22 Black-Owned Businesses To Support In 2022


If you’re wondering how to be an ally for the Black community this February, shopping from Black-owned businesses is a great place to start. Not only are you supporting a small business owner’s dream, but by shopping from Black-owned stores you are directly and sustainably supporting a community of entrepreneurs that has been deeply affected by systemic racism and disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here we have compiled a list of 22 Black-owned small businesses to support in 2022 from four different categories— fashion and accessories, beauty and skincare, haircare, and home and lifestyle. We know that this list only scratches the surface of the millions of amazing Black-owned businesses online so we encourage you to shop around for more great finds.

Without further ado, here is our list of Black-owned businesses to support.

Fashion and accessories

1. The Wrap Life

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of The Wrap Life’s homepage showing 3 pictures showing their different products: turbans, head wraps, and bandies.
The Wrap Life’s homepage showing turbans, head wraps, and bandies.

As a Black-owned business, The Wrap Life takes a stand on addressing appropriation related to wearing head wraps. They believe that “wearing head wraps is for everyone, because it has always been for everyone.” With inspiration from West African traditions of wearing head wraps for colorful self-expression, The Wrap Life offers a variety of product lines from turbans, to head wraps, to bandies in various collections including solid, handprinted, and non-traditional for all types of customers. They even reward their loyal customers through their Unwrap Rewards program and tiered-VIP program.


This video shows D’IYANU founders and their brand story through interviews, pictures of their African-inspired fashion, and photos of their office. 

This bold fashion brand sells quality, trendy, African-inspired fashion at affordable prices. With product lines for women, men, children, and matching his and hers lines, D’IYANU truly offers clothing made for everyone. With a core value of “creating value within the community” D’IYANU donates a portion of their funds to various charities both within the US and internationally in African countries. To date, they’ve donated over $60k, making it easy to feel good about shopping with them.

3. Outtire

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Outtire’s homepage showcasing two of their t-shirts and a link to their About Us page reading “Who We Are”.
Outtire’s homepage showcasing their products.

We’ve got another apparel brand here that is far more than a fashion brand. This LGBTQ+ Black-owned brand aims to empower their community through “representative streetwear and queer focused philanthropy.” With new weekly designs and made-to-order products, Outtire keeps their customers looking stylish without the environmental implications of fast fashion.

With non-gendered product collections including: Tees, Tanks, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, All-Over Tees, and Black Lives Matter, customers can feel comfortable and confident shopping for whatever clothing catches their eye. The definition of an inclusive, safe, and meaningful brand community if you ask us.

4. Black Girl Blessed

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Black Girl Blessed’s homepage with a header reading “Hey Blessed-ies!” and photos of their featured collections” Apparel, Color me blessed paint box, Mystery Box, and Puff ball earrings.
Black Girl Blessed’s homepage and featured collections: Apparel, Color me blessed paint box, Mystery Box, and Puff ball earrings.

Black Girl Blessed is a Black woman-owned business that “challenges you to change your perception of beauty, self-esteem, emotional strength, faith, and sisterhood as we grow together.” They sell a wide array of unique and colorful earrings including puff ball earrings, tassel earrings, and even a variety of dehydrated fruit earrings. If you’re up for a surprise, you can opt for one of their mystery boxes which include one statement pair and one pair of studs.

5. Neon Cowboys

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Neon Cowboys homepage showcasing various customers and celebrities wearing their neon western cowboy apparel and accessories.
Neon Cowboys homepage showcasing customers and celebrities wearing their neon western cowboy apparel and accessories.

With a mission to spread joy and help their customers “glow from the inside out”, Neon Cowboys is a fashion tech brand specializing in wearable neon western cowboy apparel and accessories. Their neon cowboy hats, glow in the dark cowboy boots, and custom-made couture outfits are loved by celebrities and influencers alike. Kesha even sported one of their made-to-order outfits in her music video. Talk about a glowing endorsement.

6. Black Tribe Vibe

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Black Tribe Vibe’s New Releases product page and the rewards panel.
Black Tribe Vibe’s New Released product page and rewards panel.

Founded when CEO Trinity was only 14 years old, Black Tribe Vibe is a lifestyle and fashion brand that aims to connect, love, uplift, and build with those deriving from the African Diaspora. With the mission to create a tribe-like community, this apparel brand sells stylish clothing and accessories with powerful messages such as “Defend Black Womanhood” and “Black Life is Essential”.

Support Black-owned businesses and be part of a larger social movement all at the same time with this business.

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Beauty and skincare

7. Bariki Body Care

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Bariki Body Care’s homepage showcasing a woman smiling with yellow paint on her face and a sunflower in her hair.
Bariki Body Care’s homepage.

Created from her own personal skincare battle with eczema, Aisha founded Bariki Body Care to provide all skin types with fresh, natural, and good-for-you skincare products. You can shop their wide range of products including body scrubs, body butters, deodorant creams, and much more.

