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Top 6 Tips For Booking A Hotel Room Block For Your Company Retreat

Booking a hotel room block for your company retreat and other corporate events in Abu Dhabi is a strategic move that ensures your team's seamless and comfortable experience.

Booking hotel room blocks, a designated number of rooms set aside at a hotel for guests of a specific group helps streamline logistics, allows everyone to stay together, and fosters team cohesion.

This strategy offers convenience and significant cost savings since you can often negotiate group rates with the best hotels in Abu Dhabi.

With this option, you can simplify the event planning and enhance the overall retreat experience. This will allow your group to bond and focus on productivity.

A Guide to Successful Hotel Room Block Booking

If you want to leverage the benefits of hotel room booking and plan a successful company retreat in Abu Dhabi, follow these tips:

1. Research potential hotels.

Abu Dhabi’s many hotels ensure you can find the best one for your group that meets your needs.

Find hotels near this spot if you already have a venue for your company retreat activities.

If you’re still at the initial planning stage, look at several hotels and study their event venue options. Check their rooms, amenities, and services to ensure you and your team can access everything you need for a productive, fun, and memorable company retreat. These include swimming pools, gyms, spa facilities, gardens, restaurants, and business centers.

Also, check the room rates to ensure you can afford to stay here.

With these factors, you can list potential hotels for your company retreat.

2. Know the number of rooms you need to book.

If it’s your first time booking a room block, you might make the mistake of finalizing your accommodation before you have a solid headcount of all attendees.

When you rush to the booking stage, you might need help for yourself and the hotel.

Before contacting different hotels and finalizing your reservation, ensure you have an accurate estimate of the number of employees joining the company retreat.

This means that as soon as you know you are holding a company retreat, inform your employees of this event and ask them if they will join or not to finalize your headcount.

Although some of your team members might back down weeks or days before the gathering, you can resolve this issue more quickly if the number is low.

3. Know the hotel’s requirements regarding booking room blocks.

Hotels have different policies regarding the number of rooms they can reserve for a big group.

Some hotels may require a guaranteed minimum number of rooms to be booked, often 10 rooms per night with a minimum two-night stay.

Hotel room blocking usually involves a contract, including an attrition clause or a commitment to pay for a particular number of rooms. If there is a reduction in the number of rooms you specified, you may have to pay a penalty.

Also, determine if you need to pay a deposit and how much they require. Ask about their payment structure, modes, and when the final payment is due.

Ask the reservation agent questions regarding their requirements and contract, committing and sending any payment to ensure a smooth transaction with your chosen hotel.

4. Book the rooms as soon as possible.

Once you know the date of your company retreat and have chosen your hotel, book the rooms.

When you reserve your rooms early, at least a few months before the event, you can choose the best floor and rooms for your group. You can pick rooms with views of the beach or garden or near the pool and other facilities you and your team want to frequent.

Booking your hotel rooms early also allows you to negotiate and get great group rates. You might also receive other deals and perks, such as free parking and complimentary breakfast.

5. Provide the reservation agent with complete and accurate information.

Ensure you provide the hotel staff with complete and correct information when reserving rooms. This includes the dates, number of rooms, on-site venues, and services you need.

If you have employees with disabilities or special needs, inform the hotel staff beforehand so they can be prepared to assist them.

If you are also using hotel restaurants or caterers, let them know of any dietary restrictions your team members may have. Doing so ensures your employees can enjoy great food without any worries.

6. Finalise the booking with the hotel and your team.

Once you’ve ironed out all the logistics, finalize your hotel room block booking.

Please send the hotel the completed booking form and agreement if they require one. Also, pay the deposit if you need to do so.

You can start assigning hotel rooms to the employees and creating the itinerary at this stage.

Since this is a company retreat, ensure it is packed with activities allowing employees to collaborate, socialize, know, and bond with one another. It should also include opportunities for everyone to have fun and relax.

These include visiting Abu Dhabi’s top tourist beaches, best theme parks in UAE, malls and other popular attractions.

Ensure your employees know their room assignments and itinerary so that they can start planning for this important event.

Booking a hotel room block for a company retreat can ensure a successful event and guarantee a productive, pleasant, and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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