Tips To Make Your Store More Inviting

Getting the amount of foot traffic that your store deserves can feel like an uphill battle. After all, you aren’t just competing with people on either side of you and down the street a bit.

As a business owner, it's important to remember that you're competing with physical stores and online businesses. To attract customers, creating an inviting storefront that catches people's attention and encourages them to come inside instead of simply walking by is crucial.


For businesses situated on a grimy road or a place that isn’t well known for being clean and tidy, there is no reason you need to do that too. Instead, ensure that the pavement outside is jet washed, remove weeds, and move litter daily. 

When you have parking, make sure that it is well kept and that all of the windows and walls on your building are cleaned regularly. 

Customers prefer visiting clean places, regardless of the quality of products offered.


There is a fine line between staff that need to be more pushy and those that are completely disengaged from what they are doing. A middle ground of welcoming staff – who greet the customer and remain approachable but not overbearing is the trick. Some staff will need training, while others will naturally be welcoming. 

Also, ensure that they have a uniform so they aren’t confused with customers – and ensure it is in keeping with your branding. 


Ominous signs are rife in smaller businesses, and while they have some charm, they don’t look professional – or like a store that will be around for long. Look at all the other signage surrounding your store – and what you could do to make you stand out. Signs that use interesting lighting features or movement are eye-catching enough to entice people to the door – and once they are there? They might as well come in! 

Value Add

What can you offer your customers to improve their shopping experience? You may have a space where people who are not shopping but with shoppers can wait and have a coffee. You can set up a charging station that people can use while they browse. Please look at what can complement your business offerings and see how that can be factored in. 

Free samples are always great for those selling food or drinks. 


Any stores in the inner city will benefit from greenery – because intercity means people need to travel to see some nature. Storefronts on high streets that don’t have flower treatments can stand out by having a bright display – it breathes life into the surroundings. 

In short – plants outside and inside your store can make it more beautiful, and people like beautiful things. 


While you might be on a mission to put as much stock out as possible, there is a thing called the paradox of choice – and what that means is that if there are too many things to choose from, potential buyers can’t decide. 

And instead of buying everything, they are more likely to buy nothing. Check that the entry to your store isn’t overstuffed, and leave room for people not to be overwhelmed.

And always remember there is a lucrative online-offline crossover to be had, and customer loyalty brings in higher profits: How to Launch A Subscription From Your Brick & Mortar Store.

Leveraging Digital Channels

Could you harness the power of digital channels to increase foot traffic to your store? Social media platforms and Google Business listings can be utilized to reach out to potential customers. You can post regular updates about your store, products, and special offers on these platforms. Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings for your store on these platforms. Positive reviews can significantly enhance your store's credibility and attract more customers.

Hosting Events

Could you consider hosting special events or workshops at your store? This can be an effective way to attract a crowd. Collaborate with other local businesses for co-hosted events. This not only helps in sharing the costs but also in reaching out to a broader audience. Could you promote these events well in advance through all your marketing channels?

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Creating a comfortable and engaging environment in your store can encourage customers to spend more time and money. Could you consider setting up a lounge area where customers can relax? If your store caters to families, having a dedicated space for kids can be significant. This allows parents to shop in peace while their kids are safely engaged.

Personalized Promotions and Rewards

Personalized promotions and rewards can be a great way to increase foot traffic. Customers appreciate when businesses recognize their loyalty and reward them for it. Could you implement a loyalty program that offers exclusive benefits to repeat customers? This encourages them to visit your store more often and enhances customer retention.

Optimizing Store Layout

The layout of your store plays a crucial role in customer experience. An overcrowded store can overwhelm customers and encourage them to explore your products. On the other hand, a well-organized store with clear signage can make shopping a pleasant experience for your customers. Make sure your store layout is customer-friendly, and products are easily accessible.


The article provides a comprehensive guide on increasing foot traffic to your store. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining cleanliness, training staff for better customer interaction, creating effective signage, and adding value to the customer's shopping experience. It also suggests using plants for aesthetic appeal and warns against overstuffing the store with products. The additional content further discusses the role of digital channels, hosting events, creating a comfortable environment, offering personalized promotions and rewards, and optimizing the store layout to attract more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more foot traffic in my store?
You can increase foot traffic in your store by maintaining cleanliness, training your staff for better customer interaction, creating effective signage, and offering value-added services. Leveraging digital channels, hosting events, creating a comfortable environment, offering personalized promotions and rewards, and optimizing your store layout can also help.

Does foot traffic increase sales?
Yes, increased foot traffic often leads to increased sales as more potential customers enter your store. However, it's also essential to focus on converting these visitors into customers by offering a great shopping experience.

How to increase foot traffic in a retail store in 2023?
In 2023, retailers can increase foot traffic by leveraging digital channels, hosting events, creating a comfortable environment, offering personalized promotions and rewards, and optimizing their store layout. They should also focus on providing a seamless online-offline shopping experience.

Does foot traffic increase local business?
Yes, increased foot traffic can lead to increased business for local retailers. More foot traffic means more potential customers, leading to increased sales if the company can effectively convert these visitors into customers.

What is the role of cleanliness in attracting foot traffic?
Cleanliness plays a crucial role in attracting foot traffic. Customers prefer to shop in clean and well-maintained stores. Regular cleaning of the store, including its exterior and parking area, can help create a positive impression on customers.

How can staff training impact foot traffic?
Well-trained staff can significantly enhance the shopping experience for customers, which can encourage them to visit the store more often. Staff should be trained to interact with customers in a friendly yet professional manner.

Why is effective signage important for a store?
Effective signage can help attract the attention of passersby and encourage them to enter the store. It can also help customers navigate the store quickly, enhancing their shopping experience.

How can value-added services increase foot traffic?
Value-added services like free samples, charging stations, and lounge areas can enhance the shopping experience for customers. These services can make your store more appealing and encourage customers to spend more time there.

What is the role of plants in a store?
Plants can add to the aesthetic appeal of a store and create a pleasant shopping environment. They can make the store stand out and attract more customers, especially in inner-city areas with scarce greenery.

Why should a store avoid overstuffing?
Overstuffing a store with products can overwhelm customers and make it difficult for them to choose. This can lead to a paradox of choice, where customers buy nothing due to too many options.

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