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12 Food And Beverage Brands You Need To Try To Spice Up Life


We need something to spice up our life, and you can do exactly that with trying out new snacks and drinks that will ship directly to your house.

Being an ecommerce SMS and messenger marketing platform, Octane AI has excellent insight into unique brands you may or may not have heard of. We’d love to share some of these brands with you.

We highlight 12 brands we think to have fun, engaging websites and exciting products. From alcoholic beverages and tea to snacks, we have the complete list here to find your new favorite drink or snack to enjoy during quarantine.

If you’re looking for more, we’ve also compiled a list of 90+ food and beverage brands’ homepages in a downloadable PDF. You can quickly get access if you need design inspiration for your brand or want to see more to try.

Get Full PDF

For those of you sticking around, say hello to your new quarantine addictions:


If you’re looking for good wine in the market, you must check out this company built by a family of three generations of winemakers. Haus’s inspiration came from trying to find their perfect drink. They were frustrated with the options that were either too sweet, artificial, or alcoholic. So they made their own!

Haus specializes in apéritifs, which are lighter alcohol ideal for sipping. Apéritifs are well-known in European culture, and they’re enjoyed both on the rocks and in mixes. People like apéritifs because they can drink without worrying about a hangover. If you’re a sipper, you’ll love this brand.

Jimmy Joy Homepage

Jimmy Joy is a well-known nutrition brand for people who want to learn more about nutrition and health in a fun environment. Their products include bars, shake mixes, and ready-to-drink beverages. They’ve also got a loyalty program powered by Smile Rewards to take customers on a journey from Earthling to Time Traveler as they continue to purchase products and become nutritional experts.

If you like nutritional food with crazy, fun designs, Jimmy Joy is for you.


Who said you need the bar to make cocktails? You can do it right at home using products from Skinny Mixes. The best part is that their products are zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and 100% delicious. There are featured mixes for cocktails like margaritas and mojitos, but Skinny Mixes also carries syrups for making luxury coffee at home.

Using Octane AI for their messenger marketing, you can engage with Skinny Mixes directly on their website to receive fantastic coupon codes, ask questions, find products, and more! By chatting with Skinny Mixes, their messenger pop-up helps bring back some of that in-store experience customers may be missing while in quarantine. Chat with them now!

Moon Cheese homepage

If you’re craving to try something different, Moon Cheese is definitely what you need. Their snacks are 100% cheese and packed with protein, making them an ideal quarantine snack for any cheese lover. Featured flavors include Gouda, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and more. You may also be surprised by the health facts; Moon Cheese is low on carbs, sugar, and calories. Seriously, you need these crunchy cheese delights in your quarantine life.

Cha Cha Matcha Homepage

Get your Cha Cha on with Cha Cha Matcha! This may be one of the most fun ecommerce designs you’ll find. Their iced tea drinks are flavored with Matcha and other ingredients to make tea, like lemonade, ginger, and turmeric.

Matcha is sometimes used as an alternative to coffee because it gives people calm, clear-headed energy. Cha Cha Matcha has locations in New York and the West Coast, but you can purchase it online and have it shipped to you to try! This tea brand may cure your quarantine exhaustion by providing much-needed energy.

Usual Wines homepage

Usual is a wine company with both one-time purchase and subscription options, so you can keep getting it shipped to you quickly if you love it. Their wines are naturally made in small batches with no additives, and the grapes are picked from healthy crops every season. They sell a red, a rose, and a brut. You can purchase a mixed pack if you can’t decide which wine to try. With glowing reviews and a pleasing, modern website look, Usual may be your next wine fix.

Usual Wines Homepage 2


Here’s a quarantine activity: try cookies inspired by real nuns! No, for real—NunBelievable was inspired by a group of nuns who sold baked cookies to provide meals for the hungry. Hence the birth of the unbelievable. For each box of cookies purchased, two meals are provided for those in need. Flavors include chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and double chocolate. So not only do you get to quench your cookie craving, but your purchase will also be helping someone in need. That’s enough motivation to treat yourself.

Vinebox homepage

If you have a craving to do a wine tasting from all over the world, we’ve found the solution for you. VineBox is a small wine club that ships nine wine tastings to your home. Every quarter, they’ll send you the season’s best wines for you to taste, and you can earn credits over time that can be used for full-size bottles. VineBox is a great way to spice up your quarantine. Make it more exciting by getting a few friends to purchase a tasting and do your wine tastings together over a video call.

Vinebox homepage 2

Are you looking for some inspiration for your ecommerce store? We’ve compiled a list of 90+ Inspiring Ecommerce Food and Beverage Homepage Designs to help.

Get Full PDF

Pipcorn homepage

Do you miss your movie theatre popcorn and chips? Look no further because Pipcorn is here for you. Not only does their website give the best natural farm setting to match their story, but the founders were on a mission to ensure they created the most delicious snacks they could. Not only do they sell popcorn, but they also have cheese balls, corn dippers, and crackers. All snacks offer a variety of flavors too. That means more than one new snack to try!

Milk Bar Store homepage

If you want to see one of the most delicious-looking websites, Milk Bar Store is it. While you’re in quarantine, sometimes you need a sweet treat. Milk bBarStore creates and ships desserts like no other. There are cakes, truffle boxes, cookies, and pies. They also share recipes on their website for you to make your own, but sometimes it’s good to get it from the expert. Enjoy your sweet tooth with this brand.

Milk bar Store homepage 2

If you can’t decide what to get, you can get different packs or samplers to get a taste of everything. Milk Bar Store also sends gifts for special occasions and holidays, like graduation, birthdays, and care packages. This way, you can treat someone else in quarantine too.

Milk Bar Store homepage 3

Ketologie homepage

Ketologie is your low-carb or Keto nutrition brand. They carry shakes, broths, bars, elixirs, and other pantry essentials. For people who like filling their pantry with long-lasting goods, Ketologie has a lot of options. They also feature Keto recipes on their website to help customers stay on top of their Keto diet.

Ketologie homepage 2

For customers who may be new to Keto and nutrition, Ketologie does a great job at categorizing their products by type. They also send you a message from their site using Octane AI asking, “New to Keto?” to help you get started. This makes for a great shopping experience! A+ for organization and support, Ketologie!

Boxed Water homepage

You may have heard of or seen Boxed Water before. Their entire brand is about sustainability for the planet. Although Water may not be the most-exciting quarantine beverage to try, it’s easier to ship Water to your home than go in-store, especially when you know it’s from a company making a positive impact by saving trees. Boxed Water also sells Matcha sticks to flavor your Water. Go ahead and try both!

Is direct-to-consumer food and beverage the way of the future?

Before you knew it, people were shopping online for food and beverages more than ever. We at Octane AI asked Twitter what they thought about this, and we found interesting results. Whether shopping for food and drinks online is the way of the future or temporary, we know many brands are waiting to be discovered. We only featured a few here, showcasing over 90 brands in our downloadable PDF.

Discover your next fix or inspire your store design by checking out these brands we’ve shared. And don’t forget to support your favorite businesses too!

This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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