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20 Must-Read Marketing & E-Commerce Articles from 2020

A wooden block with the numbers 2020 on it, representing important marketing and e-commerce articles.

The past few years, we’ve done round-up posts (2017, 2018, 2019) to share some of our favorite articles of the year.

We’re following suit this year to share several of the most informative, eye-opening pieces of a crazy 2020. Whether for those fireside evenings over the holidays, or those long cross-country flights, here’s 20 posts sure to get you set to take on 2021 with a renewed focus.

Customer Centricity & Marketing Innovation

In 2020, marketers were forced to become customer-centric. We saw a few patterns emerge here: a re-focus on nurturing existing buyers/subscribers, using AI for personalization, and optimizing content/campaigns with tech.

Changes to Facebook, Google, iOS, Web Browsers, and Third-Party Cookies

Cookies will be going away into 2021-’22 and as data privacy concerns continue to mount, marketers have begun to realize the potential of owned first-party data.

2020 Lessons & Successes

In the face of one of the most difficult years in memory (and the most innovative decade in history), what trends have emerged — and how have successful brands pivoted?

Regaining Sales from COVID-19 & Shifting Consumer Behavior

100,000 businesses had to shut their doors due to the pandemic. Here’s how brands are bouncing back and working to earn back those lost dollars as COVID-19 pushes on.

2020 might be described as many things, but we view it as an opportunity. And these 20 articles will help you set a stronger foundation for success as 2021 takes hold.

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Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Digital Content Manager, Emarsys

About the author

Michael is Digital Content Manager at Emarsys. In conjunction with his team, he manages the Marketer + Machine content hub and podcast – creating best-of-breed, educational material for e-commerce and digital marketers. Michael is a published author on industry publications including Content Marketing Institute, JeffBullas.com, Business2Community, and others.

Special thanks to our friends at Emarsys for their insights on this topic.
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