Using Ada And Gorgias Will Help Wow Every Customer


Provide personalized interactions around the clock for your customers and boost your bottom line – all without increasing headcount.

Being available to customers is critical to brand equity and staying competitive, as customer interactions are crucial to drive connection and revenue. The smartest way to scale high quality customer interactions is through an AI-powered, automation-first strategy… and Ada and Gorgias have partnered up to do just that! 

With Ada’s conversational AI and Gorgias’ helpdesk, your team can scale to wow every customer.

When your customers need a human touch, Ada automatically creates a case for your team in Gorgias with all the relevant details – driving agent efficiency, reducing handle time, and improving customer experience.

“Both Ada and Gorgias do what they say they can do. Both teams are proactive about providing support and helping people do more with their tools.” – WOW Skin Science, Manager of Customer Experience, Lisa Del Duca

How to make the most of this integration

Non-technical CX teams can power personalized interactions for every customer using Ada’s codeless platform. Launch chat experiences your customers will love in under 30 days, with no dependence on IT. You can also avoid WISMO questions, as Ada and Gorgias will provide instant, real-time responses using no-code integrations to your order management system including Shopify, Magento, and more. You can also use Gorgias and Ada to make the first move – reach out to customers on your site proactively with personalized information or offers.

You can also use Ada’s AI Chatbot to handoff a customer to a Gorgias live agent when needed. Watch the video below for more details! 

“The key ingredients for stellar CX in modern ecommerce is speed, accuracy and personalization. Ada & Gorgias excel at these as independent platforms. Now that they work together, exceptional CX will become the new normal for merchants.” – Philippe Roireau, VP of Business Development & Partnerships, Gorgias

Chris Lavoie, Tech Partner Manager

As the Technology Partner Manager at Gorgias, I aim to form powerful partnerships with leading tech companies in the eCommerce space to deliver a superior product for our merchants and their customers.

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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