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10 Tips On How To Choose The Right Custom Rigid Box For Your Business

Colorful macarons in a box marketed through DTC ecommerce.

When considering how to advance your business, it is essential to consider every aspect.

If you want to add luxurious styling to your brand’s promotion, you only need the custom rigid box. Do you know why it is crucial to pay heed to the packaging? It is so that it is the best way to interact with your customers to make a remarkable impression on them. Here, the custom boxes signify quality work and ensure effective brand recognition.

With the 1200GSM thickness, you can save your luxury products, jewelry, and accessories from distortion. Additionally, the rigid boxes enhance the unparalleled sensations of your premium products. In contrast, selecting the packaging material will glam up your packaging with many coating options. Your brand will stand out with its astounding design, styling, and layout. It doesn't end up here; the color collaboration also plays a significant role. Ensure that your printing and packaging team hasn’t created any mess with the colors.

Practical tips for custom rigid box styling

To resolve your many problems, we have brought a great solution. We have enlisted the ten tips to help you choose the right rigid box style to promote your business. Have a look at these points.

Could you make sure that it is simple?

Firstly, you must focus on the simplicity of the box. Please don't waste your time on non-relevant things to your business. For example, if your products are incredible and your packaging is irrelevant, a negative impression will occur in the user’s mind. The simplicity in the design will ensure the maintenance of the classy look of the packaging. Are you still thinking of a simple design?

Well! It means that the box's design needs to put essential and to-the-point information on the box. In addition, the customers can ask to print a few features on the packaging box. Here, looking for a packaging team that will avoid messy data printing with an easy-to-understand design would be best.

Custom rigid box with high-quality material

Pay attention to the quality material. It is essential as much as you consider the layout, design, and other things. When you want to know about rigid boxes, you prefer high-quality material. It is so; your box should be sturdy to protect the item inside it from the surroundings. Besides this, are you one of those who adore nature? The biodegradable material for the top-notch packaging box is the best choice for eco-friendly packaging.


Here comes another significant point that will be helpful while investing in rigid packaging boxes. The design should be practical and functional for the end users. Remember that if your packaging design is not amusing enough, it will not appeal to the end users.

Additionally, the box’s design should be user-friendly. It means the users should be able to open and close the box quickly. It is a great way to unleash your product’s features to the end users with the relevant box design that truly manifests your product. Follow this tip, think before you design.

Size & Shape matters in a custom rigid box.

Apart from this, whenever anything relates to your business, you need to focus on it. That’s how you can protect your brand from lacking in the market and choosing the correct custom rigid box for your brand’s and product's promotion.

Please do not say it's up to you; keep the size and shape of the box of your choice. We must say that it is not a wise decision. What if your product doesn't fit in the box or becomes more significant than the item?

Undoubtedly, you will be at a loss in time, material, advertisement, and investment. Mention your requirement's size, dimensions, or shape to the printing and packing team. In addition, tell them that you want sharp edges or threaded finishing from all sides.

Color collaboration

Will you buy a product that has no appealing packaging? Undoubtedly, several questions will pop up in your mind to distract you from making any favorable decision. Business runners should refrain from taking such kinds of risks for their businesses.

Moreover, pick the one with appealing aesthetics and colors to attract users. Ensure the rigid box representing your brand has vibrant colors and patterns to grab massive attention.

Apart from this, you can choose from the two CMYK for your unique boxes. In the first model, you will get a set of colors that includes full CMYK. On the other hand, you can choose from the second model (Pantone color model), which contains a small set of colors.

Add-on options for custom rigid box

Moving to the next step, we will discuss the add-on options. You have heard it right; you can choose from many add-ons following your needs and requirements. That’s why we have enlisted these crucial add-on lists for your help. Have a look:

Die-cut Window custom rigid box

The die-cut is a well-known technique that helps cut the box in the printing and packaging industries. Here, cutting the box means that it accurately cuts the box in different shapes and sizes with the help of machines.

If you want to consider the box that ensures high customization, you should prefer this add-on to a demanding list. These kinds of rigid boxes have a specific design so that you can fit products of any size and shape.

Silver/ Gold Foiling

If you want packaging that manifests the end users with the richness of the styling, then go for the silver/ gold foiling. Additionally, these foilings can add a look to your box that will represent the 3D texture in it. It is the best choice to showcase your luxury product in a luxurious style.

Custom rigid box with Embossing

What do you know about embossing? Do you think it is a thing to be neglected? If you want to impact the user's mind uniquely, then embossing is the most helpful add-on for you. It is the finishing methodology in which printing and packaging teams raise the specific portions of the box. It also looks like the 3D design on the cardboard boxes. It could be an image or words you want to emboss in your box.

