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10 Avatar Maker Websites You Should Check Out

A man is holding up a picture of a man and a woman, possibly from an avatar maker website.

Statista conducted a survey in 2022 about who would likely use avatars. Out of four thousand respondents, 16 percent are interested in using avatars.

Most of these came from the Gen Z and Millenials groups.

Avatars are popular in gaming, social media, and other platforms. Communicating across the metaverse is by far more interesting through your digital self. You can send out a party invite with your funky or mystified self and show your emotion, such as excitement, with your personalized digital self other than an emoji.

It gives the avatar users a sense of self-awareness and affirmation. According to the study by Hyunjin Kang and Hyekyung Kay Kim from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, customized avatars connect to psychology and persuasion. A person’s personality shows who they are in their inner self, depending on their chosen cartoon character.

What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a digital version of yourself in the metaverse. You can use this in online gaming, social networking sites, forums, chat rooms, etc.

You can personalize your avatar through an online avatar maker website like the nightcafe ai avatar generator or create a cartoon version of yourself. If you are shy and wary about the people you don’t want to meet personally but are eager to talk to them online, you can use this digital self. 

Who Needs an Avatar Nowadays?

Some people prefer to avoid using their photos across the internet. Avatars can help them connect in the digital world and make new connections.

According to the survey conducted by Statista, most people interested in using Avatars are from the Gen Z and Millennial groups.

They are the age group who woke up using the internet every day. Baby boomers, however, are not interested in using avatars at all.

If you have a business or an app developer, you can use avatars to add funkiness to your marketing. 

If you are a teacher, on the other hand, you can use an avatar to help you connect with your students, especially if you are dealing with the new generation – Generation Alpha. When a child is born between the year 2010 to 2025, they are Generation Alpha. They learn fast and use technology at their fingertips. They are more aware of using avatars at school or in entertainment.

Here are the 10 Avatar Maker Websites You Should Check Out

1. Cartoonize

They are now called Cololrcinch. They are a photo editor that uses AI to enhance photos with the use of AI tools. 

You can access this avatar maker through the internet, which means you don’t need to make an account. Coloring is one of the best avatar makers online because you can edit your photo online or offline, depending on your needs. This avatar maker has other features as well. Still, the three most recommended things are their Adjustable cartomizer effects and filters that you can add a filter or change your photo into a cartoon with one click. Next is their crop and resize photo feature and background remover, which allows you to change your background into different styles, such as a freehand ellipse or organic. Lastly, they have an extensive library for icons and other graphics.

You can start using this website for free. Now that you have used Colorcinch and want an upgrade, they offer two account types, payable monthly or annually. By upgrading to Colorcinch Plus, you can use all features. 

The monthly payment costs $8.99, while the annual fee is $59.88, which is 45 percent in savings when you pay annually. They only accept payment using debit/credit through Stripe at this time. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

2. Portrait Illustration Maker

This avatar maker is user-friendly and accessible. The website has different selections of personalized avatars that you can customize. You can change your skin color, the shape of your eyes or lips, and much more. Simultaneously click on the item you want to edit, such as the hair. You can see the preview of your avatar.

You can share your avatars created with your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, and then download them as a PNG. If you have made a mistake while editing, you can click on the REDO buttons on the left side of your screen to edit your work once more without any hassle. 

As one of the best avatar makers free to use, especially if you are a beginner.

3. Avatar Maker

One of the best avatar makers is free for you to use. You don’t need to download it. They have a unique way on how you choose your avatar.

First, you choose a gender for your avatar. Then you can choose from four styles of ready-made avatars on top of the page. First, default, that looks the same as you. The second is polygonal. The third is an anime kind of you. Last, a comic strip of black and white. Then you can customize the eyes and lips close to what you look like. You can even change your background too. If unsure, you can click the random button under the avatar you edit. Don’t worry. You can always redo and undo your work as well.

You can download it in png (400 px), png (200 px), and SVG. Just so you know, you need tools to support vector files, such as Adobe Illustrator.

4. BeFunky

This tool is one of the best avatar maker online digital tools for beginners who want editing to be funky. BeFunky uses AI editing that helps you create designs easily.

You can start BeFunky for free and enjoy collage-making, photo editing, and graphic design if you want to step up the funkiness, upgrade to BeFunky Plus. 

An essential subscription is free; you can enjoy editing and storing your work online. As for BeFunky Plus, you have two options whether to pay it monthly or annually. Annual billing costs $59.88, that’s $4.99 per month. And monthly billing is $9.99. 

BeFunky Plus subscriptions allow you to use premium effects like the AI Photo Enhancer.

