Why Is Content Moderation Important For User-Generated Campaigns?


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You've spent endless hours creating a strong UGC campaign. You drank way too much coffee. And – you nailed it. Once again. Your brand new user-generated content campaign is ready to take off.

But you forgot about this one thing.

You know – this one thing that can make or break your campaign.

And this one thing is a person. We call him Jake.

Jake is a troll. Jake is a low-quality content provider. Jake is a spammer. And yes – Jake is a black hat SEO.

Jake's not your friend.

But you know what. There's a way to make sure Jack won't break your campaign.

Today I'm going to show you how user-generated content moderation will help your business. In fact, it can grow your business!

Now, before jumping in, grab the User-Generated Content Checklist to be equipped for every case:

Get The UGC Checklist Now

Use it yourself or give the checklist to your marketing team. So they can grow your business with user-generated content.

Quick overview before we jump in: There's one thing you can do BEFORE your customers will share their content. And there's one thing that you can do AFTERWARDS.

Here's the difference:

Have a Strong UGC Pre-Moderation Setup

OK. So you won't want any influence over the content creation process. Your customers are not on brand. They don't use your logo, color codes, or other brand assets. They create content their way.

The good thing is, it's still you who decides which of their content you want to publish.

Most of the time that's actually what you want. Real content from real people. That's the beauty of user-generated content.

But sometimes it's too off. Sometimes you can't have a particular piece of UGC on your website.

Before publishing your content you might want to approve it. One-by-one. 

A good example: customers who submit UGC may come from all over the world. They have different levels of English skills. This can be a problem when working with written (or video) reviews on your online store.

Sometimes you might even want to make sure that there are no toxic links and promotions in the content.

Real-Time User-Generated Content Content Moderation

After your content goes live, you'll need to watch user comments. You must remove any bad links, explicit content, and targeted harassment.

As soon as users submit content, like a photo review, you'll need to approve – or disapprove it. Your call.

The Shopify app Loox lets your moderate user-generated content

Content moderation tool of Loox – making sure you only auto-publish certain content.

You see, moderating user-generated content can be quite demanding. Yet, it's essential to protect your brand's reputation. Not moderating your user-generated content (UGC) assets could cost a lot. 

Don't panic. And don't shy away from UGC. But protect your brand.  Moderate user-generated content.

Now let's take a look at ALL the good reasons why you should moderate your UGC campaigns.

Go get it!

Why You Need to Moderate UGC

Below you’ll find the six best reasons why you should care about user-generated content moderation.

(Reason #4 is my favorite one).

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #1: Brand Reputation Management

Content moderation helps companies to protect their brand and reputation. 

Big organizations and popular companies are very cautious about their brand image. Watching everything that happens. Like a hawk – always ready to attack.

It’s one thing if people talk bad about your brand on social media (you can’t do anything about it). But it’s a different thing if they want to talk bad about your business on your website.

This is something you shouldn’t allow. And content moderation helps here.

Protect your business.

Good thing that the vast majority of your customers won’t speak badly about your business. They’re happy with your products. If you want to benefit from their happiness, get the free UGC checklist now. Click here and enter your name and email address in the popup that will appear.

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #2: Understand Your Users

Content moderators watch the reviews, comments, or feedback of their customers. No matter if it's positive or negative. It lets the moderator understand the needs of the customers. This will help build a better business.

And it also helps you discover new ways of how customers are using your product.

Here's a weird (but good) example. It's about Listerine.

They learned about a new way customers are using their product.

A way that surprised them.

People are using it to kill toenail fungal infections. Like, what! Yes, you read that right.

All they had to do was to look at social media comments and product reviews.

(I'm happy they didn't gargle toenail fungal liquid.)

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #3: Control Inappropriate Content

Some content is not appropriate for the general public. It's your task to protect your customers from this type of content.

Auto-publish pornographic content to your online store is the last thing you want to do. It's a red flag for every new store visitor and will drop your sales big time.

Content moderation will help prevent such issues from occurring.

It allows you to remove any kind of inappropriate content. To make sure that none of your store visitors will ever see it. Especially if minors are visiting your website.

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #4: Boost Your Organic Traffic

Working on your Google rankings? Want to increase your organic traffic? Great! Moderating user-generated content is an important part of the process. 

Any kind of negative review for products or services can affect the ranking of a website.

Good news. User-generated content (UGC) helps your website to rank faster and higher. Especially if you publish product reviews on your site.

Google is in love with fresh content. The more REAL and high-quality content you post, the higher they will rank you. Now imagine having a constant flow of new product reviews on your store. It's your ranking autopilot. And it only knows one direction: up!

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #5: Dealing With The Trolls

Did you hear of “Trolls” before? Not the ones from The Lord of The Rings. The internet ones. They are people who are everything but nice. For no good reasons. 

Trolling has now become a trend. Why? Who knows. But you don't need to worry. Moderating user-generated content is the only thing that works against them. It hurts them.

So hit the trolls where it hurts the most: by ignoring them.

User-Generated Content Moderation Reason #6: Stand in For Your Customers

As I said earlier, user-generated content always comes with a risk.  A piece of UGC can be out of line with what your brand considers acceptable behavior. This can even happen without any bad intentions of the customer.

You need to prevent visitors from seeing content that is upsetting or offensive. Your customers want to enjoy visiting your website.

Want to Learn How to Start And Grow Your Business With User-Generated Content in 2022?

By now you know that content moderation for user-generated content is important. It plays a big role in your content marketing strategy for 2022.

Before you can apply the important rules, you need to make sure that your customers and users are actually creating content for your business.

That’s why we created a UGC checklist. It includes everything you need to know about working with user-generated content. Want to have that checklist?

Yes, Give Me the UGC Checklist

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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