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14 Industry Leaders On Privacy Changes & ECommerce


Businesses have long relied on third-party data to drive targeted advertising campaigns and interactions. It has helped them track their website visitors’ behaviors and interests, drive effective targeted advertising, and inform their user experience. But we’re increasingly moving towards a future in which this data is no longer available or as effective. So how can businesses that have depended on third-party cookies plan to pivot?

We talked to some industry experts to find out. Here’s what they had to say.

“As privacy changes continue to shift, it’s more important than ever for DTC brands to create valuable and personalized experiences for customers that create trust and encourage them to engage and opt-in to communications. Having an integrated technology stack where you’re able to quickly see customer data and their preferences at any time will be key for brands to successfully adapt and create those experiences.”

— Philippe Roireau, VP of Business Development …

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