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2022 Holiday Shopping Trends


Now’s the time for brands and retailers to start preparing for the 2022 holiday shopping season. But what can they expect?

Here’s a snapshot of when consumers will start checking off their lists, where they’ll shop, how much they’ll spend, and what will fuel their purchase decisions, according to 12,866 U.S. consumers.

When Holiday Shopping Will Start

In the past, Black Friday was the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season. But now shoppers are getting an increasingly earlier start.

Many Shoppers are Starting Early

When did/do you expect to start thinking about your holiday shopping this year?

month holidayshopping 2022

Most Will Start Their Holiday Shopping at the Same Time as Usual

Do you plan to start your holiday shopping before or after you typically do?

Power Pro Tip Younger shoppers are more likely to plan an earlier-than-usual start.

startshopping o

startshopping z

startshopping m

startshopping x

startshopping b

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Expected Holiday Spending

There have been plenty of headlines about the slowing economy and high inflation. But how will these factors impact holiday spending?

Total Anticipated Holiday Spend


Anticipated Online Holiday Spend


Power Pro Tip 67% of holiday shopping will take place online.

Total Anticipated Holiday Spend


Anticipated Online Holiday Spend


millenial h

Millennials will drop more cash than any other generation, but will spend the lowest proportion (63%) online

Gen X will spend the highest proportion online (79%) of any generation.

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Holiday Spend By Household Income

Total Anticipated Holiday Spend

income totalspending holiday22

Anticipated Online Holiday Spend

income spending holiday22

Power Pro Tip The highest income group will spend 340% more than the lowest income group

*Respondents were asked to consider all Holiday-related spend – including events / activities, gifts, meals – for responses to these questions

holiday 9

How 2022 Holiday Shopping Will Compare to Last Year

How is this year’s overall, online and in-store holiday spending expected to compare last year? Let’s take a closer look.

Total Anticipated Holiday Spend: 2021 vs 2022 (online and in store)

Do you plan to spend more or less on holiday shopping this year compared to last year?

Power Pro Tip Younger shoppers are more likely to plan an increase in holiday shopping than their older counterparts.

overallspend o

overallspend z

overallspend m

overallspend x

overallspend b

holiday 5

Where Consumers Will Shop Online This Holiday Season

There are nearly endless online shopping options. Here’s a look at where this year’s holiday shoppers will go online to check off their lists.

Top Online Destinations for 2022 Holiday Shopping


holiday 7

Top Factors That’ll Influence Holiday Shopping Decisions

Consumers will weigh many factors when shopping for themselves and others this holiday season. As in previous years, price and ratings and reviews consistently come out on top.

Top Considerations When Purchasing Gifts for Others

Familiarity with Products or Brands

Family/Friends Recommendations

Values of the Manufacturing Brand

Brands/Influencers on Social Media

Top Considerations When Shopping for Yourself

Familiarity with Products or Brands

Family/Friends Recommendations

Values of the Manufacturing Brand

Brands/Influencers on Social Media

holiday 8

A Solid UGC Strategy Can Help Make Your Holiday Season Extra Merry

Ratings and reviews will be a key consideration for shoppers this holiday season – ranking only behind price in terms of importance. In fact, consumers will turn to reviews whether they’re shopping for themselves or others during the upcoming holiday period. 

Ready to brush up your ratings and reviews strategy to give holiday shoppers what they’re looking for? Check out our Complete Guide to Ratings and Reviews

Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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