While their products aim to support their customers on their skincare journey, their Challenges section aims to support them on their mental health journey. Their current “Learn to Meditate” challenge shows how a brand can deliver value even after the product arrives on a customer’s doorstep. Whether you’re looking for some natural skincare or a supportive brand community, Bariki Body Care has you covered.

8. Oma Beauty Bar

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Oma Beauty Bar’s website showing their Pinkie lip gloss product page. There is an image of the lip gloss on a leafy background and text explaining the product beside it.
A screenshot of Oma Beauty Bar’s Pinkie lip gloss product page.

Oma Beauty Bar is an online shop for “Women of all shades, personalities and cultures.” Their vegan and cruelty free beauty products include dozens of cute lip gloss shades and a variety of different eyelash styles. They even raise the bar for beauty with tons of trendy beauty and fashion accessories including bags, sunglasses, and ready to ship braided wigs. Don’t walk–run to tell your friends about this cute Atlanta-based beauty shop. Seriously do it, you’ll get 10% off and they’ll get $5 off their purchase thanks to Oma Beauty Bar’s referral program!

9. OKOKO Cosmétiques

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of OKOKO Cosmétique’s homepage showcasing various beauty products and text that reads “Take Your Skincare to the Next Level with OKOKO.”
OKOKO Cosmétiques’ homepage showing various beauty products.

Award-winning artisan skincare brand, OKOKO Cosmétiques provides luxury green skincare solutions for all skin concerns from Lack of Glow to Pollution Protection. All of their ingredients are researched, tested, and 100% natural including tomato seed oil, activated bamboo charcoal, and dragon’s blood extract (from “Dragonniers” trees). Don’t worry, no animals or mythological creatures were harmed in the making of OKOKO products.  

They bring their online customer experience to the next level with a Skincare Quiz that creates a personalized skincare routine. So if you’re sold on the brand but not sure where to start, this quiz was made for you.

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Hair care

10. Colorful Black

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Colorful Black’s homepage and text explaining their history that reads, “Reference of Black & Metisse Beauty Since 2009.”
Colorful Black’s homepage and text explaining their history.

Colorful Black is a hair, skin, and makeup brand based out of Paris, France. They aim to highlight Black and mixed-race beauty by offering haircare solutions for everyone whether they have dark to light skin, frizzy, curly or even relaxed and straight hair. Although they do have a wide selection of hair care cosmetics, they support their customers’ hair journey from start to finish with accessories such as pillow cases and wax caps lined in satin, brushes, combs, charlottes, and heated caps. You can even check out their blog, Magazine, for beauty and hair care tips, tricks, and advice.

11. Exodus Beauty

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Exodus Beauty’s homepage showing their product categories: Wigs, Braids, Hair Extensions, Makeup & Beauty, Hair Care, Shop by Brand, Bask & Lather Co., and Sale.
Exodus Beauty’s product categories on their homepage.

This hair and beauty brand is an online Afro-Caribbean beauty supply store for Afro Hair and Beauty. Exodus Beauty has a wide range of quality and affordable box braids/braiding hair, faux locs, wigs and waves, crochet braids, hair extensions, hair care, styling, and makeup and beauty products. With core values of respect, compassion, empathy, diligence, and excellence, this brand aims to make their customers feel just as beautiful as they look through embracing and loving their hair and recognizing that “Your Hair is a Crown”.

12. Curl Mix

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Curl Mix’s Curly Hair Wash and Go System product page showing 4 different wash kits.
Curl Mix’s Curly Hair Wash and Go System product page.

Curl Mix is a clean beauty brand that aims to be the most trusted hair care partner of Black women in the world. Known for their “Wash and Go kits”, Curl Mix aims to make the hair care process as simple as possible, eliminating any unnecessary steps. Customers are able to take a Hair Cair quiz on their website to find personalized solutions customized to their hair care needs. They take their customer experience to the next level with educational content including a blog, details about their methods, and even Curl Mix University.

Come for the hair care and stay for the tips and tricks.

13. Canvas Beauty Brand

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Canvas Beauty Brand’s product page showing all of their products with text that reads “Get Some of this Growth”.
Canvas Beauty Brand’s product page showing all of their products.

Canvas Beauty Brand has branded hair care products for every hair goal from growth to moisture retention. They even have a line of men’s products including beard and scalp shampoos, conditioners, and serums. Their signature product Canvas Hair Blossom Serum has nearly 700 glowing reviews and is loved by people around the world. They even have a thriving Facebook brand community with over 14k members where customers can share their struggles and support each other.

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14. Joiful Bee

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Joiful Bee’s About page showing a picture of founder Joi Wade with text that reads “Joi’s Curlstory”.
Joiful Bee’s About page showing a picture of founder Joi Wade.

Joiful Bee is a natural hair care founded by Joi Wade in 2011 after beginning as a natural hair care blogger. Joiful Bee sells a variety of products from satin scrunchies and satin-lined hoodies to their signature Wash Day Kit to make wash day more enjoyable for Black women. Their Deluxe Wash Day Kit includes a variety of products including a scalp massaging shampoo brush, a honeycomb detangling brush, a microfiber towel turban, a reversible satin bonnet with a drawstring, and more. With hundreds of reviews, Joiful Bee’s new customers have the social proof they need to put their trust in these products.

