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12 Thank You Email Templates & Examples For Ecommerce

A woman's face on a thank you card.

Saying “Thank you” to your customers is crucial for any business, be it a market trader, a luxurious boutique, or an online store. By showing gratitude, we build relationships; we strengthen the connection. That’s why it’s so important.

In online business, in most cases, merchants set up automated thank-you messages that send immediately after the purchase is completed. But we suggest sending more gratitude messages, especially knowing that triggered by customer behavior ones get significantly better open rates and overall engagement.

In this article, we will explore the best cases to send business Thank-you emails, what to say, how to say it, and other best practices. So let’s jump in.

What Is An Automated Thank-You Email?

An automated thank-you email is an email message sent to a customer when they trigger it. The most often triggers are new signups for a newsletter and new completed purchases.

However, there are more occasions to say “thank you” to your customers and use this email for promotional purposes as well.

In this article, you will see that thank-you messages often overlap with other transactional automated messages that businesses send. And that’s fine. With a short thank-you note, you can tune your systemic transactional emails so they would be meaningful and create additional value to your brand.

The Main Benefits Of Setting Up A Thank-You Email

Thank-you email doesn’t only show that you are polite. There are more benefits of this kind of message. For example:

  1. A thank-you email helps you to establish two-way communication with your customer. They show interest in your company, you react to that and show you’re a human behind the website and show gratitude for attention at the same time.
  2. It helps establish your business’ credibility and trust. Automated messages are always relevant and are sent when the customer expects them. That’s important.
  3. Sending a thank-you note is a perfect chance to remind your customers of your beliefs and how much you value their presence.
  4. Also, you may include some coupons and gifts for the next purchase and encourage them to come back for more products next time.
  5. A thank-you email is a perfect chance to invite your customers to follow you on social media, introduce a loyalty program, or write a review. The only thing you shouldn’t do is up-sell aggressively.

12 Inspiring Examples Of Thank-You Emails

Thank you for becoming our community member

This one is also known as a Welcome email and is one of the most popular and vital thank-you emails. It should be sent automatically to every new newsletter subscriber, or community member.

Take a look at the examples below:

#1. Avenue 32


Together with a welcome message, Avenue 32 introduces the main benefits of belonging to the community. It works like a confirmation that you’ve made the right decision when subscribing to the newsletter.

#2. Alastin

Another example of saying “thank you” in a welcome email belongs to the Alastin brand.
This brand offers a discount for the first purchase.


#3 CBDfx

Also, a nice and straight forward email is sent by the CBDfx brand.


Thank you for your purchase

This email is also known as an order confirmation email, and is sent immediately after the purchase is completed.

Often ecommerce brands send a receipt and short note that the purchase has been completed. Others include a list of purchased products. These emails are fine. However, you can tune it by adding a thank-you message and make it more enthralling.

See examples of “Thank you for your purchase” emails sent by big brands.

#4 Glossier


#5 Zalando


#6 Asos


Thank you for being our customer

#7 Nordstrom

This email example from Nordstrom is different from the rest on this list because it’s an email campaign, not an automated email triggered by customer behavior. However, this email is an excellent example of how you can include a “thank you” message in your holiday email campaign.


Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, International Women’s Day, or an anniversary, a short thank you message may become a great occasion to interact with your audience and show your attention.

#8 Sports Direct


#9 Crocs


Thank you for your feedback

After the customer reaches out to your support team, you can send him/her a follow-up email asking for an NPS score or another kind of feedback. Look at Airbnb example below:

#10 Airbnb


#11 Bajaao


Thank you for your review

Customer reviews are vital for a successful online store. Start collecting them with automated post-purchase emails. See the example below:

#12 iHerb


6 Thank You For Your Purchase Email Templates

Although the purpose of the thank-you message is an appreciation for the customer, let’s save their time and don’t bother them with long and breathtaking emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that longer messages are bad, but for electronic formats, they aren’t the best practice. If you’re thinking of sending more extended thank-you notes, consider printing them and adding to the product packaging. This small surprise might work as an added value to customer experience.

Back to emails, the copy should be concise and straight to the point.

You should also consider whether you only say “thank you” in your message or if you’ll add some call-to-action, like “leave a review”, “follow us on social media”, etc.

According to your email content, pick the best email layout and don’t forget to include your logo.

Template #1

[Send out to customers on the parcel delivery day]

[branded image or collage of happy customers’ photos featured on social media]

Thank you for choosing us!

We appreciate your trust and want to know you better.
As soon as you get your parcel, tag us on your photos and we will highlight them in our stories.

Let’s make history together!

[CTA – big social icons]

Your pals at [company name]

Template #2

[This could be instead of receipt email]

[branded image or typographic image with “Thank you” ]

Dear [Customer name],

Thank you for your order.

We truly value our loyal customers. Thanks for making who we are!
As a token of appreciation, have a 15% off coupon code for your next purchase.

[discount code block with CTA]

That’s what you’ve ordered this time:
[table with products ordered]

Template #3

[Send out to customers on the parcel delivery day]

Dear [Customer name],

Thanks for shopping with us!

Your feedback is important to us. Would you mind writing a short review of your last purchase?

[table of products purchased with CTA to review page]

Thank You once again,
The [brand name] team

Template #4

[make a segment of customers that recently have bought more than two products]

Hey [Customer name],

Recently you have purchased a bunch of our products. Thanks a lot!
We would like to know how you like them. Did you have a chance to try them all?

[CTA to review products]

[table of recently purchased products]

Thanks again, looking forward to hearing your feedback.

– Karolina from the [Brand name] Team

Template #5

[Order confirmation email to send out immediately after the purchase has been completed]

It’s ordered!

Hi [customer name],

Thanks for your order!

Order number,
Order Date,
Estimated time of delivery

[Table of items purchased]

[Delivery details]

The [brand name] team

Template #6

[Order confirmation email to send out immediately after the purchase has been completed]

Thank you for visiting us!

We hope you love your new [your brand name], which will arrive on [estimated delivery time].

[table of purchased products]

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to share your thoughts,
email us at [your email].

Need to make a return? Check out how to do it quickly. [link to return policy]

[Your brand name]

A List Of Ideas For Subject For Thank-You Email

A subject line of thank-you email depends on the occasion of that particular email.

However, it should be straight to the point, so the customer would understand the purpose of the email and open it. Let’s see some of the examples:

  • Thanks for your order
  • Thank you for making it official
  • Your subscription is confirmed
  • Thank you for your payment
  • It’s time to say thanks!
  • Happy Anniversary [Customer Name]??
  • Thank you for your recent purchase
  • Your closet thanks you
  • [Your brand name] Order confirmation
  • Thank you for being a friend
  • Gratitude Letter & 20-40% Sales (Now-Cyber Monday)

Wrap Up

Showing gratitude is something that we all have been learning from childhood. Saying and receiving “Thank you” is written in our brains and overall perception. That’s why this two-word combination is so vital to use in our business as well.

Tweak your brand communication with emails mentioned above and you will see improvements in relationships with your customers.

This article was originally published by our friends at Omnisend.

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