Custom rigid box with Debossing

You will better understand the debossing methodology if you have read the embossing. In the deposing method, the team will fabricate a lower impression on the paperboard material of the box. For example, could you give instructions to the team? The printing team will enter the page under the die to imprint the image, design, or text that speaks up about your brand.

Raised Ink

Would you know about the raised ink prototyping in the printing and packaging paperboard boxes? It shows a resemblance with the debossing. For example, debossing raises a specific area with an image, text, or design. Similarly, raised ink extends the particular area of the box.

Printing options

We know how hard it becomes to search multiple browsers on the sites and still feel empty-handed. Please don't worry; let us tell you about the printing options that will help you make an effective decision for packaging. Look at these efficient printing options:

Screen printing

If you think of classy packaging, you will get to know the screen printing term. In actuality, it is the process in which ink is forced onto the surface with the help of a mesh screen. Do you have any idea what makes it so popular? Its versatility and durability make your packaging unique and eye-catching. Additionally, it offers high-quality work in budget-friendly investments.


Flexography is compatible with a wide range of boxing materials. For example, it is used for corrugated, rigid, paperboard, cardboard, etc. Well! It is an economical way to implement appealing and simple designs on the different areas of the box. Do you want to add it to your requirements and think of the budget? Please do not be worried; you will find it at the lowest price for biodegradable boxes in the printing and packaging market.

Digital printing

Okay! It is different from traditional and analog printing. You will get digitally imposing images on the box's material in digital printing. You will not need to use any printing plate in printing multiple media.

Offset Lithography

You can say it is offset lithography as well as offset printing. It should be your priority if you want massive production printing. In this offset lithography, we will print the images on paper. It is an ideal choice for businesses that need consistency in printing at the commercial scale.

Coatings options for custom rigid boxes

I think the coatings for the custom rigid box will be beneficial for your business. Have you chosen the astounding and simple rigid box? The other thing that will be helpful to you is selecting the suitable coating for your box. Here, you have some fascinating options for coatings; choose the one for your packaging box. These are:


Glossy finishing will be an excellent choice if you want a box representing your jewelry or accessory product in the packaging. It enhances the enrichment of the luxury packaging for the products.


Suppose you want a rigid box with less pigmentation and more resins; then go for the semi-gloss coating. In addition, it will prevent resistance issue with the surroundings. You will feel that it is a combination of glossy and flat coatings.

Aqueous coating

It might be possible that you get frustrated by waiting and searching for the right things. Here, you have the solution for this problem: aqueous coating. Apart from this, it dries up quickly when contacted with printed materials. In other words, it is a water and eco-friendly coating for rigid boxes.

Matte/ Satin

Firstly, you should know the difference between matte and satin coatings. Somehow, the most significant difference between them is the gloss or shine. If you want the plain-looking box, then choose the matte-coated box. In contrast, the satin coating shows a bit of a sheen on the box.

Soft touch lamination

Okay! You may know this by the name of the cello touch lamination. If you want to protect your product from the surroundings with stunning styling, choose the box with soft touch lamination. In addition, this kind of coating enhances the fascination with dark-colored containers.

Spot UV

It is the coating technique for enriching your experience with transparent varnishing. You can opt for this coating to target a small area on the box. Also, choosing this coating for your custom rigid box will create a wonderful and glossy texture. It will highlight your brand in front of the end users and the market.

Security by custom rigid box

No one can indeed compromise on their products' safety. In contrast, you might need clarification about what to choose for secure product shipping. If you believe in quality work with security, opt for the stunning and sturdy custom rigid boxes.

These boxes have left behind traditional styling to enrich the user’s experience with luxurious packaging. They are strong enough to protect the products from distortions and environmental effects.


If you are running a business, you better know how to maintain the budget for specific things. Somehow, they often need clarification when they meet the competition in the modern market. Everyone wants uniqueness in their branding. Regarding packaging boxes, you should consider the expertise of the printing and packaging industries.

If you have decided to invest in the rigid aesthetic boxes, follow this investing methodology. First, could you answer yourself: what is your packaging needed? For what product do you want to have the packaging box? After that, please be sure to pay heed to the customers' needs and requirements.

It means ordering the box relevant to the user's interests will be a good decision for your business. Lastly, remember to figure out how to deal with the aesthetic and functional boxes. Undoubtedly, you will notice that the rigid packaging is sturdy, impressive, amusing, and counted as cost-efficient.

Closing the discussion

Ultimately, we hope you have decided what you want and how you will get the best custom rigid boxes for your business promotions. Well! We all know that looking at the packaging can never ensure the hard work of making it, right? It is crucial to echo your branding with the end users. In addition, the correct box will be remarkable to your customers. Without any objection, you must know many things here to decide what will boost your brand to get the customer’s attention.

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