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Top 10 Examples Of Headless Shopify Commerce (2023)

Top 10 Examples Of Headless Sculptures.

Shopify is one the most well-known platforms for selling and buying online. Its commerce platform is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms worldwide, although it has now adopted a headless approach.

The benefits of this are clear to anyone who’s tried it out — as a result; many Shopify stores want to switch their eCommerce business to become decoupled front-end and back-end systems. We’ve listed ten top Shopify stores that have decoupled their front end and gone headless below; you can use these inspirational examples and benefits of headless commerce to start your journey!

Pretty Litter

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures, so finding the right litter is crucial to keeping them happy and healthy. Pretty Litter is a new type of cat litter revolutionizing how we take care of our feline friends. Made from highly absorbent silica gel, it is lightweight, clump-free, and promises to eliminate odor. But what makes Pretty Litter unique is its ability to monitor your cat's health. By changing color when it comes into contact with certain chemicals in your cat's urine, Pretty Litter can alert you to potential health problems before they become serious.

Being a part of the Shopify platform, Pretty Litter has received immense popularity. The website thus has a simple yet attractive outlook, and the users find it effortless to navigate the entire website. The impeccable organization of the features on their homepage makes the customers feel drawn toward it. It has also been featured in NAT Geo, WildMondernCat, Oprah, MagazineABC, and FamilyForbes. And this has been possible because it is part of the headless eCommerce at Shopify.


BonLook is a headless e-commerce platform that trades in designed lenses and prescription eyeglasses. They are a Canadian brand and have as many as 37 physical stores around Canada. You might think that conducting a business that involves uploading prescriptions and catering to the custom designs of the customers is quite tricky, which is true.

But, BonLook has been successfully conducting its business for a long time and has achieved impressive customer trust. The users can readily upload their positions and freely choose their lens designs, material, size, shape, frame types, and glass designs. They have both online and offline sales, which has helped their average order value to increase by 18%.


Peloton has been one of Shopify's most popular headless commerces in the past few years. It has integrated reigns, technology, and community and has elevated the aspect of fitness to an unimaginable level. And at the same time, it has made working out and staying fitly accessible for everyone.

This platform has decided to stay headless to make all its aspects simple and in sync. Their platform offers continual updates about the classes and software features. And since it is headless commerce, the updates are automatically quicker and simpler.


Every expectant parent would find Babylist beneficial for them. The platform enables the executing or the soon-to-be parents to share their wishlist with the gift-givers. It helps them compare the different gifts by presenting the various lists of gifts from third-party sites. Therefore, the users can make the perfect and the most suitable purchase based on their needs and preferences.

It ensures a hassle-free and smooth user shopping experience, including CMS, order management system, and checkout. After this platform decided to become a headless commerce platform on Shopify, it gained a considerable boost in its sales from all aspects.


Seedlip is the first creator of distilled non-alcoholic spirits in the world. Their prime and most striking feature is innovation quality, which is one of the main reasons they opted to be a headless merchant at Shopify. Their website reflects the class, extravagance, and fine quality of predictions it delivers. The homepage is unimaginably engaging and attractive, with numerous features.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham Beauty requires no introduction. It is one of the most well-known and sought for luxurious beauty brands worldwide. And has been headless on Shopify for a few years. Their store has incredible product organization and user experience, thanks partly to their headless CMS to drive that customer experience. 

This platform utilizes the Shopify storefront APIs, and the amendatory and product information are effortlessly managed. The website is highly efficient and ensures users the most enhanced user experience.

Yoga Girl

As the website name suggests, Yoga Girl is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to improve and sustain a good lifestyle through yoga. This website offers courses, merchandise, and jewelry. It is also the perfect place to look for blog posts, listen to beneficial podcasts, and much more!

Being a headless commerce platform powered by Shopify, Yoga Girl has achieved the optimal level of its web site's functioning and, simultaneously, the most attractive and welcoming website design.


FIGS is a well-known brand for lifestyle and healthcare outfits. The website is sophisticated, organized, and well-reflective on its theme and genre of business. It uses Shopify Plus, and via this, it effortlessly manages its backend functionality.

Becoming a headless commerce platform, they can link to each custom-built lamenting page along with a product page on the platform of Shopify. As a result, all the customers enjoy the optimum and the most effortless customer experience while shopping online at the FIGS website.


Recess is worth its name. It displays numerous animations that help the users obtain peace of mind. It is like getting a break or a little escape from the long and hard hassles and difficulties in our daily life. They use headless Shopify in a way that helps its users to relax and calm. Their website reflects warmth and engagement in every little and precise manner possible.


KOTN is the perfect example that showcases the effective use of Shopify's headless API. It has used the platform to merge two shops into one. It is a clothing brand with a base in Canada. Initially, it was not headless but being on Shopify Plus; was a natural choice for them.

Once they launched headlessly, they manage their front end through a separate CMS to create personalized unique user experiences. They can now easily change their storefront in no time, and even during high traffic, their site is fast and snappy for buyers.


Staples Canada has also gone headless on Shopify. It is a well-known retailer and ecommerce site in the home office industry. Their features, like registering for or logging in to an account, ordering any item by number, and reordering any order bought before, help them maximize the user experience of their platform.

Final Words

There are many advantages to going headless with Shopify, including increased flexibility and scalability. Headless Shopify can help you take your business to the next level.

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