5. Cartoonify

It is an AI-powered tool that converts your photos into a playful hand-drawn cartoon. This tool uses the neural network, which makes it more cartoony. The website uses Dan McNish’s “Draw This” project idea, a camera that can turn photos into cartoon-like an elementary school student hand drawing.

You don’t need a Raspberry PI camera to get that crude cartoony output. You can upload your photo, and Cartoonify will do all the work for you. You can use this website for free when you start.

To upgrade, you have three options. First, a basic plan for one person at $6 billed per month or annually allows you to enjoy watermark-free images and videos that are not more than 30 seconds. Next is the Pro plan for one person at $16, billed monthly or annually. You can enjoy more features, such as storing and editing unlimited projects. Lastly, the Team plan for one or more people at $16 per month or annually. This plan allows you to collaborate on worksheets. Also, you don’t have to pay more upfront to add more people. You pay as you grow.

They don’t issue a refund if you want to stop your subscription before the cycle ends. Please visit their website for more details about this.

6. Fotor Avatar Maker 

This tool is user-friendly and one of the best free avatar makers on the web. Using the website, you can create pets, anime, gaming, or photo avatars. You don’t need to download an app or create an account for this.

Also, you can customize NFT avatars. These types of avatars are popularly used in the metaverse. You can create and sell this avatar at Fotor NFT Creator and then sell it to an NFT marketplace.

If you love Fotor Avatar Maker, upgrade it to Fotor Pro and Fotor pro plus. You could also get your copyright protection for Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro plus plans. Here is the pricing:

  1. You don’t have to pay for the Free Basic Plan, yet you can edit your avatar.
  2. Fotor Pro Plan starts at $8.99 billed monthly; that’s $39.99 billed yearly. You get their best features, such as an advanced editing tool and 1000 HD stock photos for commercial and personal use.
  3. Fotor Pro Plus starts at $19.99, billed monthly, $89.99 per year. You can enjoy their plus features, and if you are a business owner, this plan can best help you if you are editing your brand fonts and logos.

7. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is an app you can link to social media that creates moods and expressions using your avatar. You may need to download your Bitmoji app and connect your Snapchat with it. If you have no Snapchat account, you can create one using your email address. This is available for Android and iOS users.

Before you edit your avatar, take a selfie using your phone. You can direct your camera to an environment if you don’t want to show your face. They will make an avatar for you. This feature is only for first-time users.

 They have a Bitmoji deluxe feature where you can edit your hair, get a facial piercing, and much more. This is a free-to-use app, but there are in-purchases when you want to add some features. Just go to Bishop and choose a Theme Pack to your liking. Click the stall icon on the upper right corner of the app, and it will direct you there. Prices start at $.99.

8. Pho. to

It is a photography app that uses AI and 3D face tracking that suits your needs. You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play for free. They have five major photo editors that you can choose from with different features:

Photo Lab: with this app, you can create and edit your photos, such as avatars, and put up designs one after another.

ToonMe: you can create a Pixar-like animated toon with the help of AI technologies

AI Cartoons: You can create head-turner profile photos 

Emolfi: this app detects emotions and emphasizes them visually, such as happy and sad. It creates a whole different experience in showing emotions.

Visage Lab: this app has a fully automatic face retouch to the nail that looks in your photos.

9. Pixton

This is an avatar maker tool best for work and school. It helps you create your presentations with a whole lot of experience.

This avatar maker website is best used for your virtual classroom. You can connect it to the learning management system or use learning tools for interoperability. They have learned how to use these answer websites. 

As for their pricing, please ask for a quote for your subscription. The options are an educator account, a business account, or a solo account. To let you know that educator accounts are best for teachers. If you want to end or cancel your subscription, you can do such contact support, and seven days after you contact them, you can get your refund.

10. Doppelme

If you are looking for a fun, wacky avatar, use Doppelme. Create the digital self that you can use in forums, instant messaging, or in your blog, some email signatures, and almost everywhere on the web. You don’t need to download or create an account for this free avatar maker.


Avatars are game changer that helps shy people create a meaningful connection with their loved ones. The online avatar maker paved the way to show your personality with your little creations. You can edit how you look, such as your hair color, eyes, nose, lips, and much more. 

Also, free avatar makers on the web have photo editing features such as resizing and cropping your photos. Some online background remover features instantly change the game from simple nonchalant backgrounds to awesome backgrounds such as vector, patterned, or art. Your avatar, your rules.

Of all these, which avatar are you? Pixar princess, anime, cartoon, or simply you?

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