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13 SMS Marketing Templates To Use This Father’s Day


The next big retail event in our eComm calendars is Father's Day, which falls on June 20 this year. Brand marketers should start preparing their dad-themed campaigns soon and use the opportunity to attract shoppers who want to buy something special as a gift.

No matter what creative ideas you’re considering, there are a few key components to any winning text marketing strategy:

Consider the situation: The pandemic still has an impact on our daily lives and even if things are slowly getting back to normal, for many people all over the world this Father's Day might still not be the long-awaited family reunion. So you can once again be your customers' hero, keep them on the safe side and help them pick the best gift for their dad online. 

Make it personal: Approach your subscribers with their first names to make your message more personal, to create a sense of connection, to show appreciation and respect for their family bonds.

Add a sense of urgency: By making your offers time-sensitive you’ll see an increase in sales, because most people wouldn’t want to miss out on a good value. Impose a sense of urgency with wording like “Limited time offer” or “Items are low in stock” to spark FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Offer good value: Make a deal that your subscribers can’t resist. Emphasize on the value and the benefits to shoppers if they decide to purchase from your store.

Add a pinch of humor: if there is one time of the year when cracking dad-jokes will be well received, it is around this holiday. So when you draft the copy of your text messages don’t forget to inject some humor into it. 

The templates we are going to give as an example here follow all of the above guidelines and will make your promotions suitable for Father’s Day and, at the same time, really effective in terms of engaging your subscribers. 

#1 – Universal Offers, Gift Sets and Discounts

This Father’s Day merchants should consider offering their subscribers special themed gift guides, product bundles or holiday related special collections. Shoppers would really appreciate the extra time and effort you put to offer a wide variety of dad-products to make their choice as easy as possible. 

Here are few examples of text messages that can easily fit your brand’s strategy:

Father's Day SMS Template

  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, you don't have to spend a lot to surprise Dad with a great present! Get inspired by our Father's Day gift guide – all under $50! {SiteUrl}

  SMS Template 2:

Father’s Day Limited Sale! Enjoy amazing discounts and pick the ultimate gift for that special someone in your life, {FirstName}! Only at {SiteName}: {SiteUrl} 

Father's Day SMS Templates

  SMS Template 1:

Hey {FirstName}, save {DiscountValue} on a gift DAD will LOVE! New summer collection is live now at {SiteName}. Discount available for a limited time only! {DiscountCodeUrl}

  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}{FirstName}, last chance to be dad’s favorite kid the whole year! Here’s a {DiscountValue} gift card on all our summer products: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Father's Day SMS Templates

  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Father’s Day is almost here, {FirstName}! Get your special someone the ultimate gift this year. Check out our top ideas at: {SiteUrl}

  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Make him smile with a thoughtful gift! {FirstName}, browse our Father’s Day collection and enjoy a {DiscountValue} discount on all items. {DiscountCodeUrl}

  SMS Template 3:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, looking for something a bit more exciting than socks? Check out our best selling Dad picks here: {SiteUrl}

#2 – Style/Hobbies

Finding creative gifts for dads could become a challenge. But in the past few months, as dads all over the world had more free time to catch up on stuff at home and in the garden, it's safe to assume they need special tools and equipment for that.

That is why it is important to consider their hobbies and general interests: maybe it’s a tech gadget, a grooming kit, backyard barbecue tools, or home exercise equipment. 

Here are a few text templates that tap into dads passions and interests:

Father's Day SMS Templates

  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}Hey {FirstName}, check out our top Father’s Day bundles of smart home gadgets your dad would absolutely love! {SiteUrl}

  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, let your Dad enjoy non-stop drool-worthy steaks with our latest collection of electric grilling sets. Free shipping included! {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Father's Day SMS Templates

  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, take dad's fragrance game to the next level with a summer scent he’ll love! Discounts of up to {DiscountValue}, this week only! {DiscountCodeUrl} 

  SMS Template 2:

{FirstName}, rock your father’s special day with these Stylish and Classic summer shades! Limited-time-only {DiscountValue} discount from {SiteName}. {DiscountCodeUrl} 

#3 – Subscription – Based Templates

Subscription-based services are another great way of matching Father’s Day offers to their hobbies and interests, one that lasts longer than the holiday itself. Some dads coped successfully throughout social distancing by improving their cooking abilities, others – by honing totally new skills. 

Subscriptions could be anything from food products, coffee bundles, books, CDs or event board games. 

Here are a few examples for corresponding templates:

Father's Day SMS Templates

  SMS Template 1:

Hey {FirstName}, it is your turn to play the hero! Keep your dad looking sharp by subscribing him to {SiteName}’s special Hero grooming kits! {SiteUrl}

  SMS Template 2:

{FirstName}, if you are looking to keep Dad entertained the whole summer, why not get him a monthly book subscription from {SiteName}? {SiteUrl}

With the help of our diverse and creative 13 templates you'll make sure your text marketing game will be on point this Father's Day.

Final Thoughts

They say that for every type of shopper looking to buy something this Father's Day there is a product and strategy to match. So it is important to know the latest trends and reports on what people are interested to purchase this year so that you could adapt your marketing efforts to it.

Check our latest Father's Day blog post for special offers that will boost your subscribers and increase sales. Incorporate some of our ideas into your next campaign and let us know how it went!

Special thanks to our friends at SMSbump for their insights on this topic.
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