • Audit your follower lists of social media channels, know, and instantly filter out spam and fake accounts. 


Now that you have a list of the best social media analytics tools, are you ready to select the right tool for your business? The key to successful social media growth lies in consistent social media posting and understanding the data behind it. So, whether you are a small business, a large business, or an individual creator – the right tool can help you make informed decisions.

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