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10 Customer Service Podcasts To Add To Your Rotation


Have you noticed? Podcasts seem to be everywhere. According to Apple, in 2018 there were roughly 550,000 podcasts and today there are more than 2 million. If you haven’t yet braved the podcast world, likely at the very least you’ve come across the podcast app on your smart device. Launching that app is a true gateway into a world of knowledge, industry-specific information and entertainment.To that end, we’ve curated a customer service-centric podcast list for you to peruse and enjoy.

Check out our favorite customer service podcasts, or keep reading for some entertaining podcast history. 

The Power of the Podcast

Since formally hitting the scene in 2004, the podcast space has become an exciting resource and touchstone for business information and trends. Its former incarnation, the ‘audioblog’, dates back to the 1980s and beginning in 1987, was often employed through the German- developed MP3 file. While not as popular as the text-based ‘blog’, audioblogs did exist and most definitely paved the way for the arrival of the podcast. 

Considered a converged medium as well as disruptive technology, the podcast unites the internet with traditional radio broadcasting. In 2000, the concept of attaching sound and video files in RSS feeds was first proposed. Then in 2004, BBC and The Guardian journalist Ben Hammersley merged the words ‘iPod’ with ‘broadcast’ officially coining the term ‘podcast.’ The rest is proverbial podcast history. 

The podcast is simply an episodic series of digital files that a user can download to a personal device. What began in the early 2000s as kind of a slice-of-life journalism, or commentary, has since evolved into a prominent aspect of modern life and a favored delivery method for information. A true virtual library, a user can find podcasts that literally cover any topic or subject under the sun. It’s a powerful, cost efficient tool that allows an individual to engage anytime, from virtually any location.

A podcast series usually features one or more regular hosts who engage in a discussion about a specific topic, theme, or event. Generally free or low-cost to download, the user can subscribe to a given series and tune in at their convenience. More and more, the podcast has largely replaced communal listening of the traditional radio broadcast with the on-demand format of the podcast.  

Just for Kicks?

While the entertainment value of podcasts is largely acknowledged, they also work as a great educational tool. From science to history to beauty to roller coasters, there’s a podcast out there for most any field of study or interest.

Beyond tuning into your favorite comedian or binge listening to a true crime series, listening to podcasts is a great way to learn about the very latest developments and trends for your industry. A treasure trove of retail, brand, and customer service information is ready and waiting for your ears. 

With such a vast landscape to navigate, we’ve put together a robust list of the podcasts that provide the best, most current information on best-practice customer service ideas, strategies, and solutions.  

Our Top 10 List of Customer Service Podcasts

The great thing about the podcast, it’s free from constraints that other forms of learning require. You can tune in while driving, cleaning the home or office, on the treadmill, during a hike, or simply taking it easy on the sofa. The flexibility of the delivery method is practically unlimited and designed to be a productive use of time, even in the context of downtime. 

Like any kind of programming, a podcast series has its own criteria, style, attributes and approach to a topic and/or industry. Check out our customer service hit list and maximize your learning time in a dynamic, stress-free way.

  1. The Modern Podcast – A leader in customer experience, host Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, customer experience futurist, and contributor to Forbes and the Harvard Review. She has also authored two books on customer experience.
  2. Harvard Business Review – The HBR IdeaCast is a great resource for insights, up-to-date trends, as well as the practicalities of how cultural shifts impact business . Populated by industry leaders and thinkers, this energized podcast has something for everyone.
  3. The AI Podcast – This podcast explores how AI technology is improving and informing how we conduct business. Tune in to hear from industry leaders and innovators and discover more about how AI can be applied for the health of your brand.
  4. Coaching for Leaders – Host Dave Stachowiak welcomes experts to help the listener zero in and apply transformative strategies to their working life and company culture. Discover an energized, connected community offering inspired solutions from around the globe.
  5. On Brand with Nick Westergaard – This lively podcast focuses information specifically on the mechanics of building a brand. Westergaard interviews a range of industry leaders from some of the most innovative and successful brands today.
  6. Amazing Business Radio – Customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken hosts this dynamic customer centric weekly podcast. Hyken brings together leading professionals and customer experience experts who offer tangible tips and insights specifically to take your business to the next level of success.
  7. Customer Success Leader – This podcast is dedicated specifically to data optimization and customer onboarding. Discover the successes, struggles, and inside strategies from thought leaders ready to help you maximize your company potential. 
  8. The CX Cast – This podcast is presented by industry research leader, Forrester. Utilizing the data gathered from their in-depth studies, the CX Cast offers research- based guidance on how to expertly manage the customer experience for a business or company of any size. 
  9. Experience This!Customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss host this lively podcast. Their ‘quick-hit’ segments deliver customer focused tips, tools, and trends for optimizing your brand strategy through customer service.
  10. The Customer Service Revolution – Customer Service Authority and best-selling author, John DiJulius interview industry leaders who are successfully innovating how their customers are experiencing their brand. Sharing triumphs and challenges, this podcast offers strategic pathways to building a better brand for your customer. 

Tune in to the Kustomer Podcast

In this space where traditional broadcasting has converged with the smart device,  learn how to embolden and fortify your approach to customer service and the business of your brand. The podcast, Customer Service Secrets by Kustomer was launched in 2020. Kustomer’s VP of Growth and podcast host, Gabe Larson shares his wealth of experience and welcomes thought leaders and experts who provide knowledge that can be directly applied to the listener’s own career journey. 

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
Emails That Support The Planet

Emails That Support The Planet

New Integration: Obviyo (Formerly HiConversion)

New Integration: Obviyo (Formerly HiConversion)

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