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Using Gorgias And Yotpo To Customize Customer Conversations


With Gorgias and Yotpo, you can now quickly customize customer conversations based on their previous product reviews, making it easy to reward super fans or win back customers after a negative review.

With visibility into product reviews right in the Yotpo widget in Gorgias, your support agents will know right away if they’re talking to someone who didn’t love their last product, or someone who is a big fan of your brand. This knowledge will help you customize the conversation for the best experience possible.

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You can now see the customer review history right in Gorgias

“At OLIPOP, we’re always looking to have a holistic view of the customer to be able to offer the best possible experience. Having the ability to see their most recent reviews within the Gorgias platform is a total game-changer. ” – OLIPOP, Director of Customer Experience, Eli Weiss

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How to make the most of this integration

You can use Gorgias macros to quickly respond to customers that leave 5-star reviews to build brand loyalty. You can also create macros for customers who leave negative reviews to ensure their concerns are properly addressed, and send them a discount code to help rebuild trust!

By looking at the shopper’s review history, your support agents can also quickly shift from just offering customer service to acting as members of the sales team. They can recommend products that are either similar to something the customer previously loved, or different than something they had a bad experience with.

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Gorgias clearly understands the needs of customer service agents, and with this new feature is working towards making all the day-to-day tools accessible from one tab, making work even more agile and with less distractions. We’re particularly excited about the ability to understand customer sentiment from the get go, and how we can better approach our users based on the feelings they have shared about their past TUSHY purchases. If we see they are a super fan, we can go heavy on the butt puns, but if they’ve had a less than stellar experience we will aim to make up for it in our subsequent conversations, and even address things they don’t directly mention! We’re excited to see how this feature will help us deepen our genuine human connections. “ – TUSHY, Director of Customer Experience, Ren Fuller-Wasserman

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Chris Lavoie, Tech Partner Manager

As the Technology Partner Manager at Gorgias, I aim to form powerful partnerships with leading tech companies in the eCommerce space to deliver a superior product for our merchants and their customers.

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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