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Top Five Magento Loyalty Program Examples


Magento is the second biggest ecommerce platform in the world. Its excellent features, user-friendly navigation and intuitive structure makes it one of the most desirable ecommerce platforms to use.  

Brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle and many more – from medium to small commercial enterprises – use Magento ecommerce CMS. And so do many LoyaltyLion customers

In this blog, we’ll take a look at five inspirational rewards programs on Magento. Each program has unique features that help to elevate them above their competitors.  

In particular we want to highlight:

  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Glo Skin Beauty
  • Just Spices
  • Tower London
  • Zala Hair

Keep reading to see how these brands are using their programs to build longer-lasting relationships with their customers and increase revenue.

Rocky Mountain Oils 

Founded by a collection of wellness enthusiasts, Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) is one of the world’s leading D2C essential oil brands. 

Rocky Mountain Oils is a pioneer in the essential oil industry and already has a well-established brand identity. However, they recognized that they could be doing more to enhance their brand and improve their customer’s experience. 

In order to build longer-lasting relationships with their customers, they built an on-brand, tiered loyalty program structure and named their program Club Oil’ty.

Here’s what we love about their program:

First, they enabled members to earn one Oil’ty Point per dollar spent. By collecting Oil’ty Points, members can progress across three levels: Preferred, Premium and Elite. 

To encourage repeat purchases and make members feel like VIPs, RMO’s team began offering exclusive rewards for each tier. For example, in the Premium tier you can claim vouchers up to $100, while members in the Elite tier can claim vouchers for more than $500. 

To increase customer spend, RMO displays how many points members need to earn to unlock more rewards. For instance, to claim a $15 voucher, members need to collect 600 points and to claim a $20 voucher, they need to collect 800 points.

Shoppers can also see their current points balance directly through their main navigation header. If they click on their account, they can also learn more about the benefits of the program via the Club Oil’ty page. 

Glo Rewards

Glo sees makeup as an extension of skincare. To show the love and appreciation for their community, they created an on-brand loyalty program called Glo Squad Rewards Program.

To encourage shoppers to become a member, they show the benefits of joining the Glo Squad on the account page. Once they sign up, they also automatically become a loyalty program member.

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To explain the benefits of their program further, they created an on-brand integrated loyalty page

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Here’s what we love about their program:

Glo unify their overall marketing strategy with their loyalty program. For instance, they encourage customers to earn 50 points for each social follow – Instagram and Facebook. As a result, they increase their followers and make connections with their shoppers on social media.

Don’t underestimate the power of user generated content. 70% of consumers will consider UGC reviews or ratings before making a purchasing decision. That’s why Glo Skin Beauty rewards customers 50 points for leaving a product review.

To extend the VIP feeling and encourage repeat purchases,  Glo also offers exclusive rewards such as early access to sales, a one-time 25% off reward and double points events. 

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Just Spices

Just Spices, a German-founded spice mix brand, is aiming to become the world’s largest lifestyle spice brand. As part of its customer acquisition strategy and to power a product development feedback loop, they built an active digital community of home cooks. 

So, how have they used their on-brand loyalty program to enhance their brand community and increase their repeat purchase rates? 

Firstly, they explain the benefits of their loyalty program. Once you become a member, you can earn points via both on-site and off-site activities such as following on social, visiting their website or buying specific products. This encourages customers to return to the site while allowing Just Spices to promote their desired products.

What we love most about Just Spices’ loyalty program is their personalization and customer interaction. 

For instance, using LoyaltyLion’s Points for Product functionality, they display how many points a customer will earn for purchasing the product that they’re browsing on the product page. To encourage guest visitors to become a loyalty program member, they show the benefits of creating an account: “Collect points in the SPICE CLUB”, “Get free products & save on your purchase!”

Furthermore, using LoyaltyLion’s Free Product Rewards functionality they are awarding customers with free products such as Just Spices Shaker or Salad Topping. These free product rewards create the same feeling as receiving a gift and encourages customers to keep coming back.

And there’s more. Using LoyaltyLion’s Custom Rewards functionality, they’re providing more points for selected products. This allows Just Spices to promote their desired products and increase engagement. Therefore, we think this is far more rewarding and worthwhile than a simple discount scheme. 


Tower London

Tower London is a well-established footwear brand for women, men and kids.

We love Tower London’s email marketing strategy. 

Tower London’s team knows the power of personalization. 61% of surveyed customers reported that they would be loyal if they received personalized product recommendations.  Evidently, when you show customers that you know and care about their preferences, you can create brand loyalty.

Tower London uses their loyalty program to segment customers and send personalized emails accordingly. Using LoyaltyLion’s Customer Value Snapshot they first segmented their customers according to their loyalty status and buying behaviors. Then they began to send out loyalty emails. This kind of email contains information specific to customers and is more likely to be opened than a generic promotional email. Therefore. they generate 3% of a merchant’s total revenue, increasing engagement and building stronger customer relationships.

With these loyalty emails, Tower London shows how many points their customers have as well as their loyalty tier, enticing them to engage more with the brand. 

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Zala Hair

Zala Hair is a global hair extension brand. Their brand community consists of influencers with millions of followers. During the Covid-19 crisis, the industry saw massive supply chain disruptions but Zala Hair kept on growing thanks to their loyal community.

What we love most about their loyalty program is the way they are using it to communicate about their shared values. 

62% of customers would join a loyalty program if they know that the rewards had a positive social impact on the causes they care about. Zala Hair’s team understands this and builds relationships with their customers based on shared values. 

Using LoyaltyLion’s Custom Rewards functionality, Zala Hair enabled customers to use their 1,000 points to make a $10 donation to plant trees. This later became their company-wide corporate responsibility project and they began to publicize it across all channels, not just their loyalty program. For example, on National Tree Day, they used social media to show how followers can plant a tree with their loyalty program.

Zala Hair has stayed true to its values and planted 3,350 trees in total.

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We also love how Zala Hair uses social media. 

Zala Hair knows how to use social media as a key retention tool. 53% of shoppers who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands. By integrating their loyalty and digital marketing strategies, Zala Hair adds power to both. 

They offer 100 points to loyalty program members who follow them on Instagram or like them on Facebook. They also raise awareness of their loyalty program and encourage sign ups via social media. For example, posting their double points campaign on Instagram. This enables them to continually engage with their program members across more platforms.

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Magento Success

We are happy to power Magento stores and see their growth. Magento CE has 29.89% of the ecommerce market share for a reason. They know the value of well-earned loyalty and innovative ecommerce strategies. 

You can see our existing features here, or you can book some time with one of the team to talk through our Magento examples in more detail.

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Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.
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