What is the best length for your push notifications? Practice guide 2020


Push notifications display differently on individual browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. Whenever these browsers get an update, your push notifications can be affected again! We’ve put together an up-to-date guide on the ideal character length for your push notifications, taking into account the latest browser updates and bearing in mind different subscriber devices.

Follow this guide to make sure your push notification titles and messages are displayed properly so the text doesn’t get cut off. Let’s start with the different browsers used on the Windows platform:

Push notification lenght in Windows and MAC pc for chrome firefox and safari browsers 

Chrome for Windows

For Windows 10, Chrome supports a 63-character title before the text gets cut off. The character limit for message content is 128 characters. This is the same limit whether your message includes a hero image, or not. The maximum length for the call-to-action (CTA) button is 21 characters.

Push notification lenght for Windows Chrome browser 10 version

For older versions of Chrome, such as Windows 8 and lower, you can input up to 57 characters before the title gets truncated. The character limit for the push notification message length is 126, and this is the same with or without a hero image.

Push notification lenght for Windows Chrome browser 8 version

On Chrome for Windows, two different push notification types are displayed. The most recent version of Windows has a black background, while older versions have a white layout. This is just something to bear in mind, as the same notification may look different on user devices.

Firefox for Windows

Firefox doesn’t support hero images for push notifications and that’s the case for all Windows versions. Up to 49 characters can be used for the title on Windows 10 before the text is truncated. You have considerably more space concerning your message length, however. Up to 200 characters can be displayed.

Push notification lenght for Windows Firefox 8 and 10 version browser

Older versions of Windows (Windows 8 and lower) show a title of up to 54 characters without the text being cut off. You can use up to 200 characters in the message content, just like with the newer Windows version.

Ideal push notification length for Android devices

On Android devices, the best title length to consider is 49 characters. It’s difficult to put a definite ideal character length on the message, as the end result depends on whether or not you include a hero image. On another note, if you use only one CTA button, you can include CTA text of up to 20 characters. But if you use multiple buttons, the text gets truncated after 13 characters on each button.

Detailed information about Push notification lenght for Android phones chrome and firefox browsers

Optimal push notification length for Apple devices

On Mac, the character limits vary for both the title and message length. This is the same for all browsers before the text gets cut off. Additionally, the width of the characters used matters too. To be on the safe side, we recommend using up to 30 characters for your title and keeping the message content under 40 characters. Short and sweet is best!

Detailed information about Push notification lenght for MAC OS Safari Chrome and Firefox browsers

Additionally, the width of the characters used matters too. To be on the safe side, we recommend using up to 30 characters for your title and keeping the message content under 40 characters. Short and sweet is best!

Push notifcations lenght using Capital letters and lowercase letters

Top takeaways when designing your push notifications

With its support for hero images and higher character limits before the text gets cut off, you can be more creative when designing with Chrome in mind. The titles really matter on push notifications – it’s the first thing your subscriber will notice. Chrome gives you that bit more space to play around with your title.

That said, you should bear in mind that Mac and Firefox users, in particular, may not see your notifications as they’re intended if you don’t bear in mind the restrictions we’ve outlined above.

The best approach is to prioritize quality above quantity for your push notification content. Use powerful words that grab attention while getting your message across succinctly. Don’t forget the all-important hero image to draw the eye for your subscribers that use Chrome.

This article originally appeared in the FirePush blog and has been published here with permission.

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