15. Inhairitance

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Inhairitance’s Our Story page showing 8 individuals wearing white huddled together.
Inhairitance’s Our Story page.

Inhairitance is a brand that not only talks the talk–they walk the walk. This natural hair brand sells their CurlCare line of Black natural hair products online, but also has in-person consultations and services at their Curl Spa for customers in Montreal. They also host the Natural Hair Congress that connects natural product vendors directly to their curly clientele. Whether you can connect with this brand in person or  join their Curl Tribe online, this is a positive space for curly-haired individuals to celebrate their culture and beauty.

16. Edge Entity

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Edge Entity’s homepage showing a woman smiling while holding a tree with their brand logo and a button that reads “Shop With Us”.
Edge Entity’s homepage.

If you’re looking for the right place to start your hair care journey, Edge Entity is a brand that supports their customers every step of the way. For total beginners they have an online Hair Quiz to recommend a full regimen. If you’re searching for products for a specific hair concern like Alopecia, edges, dry or flaky scalps, split ends, autoimmune conditions, or beard growth, you can filter their products based on your needs. For customers looking for some beauty inspo, they feature user-generated content of their “Edgy Beauties” testing out new looks using Edge Entity products.

Home and lifestyle

17. Golde

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Golde’s About Us page showcasing their Pure Matcha and Clean Greens purifying face mask amongst several pieces of fruit.
Golde’s About Us page featuring their Pure Matcha and Clean Greens purifying face mask.

For customers looking to invest in their health and wellness, Golde is a Black woman-owned brand that makes superfood blends and teas to boost your daily routine. From matcha to mushrooms, they create products to help customers feel their best. You can even find all natural superfood face masks to level up your skincare routine. If you’re not sure where to start, check out their blog, The Golden Hour to find recipes from their #ClubGolde ambassadors.

18. Cloth and Paper

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Cloth and Paper’s homepage showing their planners and accessories.
Cloth and Paper’s homepage showing their planners.

For all the planners out there, Cloth and Paper is a stationary brand that sells a variety of organizational tools such as leather planners, paper planner inserts, foiled dividers, and luxurious stationery items. Even if you’re a total beginner, Cloth and Paper has recommendations on which products to buy, what size will suit your needs, and even planner consultations to help you improve your productivity and reach your goals. Stay organized in style this year!

19. Sonshine Bath

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Sonshine Bath’s homepage showing their Litmas candle collection with text that reads “LITMAS IS HERE!”
Sonshine Bath’s homepage showing their Litmas candle collection.

Calling all candle lovers looking for fun and quirky candles that will brighten up your day. Sonshine Bath is a wellness brand that sells soy wax candles and natural body care products. As a Black-owned business looking to give back to their community, they’ve created their N:OW product line that donates 100% of  proceeds to various charities fighting towards equality. With high-quality products and even higher quality impacts, what’s not to love about Sonshine Bath?

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20. Chakra Zulu

Support black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Chakra Zulu’s homepage showing their product categories and various crystals.
Chakra Zulu’s homepage showing their product categories.

Chakra Zulu is your one stop shop for all of your crystal, apothecary, and chakra needs. If  you’re just looking for a place to start your spiritual journey, check out their book section for resources about the philosophy behind crystals. You can even join their loyalty program, the Zulu Crew and earn Crystal Points to earn money towards your next purchase.  

21. A Kids Book About

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of A Kid’s Book About’s homepage showing several of their books with text reading, “Empowering books. Our growing collection of books feature challenging, empowering, and important topics.”
A Kids Book About’s homepage showing several of their books.

This children’s book brand was founded by Jelani Memory, a father who wrote “A Kids Book About Racism” back in 2018 to teach his five children about racism. Since then, A Kids Book About has released hundreds of books, podcasts, and classes to open the conversation with children about empowering topics like racism, anxiety, gender, privilege, activism, and more. It’s never too early to spark these important conversations and this is a great brand for people of any race, ethnicity, or gender to check out.

22. Mike D’s BBQ

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Mike D’s BBQ’s homepage showing a bottle of their BBQ sauce that reads “Throw Some D’s On It! MikeDsBBQ.com”.
Mike D’s BBQ’s homepage.

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your next meal, we’ve got the brand for you. Mike D’s BBQ sells a variety of award-winning dry rubs and BBQ sauces that are “the perfect combination of sweet, smoky, and a little bite.” Pulling inspiration from his African American and Latino heritage, Mike D created BBQ sauces that are a twist on traditional North Carolina sauces with unique seasonings and spice levels. Give your next meal the flavor it deserves.

Be an ally and support Black-owned businesses

So there you have it–22 Black-owned small businesses to support in 2022. Whether you’re looking for new natural hair care products or clothing with a cause, this list is a great place to start. Happy shopping!

Find more ways to listen, learn, donate, and participate.

Support BIPOC communities and keep the conversation going.

This originally appeared on Smile.io and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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