12 iTop VPN Features You May Not Know About

Five devices can be connected with one click on private international Internet access and the fastest encryption speed among comparable products. iTop VPN is your pleasant desire if you're looking for this kind of service.

iTop VPN is the full-featured PC VPN you require. Appropriate for users with unique encryption mechanisms, lightning-fast data transfer prices, and convenient regional limits to remove. Amongst rivals, trust.

Here, let's look at 12 features you may not know about this VPN for Mac, Windows, or phones.

Unblock any content you want

The geo-blocking issue is effectively solved by iTop VPN for Windows. This enables you to quickly gain access to services that may be restricted to your use of a. More specifically, this software allows you to connect directly to private networks, chat platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype), well-known sports companies (PUBG, Roblox), and video streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer). Or social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). With just one click, you can navigate to your desired location.

highest-quality encryption

Your online data is protected by iTop VPN, which prevents ISPs, governments, and third-party merchants from intercepting it. For your information, the encrypted tunnel built for you utilizes the VPN industry's widely used protocol to connect to public Wi-Fi or online banking more securely than ever. Believe that iTop VPN will now allow its powerful encryption to compete with its incredibly high security!

Incredibly rapid speed ​​

You get a comfortable tunnel from iTop VPN without any slowdown in transmission speed. It will no longer limit your network speed, but rather, while connected to iTop VPN, it will increase your PC's speed so that it exceeds its previous speed. According to statistics, each video provider platform is best suited for streaming video in SD, HD, and Ultra HD at Ultra High Speed.

Never-ending Bandwidth

iTop VPN for Windows guarantees it will never progressively slow down your internet connection. Even IPS throttling, an ISP-imposed restriction on speed, can be lessened by using iTop VPN. As a result, this VPN enables users to boost network speed for their clients. With this free VPN for Windows, bandwidth is no longer limited by walls or other covert constraints.

Worldwide Connection

iTop VPN offers users more than 1,800 reliable servers from around the world with just one click to connect your device to the server community. If you're having problems selecting a good server, iTop VPN can automatically select a top-notch server. Therefore, whether you want an India VPN, UAE VPN, or USA VPN, iTop always has one for you.

Browser security

Customers can regularly shorten browser lines thanks to it. This option has thus far been supported by all widely used browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE, and Water fox.

OFF switch

It can stop unexpected VPN disconnections. Since iTop VPN will immediately approach the tunnel in this situation, your data will stay secure until the connection is repaired.

Security augmentation

Users of iTop VPN are the most outstanding candidates for this function. When this option is enabled, your computer is less likely to lose data. Additionally, all sneaky or harmful problems can be immediately found and fixed.

Blocking ads

With the help of this feature, you can block fraudulent advertisements, mainly when using a browser to access a website. With just one click, iTop VPN for Windows restores the purest Internet environment by not allowing pop-up windows or providing spaces for ads.

Network Repair

To meet user needs, this unrestricted Windows VPN uses three distinct protocols. These exclusive protocols include HTTP, UDP, and TCP. Choose by your unique needs.

Our knowledgeable technical team is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Therefore, any problem is solvable.

No logging

The no-logging policy is rigorously upheld by iTop VPN for Windows. Under no circumstances will this VPN track or record any information about your data, regardless of your input/output IP address, temporary server, or the website you use to access.

DNS security

By preventing Internet traffic and DNF requests from leaking, iTop VPN's impenetrable security reduces the possibility of spam being intercepted or sent by online criminals.


So, if you're seeking a VPN, you have perfect motivation. Most significantly, iTop VPN is the best available free VPN for you. It no longer sells your information to 0.33 parties and offers free servers.

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