The Aircall Engineer Journey: Part II | Welcoming You


Welcome to our series about the Aircall engineering journey. Learn more about the interview process, your first weeks, and finally—what to expect during your first quarter and your first year. See our current openings

Well, we left the last post after you passed the hiring process, celebrating with your former (or even new) colleagues. In this post, I’ll prep you for your first day in Aircall.

Your first day

Today is a great day! I hope you have slept well and you’re full of energy.

As we have several new hires each month across all teams, we try to have a group start on the same day.

We want you to feel supported and connected throughout the onboarding process, so making sure you start with a group lets you build your network and start operating as a team.

The first meeting is led by HR. They talk about basic administrative stuff and show you the onboarding schedule and resources. More importantly, you’ll get to know your onboarding colleagues who’ll be with you throughout the experience.

The welcome pack

Depending on whether you will work in-person, hybrid, or remotely, you’ll receive a package to help you get situated.

The tech setup will vary based on your role, but we always make sure our new Aircallees are set up with the latest swag (recent favorites include a water bottle and stickers).

The buddy meeting

At Aircall, we’re all about creating moments for connection. We match every newcomer with a buddy to support them during the onboarding process and through the first quarter. 

Although your buddy can be on any team of the company, we try to assign one from the same office as you so they can answer critical questions like “where is the coffee machine?” and “what is the best pizza close to the office?”.

We consider the buddy system to be a pillar of the Aircall onboarding journey, so your first 1:1 will be with them.

For the engineering team, we take this system a step further and set you up with a buddy on your squad who will help you set up your workspace, install tools and licenses, and more.

The manager meeting

The first meeting with your manager is an integral part of your engineering onboarding process.

They’ll talk to you about your new team and will make sure you have everything you need to start working. They’ll also invite you to the scrum ceremonies of your team and will introduce you to them in the next team meeting.

Now that you know what to expect after you’ve received your offer, we’ll give you a closer look at your first weeks at Aircall

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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