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13 Spooktacular Halloween SMS Templates

A mobile app featuring a ghostly theme and 13 Spooktacular Halloween SMS Templates.

What’s the first word that comes to mind if one wants to describe Halloween? Scary? Yes, 2020 certainly lives up to that name and surely the upcoming holiday will look different for many. People are looking for engaging and safe ways to celebrate, despite the worsening pandemic situation.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, more than 148 million U.S. adults plan to participate in Halloween-related activities, predominantly while staying safe at home: redecorating, pumpkin carving or dressing up with their kids. It is not surprising that plans for parties and the traditional trick-or-treating will most likely be cancelled since they don't abide the rules of social distancing. 

This Halloween consumer spending is expected to reach $8.05 billion, which is lower compared to the $8.78 billion in 2019 – all related to the pandemic situation. At the same time buyers will spend on average $92.12, compared to $86.27 in 2019. People continue to prefer online shopping as the safest option – this year 30% of shoppers plan to make their Halloween purchases online.

Meaning… exactly what you think it means. Brands should ride the wave and get on board with engaging and appealing Halloween activities – whether it is an entertaining giveaway on social media channels or a massive online flash sale. To get you all inspired for the upcoming holiday, we have prepared a set of 13 spooktacular SMS templates, let’s get started!


Template 1: Happy Halloween! {FirstName}, enjoy a 40% discount at {SiteName} for a limited time only. Now with free shipping for all purchases until October 31st! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, we are launching a 48-hour Halloween flash sale! Grab spooktacular discounts of up to 50% on all items at: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, long time no see. Treat yourself with a $10 gift voucher for your next purchase with us! And have a scary Halloween! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.


Template 1: {SiteName}: Pumpkin spice and everything nice. {FirstName}, try out our brand new recipes and treat yourself to delicious home-cooked meals: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out. 

Template 2: {FirstName}, we have some chilling headlines for your book club this Halloween – get them now with a limited 35% discount at: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: No tricks, just treats! Hey {FirstName}, master your skills with our Halloween-themed Zoom baking classes. Now with 15% OFF! Save your seat at: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Home, Garden, Pets

Template 1: {SiteName}: What’s up, pumpkin? Use code {DiscountCode} with your next order and get 25% OFF on all home decor sets: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out. 

Template 2: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, get your backyard ready for some spooky Halloween garden party with our MEGA sale: 50% off on all items. {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, get your good boy some fa-boo-lous formula – now with 20% discount. Use code {DiscountCode} to grab it at: {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out. 

Fashion, Beauty

Template 1: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, don’t miss our 48h Halloween flash sale: 20% OFF all knitwear on our website. Shipping and return are also on us! Enjoy! {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 2: {SiteName}: Hey Boo-tiful, become the Queen of the Halloween party with our brand new eyeshadow palettes, now available at: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.

Template 3: {SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, enjoy 35% discount on all kids Halloween accessories – limited quantities available! Use code {DiscountCode} at:  {SiteUrl} Text STOP to opt out. 

Bonus Conversational Template

If you want to take your SMS game one step further, now is the perfect time to put our Conversational Flows to use. Send your subscribers a playful message – ask them if they want a Trick or Treat this Halloween. Depending on their answers they will all get a special discount from your store. And the best part – it is fully automated. This template was created by our partners from Blend Commerce and it is available for you in our Flows Library.

Ready, Set, Ghoul

Halloween is one of the most entertaining holidays of the year. There is something truly adventurous and at the same time inspiring – to use costumes or make up to become whoever or whatever you want to be, just for one night. Have some fun and simply get away from the daily stay-at-home routine. And let’s not forget the tons of candy and anything pumpkin-related. 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and reach out to your SMS subscribers this Halloween with an enticing offer or just a funny pun. They will truly appreciate it!

Special thanks to our friends at SMSbump for their insights on this topic.
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