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10 Influencers And Newsletters To Follow For Ecommerce Success


Illustration by Diego Blanco

Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could see how ecommerce leaders tackle the challenges you face in your business daily?

The good news is, you can. They’re on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and in inboxes sharing (almost) everything they know about marketing, fulfillment, automation, copywriting, customer research, and trends that impact them.

You’re just one click away from adding them to your regular content diet. Jump into our list of influential voices in ecommerce, including commerce founders, marketers, and agency owners:

  1. Dan Frommer and The New Consumer
  2. The Retail Brew newsletter
  3. Kaleigh Moore
  4. Chase Dimond
  5. Kristen LaFrance and the DTC Fam
  6. Nik Sharma
  7. Amanda Goetz
  8. Adam Futter
  9. Sara Du
  10. The Good newsletter

1. Dan Frommer and The New Consumer


Who should subscribe to The New Consumer?

Ecommerce founders and heads of ecommerce.

Why should you subscribe to The New Consumer?

The New Consumer is a publication about how and why people spend their time and money. It’s run by Dan Frommer, a longtime tech and business journalist.

The New Consumer operates as a paid membership, with twice-weekly emails featuring original reporting, analysis, and commentary on the intersection of technology and consumers. It’s available as a yearly, quarterly, lifetime, or team membership.

You can also sign up for free articles and updates, which reflect the focus, interest, and tone of the paid membership.

You’ll read about innovative people, companies, trends, and products; what is and isn’t working; why things are changing; and what’s happening next. These are long, deep dives, giving you consumer insights that help you take the right action.

Follow The New Consumer and Dan Frommer on Twitter, sign up for the free newsletter, or grab a paid membership.

Great place to start:

This article on the growing popularity of natural deodorants

2. The Retail Brew newsletter


Who should subscribe to Retail Brew?

Retail operators and ecommerce marketers.

Why should you subscribe to Retail Brew?

Retail Brew is a newsletter packed with news and insights retail pros need to know. It goes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon to more than 140,000 subscribers.

It’s among the easiest ways to keep up with the fast-changing world of retail. Retail Brew covers everything you need to know to stay ahead, including news on pop-up stores, PoS tech, influencers, mall trends, logistics,  and ecommerce prices.

The format of Retail Brew gives you a quick insight into retail news, if that’s all you have time for, and links to longer, deeper dives that give you more context. Subscribe to Retail Brew here.

Great place to start:

The latest issue of Retail Brew

3. Kaleigh Moore

Who should follow Kaleigh Moore?

CMOs, marketers, and ecommerce copywriters.

Why should you follow Kaleigh Moore?

Kaleigh Moore writes SEO-focused blog content for ecommerce platforms and the software that integrates them. She has bylines in publications like Forbes, Vogue Business, Entrepreneur, and Inc. 

Her tweets are the intersection of ecommerce insights, tips on writing and freelancing, and advice for content teams who want to scale with freelancers.

Following Kaleigh will give you an instant insight into what makes a strong content team, what impactful writing looks like, and what’s trending in the world of ecommerce and retail.

Follow Kaleigh on Twitter and subscribe to her newsletter about writing.

Great place to start:

This tweet with discussions around writing solid product page copy


Full thread here

4. Chase Dimond

Who should follow Chase Dimond?

Ecommerce copywriters and email marketers.

Why should you follow Chase Dimond?

Chase Dimond is a co-founder of Boundless Labs, an email marketing agency for ecommerce brands. His agency generated more than $50 million in revenue for clients through email marketing since 2018.

He regularly shares his experience, action steps, and easy-to-implement tips on setting up email marketing as an ecommerce brand the right way.

Topics include welcome email sequences, subject line ideas, copywriting tips, cart abandonment, and subscriber engagement. These threads are long, packed with examples, and always share simple ways to implement given tips.

Follow Chase on Twitter, subscribe to his free newsletter, or grab his paid weekly campaign calendar subscription.

Great place to start:

This video on Twitter about list segmentation for ecommerce brands


Full thread here

5. Kristen LaFrance and the DTC Fam


Who should follow Kristen LaFrance?

DTC founders and heads of ecommerce.

Why should you follow Kristen LaFrance?

Kristen LaFrance is the host of Shopify’s Resilient Retail podcast and one of the fastest-growing names in the DTC world on Twitter. She regularly shares innovative moves from commerce brands and sparks intelligent conversations.

Kristen also founded DTC Fam, a community of 800+ DTC operators who want to help each other uplevel their business and share wins, jobs, tools, and useful resources. 

