22 Order Fulfillment Statistics for 2020 Shopify Stores



Every day, millions of packages are shipped worldwide. Order fulfillment may seem mundane, but the truth is, it’s become a fundamental aspect to human life since the rise of eCommerce. We decided to take a look at how order fulfillment looks by the numbers. 


1. 87 billion packages were shipped in the year 2018. (Source: Statista)

2. USPS adds 4071 addresses to its delivery network every single day. (Source: USPS)

3. Cardboard waste from the US eCommerce industry results in the loss of one billion trees each year. (Source: Fast Company)

Customer Expectations

4. Customers look up their order tracking page an average of 3.5 times per order. (Source: Tracktor)

5. 68% of people prefer to have their packages shipped to their house. (Source: Statista)

6. 38% of online shoppers abandon an order simply because a package may take longer than a week to arrive. (Source: eConsultancy)

7. 40% of shoppers consider the post-purchase experience to be the most memorable part of the brand experience with 73.6% of shoppers saying that delivery is the most important to the overall shopping experience. A further 75% of shoppers state that clear communication is key to a good delivery experience. (Source: Convey)

8. 51% of shoppers want real-time visibility into the status of their orders. (Source: Retail TouchPoints)

9. 63% of consumers expect a standard delivery to arrive within three days of ordering. (Source: Retail TouchPoints)

10. 94% of consumers blame retailers for a poor delivery. (Source: Dropoff)

11. 80% of consumers want same-day shipping. (Source: Invesp)

12. 94% of shoppers have taken an action to qualify for free shipping. However, free shipping’s importance has been on the decline over the past 5 years. (Source: UPS)

Merchant Challenges

13. 64.4% of merchants have a single distribution center. (Source: Saddle Creek Logistics)

14. Merchants face a variety of difficulties with fulfillment, the first of which is the processing time for outbound orders and secondly is system integration. (Source: Saddle Creek Logistics)

15. 39.4% of merchants outsource at least some of their fulfillment operations. (Source: Saddle Creek Logistics)

16. 24.7% of merchants say that delivery costs are the biggest challenge their supply chain faces.(Source: Eye for Transport 2018 Supply Chain Study)

17. Transportation management systems can improve freight savings by as much as 8%.(Source: Forbes)

18. Since 2012, net asking rents on distribution centers have risen 5.6% each year. (Source: JOC.com)

19. Up to 12% of merchants are unprofitable due simply to distribution costs. (Source: Logistics Bureau)

20. Human error is the number one cause of fulfillment issues. (Source: Stitch Labs)

21. Almost 50% of warehouses track order cycle times (the time between receiving and shipping an order) manually. 19% don’t track them at all. (Source: Logistics Management)

22. The top 20% of merchants have a rate of 99.8% for on-time shipments. The bottom 20% of merchants only hit 94% or lower. (Source: Warehousing Education and Research Council)

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