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11 Firecracker 4th of July SMS Templates

Mobile app with 4th of July SMS templates.

4th of July is the day when Americans celebrate independence, the rights of the individual and the pursuit of happiness. 

It is also another opportunity for merchants to launch a special holiday-themed campaign. Shoppers are already used to expecting big sales around major retail events and even more so with the current situation when online shopping remains among their few options to get all the necessities for the big day.

All brands had to quickly adapt and adjust their stores and offerings to the new realities. Some succeeded and even expanded their businesses in the past few months, others – might still be struggling with the challenges of the global crisis. For the upcoming 4th of July we prepared a short guide with 5 ideas for your store to take a leap into the digital world. Our goal is to help you bring your customers to your website and score some extra sales around the holiday. 

Where to begin? The best time to start your Independence Day campaign would be right after Father’s Day. 4th of July is usually associated with summer, patriotism, happy memories, quality time with friends and family. Just remember, in light of recent events, this holiday might be bittersweet for millions of Americans, since most state celebrations and parades are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Some of the most purchased items will be fireworks (!), BBQ food and supplies, home & garden decorations, sports and outdoor equipment. But even if your store products don’t fit the Family-Fun-Food trinity, you can still think of a way to flaunt your latest summer collection. Launch a text marketing campaign combining uplifting and cheerful holiday-themed text copy with red, white and blue visuals to gently push your subscribers’ emotional and patriotic buttons. Don’t forget to add a sense of urgency to let them know your juicy summer offers are valid for a limited time only.

This 4th of July bring the spirit of Independence to your store with our 11 holiday-themed SMS templates

Before you continue: When pasting your SMS templates in SMSBump, don't forget to replace the current shortcodes with the ones from the app itself to make sure the shortcodes are properly set and your links can be tracked with our UTM parameters.  

Universal Templates

Template 1: Hey {FirstName}, get ready for some firecracking prices on brand new summer products by {SiteName}! Available for a limited time only! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: {SiteName}: Celebrate Independence Day with Free Shipping on all orders! Check out our new exclusive patriotic collection here: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, welcome to the land of Buy One, Get One free! Available for the entire July 4th collection – limited time only! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Family Activities and Get-Togethers

Template 1: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, check out our 4-person party ideas on how to celebrate 4th of July in the comfort of your own backyard: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, cue the fireworks and get ready for a bangin’ 4th! 30% discount on all pyro supplies – valid until quantities last: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Food & Recipes

Template 1: {SiteName}: Red, White and BlueBerry – enjoy our 15 festive recipes on cakes & desserts this Independence Day. Bon Appétit! {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: How to throw the perfect 4th of July BBQ? Join us at {SiteName} for some delicious offers and tips on the perfect steaks this year: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Fashion/Hobbies/Home Decor

Template 1: Special 40% discount by Your Store on kids’ footwear, available for a limited time only! For celebrating Independence Day in style! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: Don’t pull a muscle hangin’ the US flag! Get your body in perfect shape with our new home training gym equipment: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: {SiteName}: Celebrate Independence Day & kick off the season with our latest fashion picks! Enjoy $10 off selected items + free delivery! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 4: {SiteName}: Don’t parade – Decorate! Give your home the ultimate makeover this summer with our hot decor collection sets:  {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

We really hope that our ideas for 4th of July templates gave you the spark and inspiration to fuel your next Firecracker text marketing campaign.

This article originally appeared in the SMSbump blog and has been published here with permission.

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