DTC Fam comes with a weekly newsletter featuring roundups of the best conversations that happened in the community, top jobs, best brands, and experts to follow.

Follow Kristen on Twitter and subscribe to the DTC Fam newsletter.  After receiving your first newsletter, you’ll also be able to request joining the DTC Fam Slack community.

Great place to start:

This tweet and replies on REI’s launch of an in-house content arm


Full thread here

6. Nik Sharma


Who should follow Nik Sharma?

DTC founders, ecommerce marketers, and operations specialists.

Why should you follow Nik Sharma?

Nik Sharma is an investor, adviser, and operator to some of the fastest-growing DTC brands, including Haus and Caraway. His Twitter profile is an endless source of practical ecommerce tips.

Nik shares his client wins, experiments, and lessons. His Twitter threads share a small piece of advice, then break it down into actionable steps with context, recommended tools, and expected outcomes.

Nik also runs a newsletter with DTC updates, software recommendations, marketing tactics, and more, simplified into a five-minute read. It’s the ultimate DTC rundown for busy, ambitious DTC pros.

Follow Nik on Twitter and subscribe to his newsletter.

Great place to start: This Twitter thread on six tactics you can use to grow revenue


Full thread here

7. Amanda Goetz


Who should follow Amanda Goetz?

Ecommerce founders and CMOs.

Why should you follow Amanda Goetz?

Amanda Goetz is the founder of House of Wise, a luxury CBD brand. She founded House of Wise in 2020 and raised a $2 million seed round investment by mid-2021.

Amanda’s focus when growing House of Wise is community, micro-affiliates, and subscriptions. She shares her journey of starting and running a CBD business, building a team, fundraising, protecting her health and boundaries, building a community, and more.

Her tweets and Twitter threads are a great source of advice and inspiration on daily focus, productivity, and product-based business.

Follow Amanda on Twitter.

Great place to start: This Twitter thread on the role of product marketing


8. Adam Futter


Who should follow Adam Futter?

Operations and fulfillment specialists and ecommerce marketers.

Why should you follow Adam Futter?

Adam Futter is a business development manager at Saxon Packaging, a manufacturer of corrugated products and boxes.

In every post, Adam shares news and useful content from the world of product packaging, whether it’s about sustainability, experiments, design, unboxing experiences, unique packaging challenges, or case studies.

On top of sharing direct links to this content, he adds his own angle and tips on what a trend or a piece of news means for you as an ecommerce business.

Adam’s approach to the packaging element that commerce brands need to consider is the ideal addition to your LinkedIn feed. 

Follow Adam on LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This post on the importance of a delightful unboxing experience


Full thread here

9. Sara Du


Who should follow Sara Du?

Ecommerce founders and marketers.

Why should you follow Sara Du?

Sara Du is the CEO and co-founder of Alloy Automation, an automation solution for ecommerce marketers. 

Sara shares her own experiences and goals as a founder—an excellent reason for commerce owners and executives to follow her and get a regular boost of positive energy.

She also regularly appears on podcasts, panels, workshops, and virtual conferences, and announces them on her LinkedIn. Her appearances are always on topics relevant to digital-first commerce brands, like operations and fulfillment, and how automation fits into that picture.

Follow Sara on LinkedIn and subscribe to her newsletter.

Great place to start:

This post on the ecommerce stack in 2021


10. The Good newsletter


Who should subscribe to The Good newsletter?

Ecommerce founders and executives, operations specialists, customer experience specialists, and marketers.

Why should you subscribe to The Good newsletter?

The Good is a conversion rate optimization agency. Its newsletter is a weekly email with tips on helping customers get what they want from your site so you can get more leads, customers, and revenue.

You’ll hear about topics like the fulfillment process, customer research, heatmaps and scroll maps, channel strategies, post-purchase experiences, and more.

Put simply: it provides content on everything you need to delight your visitors and customers.

You can fine tune your subscription by opening newsletter preferences and selecting your ecommerce role, topic preferences, and preferred content styles, formats, and lengths.

Subscribe to The Good newsletter.

Great place to start:

The growth resources library

Ready to improve your social feeds and your inbox?

Your daily scroll is about to get instantly better. Fill your Twitter, LinkedIn, and inbox with tried and true tips, experiences, best reads, and practical tips you can take to your team (almost) instantly.

Want even more? Shameless plug: Shopify Plus also has a newsletter! Sign up below and start receiving a biweekly dose of the best ecommerce advice, how-tos and thought leadership.

This originally appeared on Shopify Plus and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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