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10 Brands Bringing A 10/10 Personality To Their Loyalty Programs


Creating a winning loyalty program goes beyond strategy and optimization. Successful businesses also ensure their program is a true extension of their brand identity and messaging, including visual cues, curated perks, VIP tier names, and more.

We’ve pulled together 10 brands who nailed bringing their personality to their loyalty program to inspire you. These businesses made their programs feel authentic to their brand experience, ranging from skincare to sustainable fashion to edible cookie dough.
1. Outdoor Voices
When creating OV Rewards, Outdoor Voices wanted to make sure their brand mission was at the forefront of the program. “The creative team wanted to give the OV Rewards program a nostalgic ‘rec club’ or ‘gym class’ feel to play off our brand mission to help people to enjoy Recreation and embrace the Doing Things mindset. That’s what inspired the chalkboard, notepad, and gold stars aesthetic,” said Bianca Singh, Retention Marketing at Outdoor Voices.

The …

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