23 Black-Owned Businesses To Support In 2023


If you’re wondering how to be an ally for the Black community this February, shopping from Black-owned businesses is a great place to start. Not only are you supporting a small business owner’s dream, but by shopping from Black-owned stores you are directly and sustainably supporting a community of entrepreneurs. According to an article from US News, the number of Black small-business owners was 28% higher in the third quarter of 2021 than it was pre-pandemic.This is a step in the right direction and it’s time to keep the growth going.

We have compiled a list of 23 Black-owned small businesses to support in 2023 from four different categories—fashion and accessories, beauty and skincare, haircare, home and lifestyle, and food and beverage.

We know that this list only scratches the surface of the millions of amazing Black-owned businesses online across the globe. According to the 2021 Annual Business Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, there were an estimated 140,918 Black or African American-owned businesses with $141.1 billion in annual receipts, 1.3 million employees, and about $42.2 billion in annual payroll. We encourage you to keep exploring these brands, shop around for more great finds, and share them with your own community.

Without further ado, here is our list of Black-owned businesses to support.

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Fashion and accessories

1. The Wrap Life

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of The Wrap Life’s Head Wraps product page showing images of two different women wearing head wraps.
The Wrap Life’s Head Wraps product page.

As a Black-owned business, The Wrap Life takes a stand on addressing appropriation related to wearing headwraps. They believe that “For it not to be cultural appropriation, there has to be recognition, respect, reward or recompense. You have to ask yourself which people benefited from this product—did someone receive an income from it?” With inspiration from West African traditions of wearing headwraps for colorful self-expression, The Wrap Life offers a variety of product lines from turbans, to head wraps, to headbands and scrunchies in various collections including solid, handprinted, and non-traditional for all types of customers. They even reward their loyal customers through their Unwrap Rewards program and tiered-VIP program.

2. Izzy & Liv

A video describing the brand story and purpose behind Izzy & Liv–to celebrate women of color. 

This brand is so much more than a clothing store–it’s a thriving community. Izzy and Liv was founded by Nicole Brown and inspired by her daughters and her goal of “providing an outlet for both black women and little girls who want and need to see more of themselves and the things they love in the mainstream.” Izzy and Liv sell a variety of apparel, accessories, beauty, and home products that reflect Black culture. Beyond that, they’ve created a virtual happy place for their customers through a blog, social media communities, their Brown Sugar Mini Magazine, curated playlists, and entertaining quizzes. They even have their monthly Brown Sugar Subscription Box which is loved by their customers and has over 4000 glowing customer reviews.  

3. Dare to Roam

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Dare to Roam’s homepage showing their packable backpack. The title says, ‘Made for Everyone’. There is an image of an orange backpack with various specs highlighted on the product.
Dare to Roam sells everyday backpacks and gear to take with you wherever you go.

Dare to Roam was founded as a result of spending so much time indoors during the pandemic. Their line of everyday backpacks and gear are designed with Antimicrobial Technology to protect them from any type of weather or outdoor conditions wherever their customers dare to roam. As a certified B-corp, all of their products are ethically sourced and produced. Dare to Roam also donates 3% of proceeds to the Why Not You Foundation, which is “dedicated to education, children’s health and fighting poverty, empowering youth to lead with a why not you attitude.” Oh yeah–did we mention this Black-owned brand is founded by music superstar Ciara? You’re going to want to be 1-2 steppin’ to get your hands on these goodies.

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4. Witness Oakland

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Witness Oakland’s ‘Shop Queer’ product page featuring six products. They are soy candles, smoke wands, a greeting card, a drag queen activity book, wall art, and an apothecary spray.
Witness Oakland sells products from local designers, artists, and craftspeople.

Whether you’re on the market for skincare, apparel, jewelry, or almost anything else cute and creative, Witness Oakland has you covered. This brand offers products from local designers, artists, and craftspeople in the Oakland, California area. The owner, Corinne, is an artist themself and is better known as Critty Smitty, a muralist and illustrator in Oakland. As a Black, Queer, empathic creative, Corinne created Witness Oakland to allow others to connect as their authentic selves. Customers even have the opportunity to filter and shop Queer-owned products, illustrating this brand’s dedication to promoting intersectionality. Did we mention the products are absolutely beautiful too? Great cause and great products–you can’t go wrong.

5. Hause of Curls

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Hause of Curls’ homepage showing two women of color smiling and wearing the brand’s shirts. One shirt is white and says, ‘Pelo Malo, Where?’, which means ‘Bad Hair, Where?’ in black letters. The other woman is wearing a black t-shirt that says ‘Curl Gang’ in pink block letters.
Hause of Curls encourages women of color to embrace their hair and ignore the notion of ‘bad hair days’.

Growing up as a Dominican-American woman, Sherly Tavarez often faced comments and judgments about her curly hair. After years of straightening it and exposing it to chemicals, she decided to embrace and love her curly locks. This is where the inspiration for Hause of Curls came from–to turn negative words about natural hair into empowerment statements on t-shirts. Hause of Curls celebrates the beauty of Afro-Latinx and mixed race cultures through their catchy t-shirt designs. With phrases like ‘Curl Gang’ and ‘Pelo Malo Where? (Bad Hair Where?)’, this Black-owned brand encourages all women of color to embrace their roots and ignore the concept of bad hair.


6. Kinky Curly Yaki

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Kinky Curly Yaki’s homepage. The image shows a women with thick, curly hair sitting on a hanging chair. The text reads, ‘Perfect Hair in Your Texture. Premium hair extensions, clip ins, ponytails, headband wigs & more designed to match our textures. For Black women by a Black woman. We got you, sis!”.
Kinky Curly Yaki offers premium human hair extensions for all hair types.

Hair is such an important aspect of a Black woman's identity and Kinky Curly Yaki is a brand that understands and celebrates that fact. As the leading manufacturer of natural hair extensions, clip-ins, and wigs, this Black woman-owned brand offers 6 styles of hair so that their customers can find the best fit for them. With coils, curls, kinks, straight, straight natural, and straight coarse collections, Kinky Curly Yaki has their customers covered wherever they are on the texture spectrum. They also offer a ton of value-added content like tutorials and blogs to enhance the customer experience from pre-purchase all the way to post-purchase.

7. Colorful Black

Colorful Black’s homepage and text explaining their history.

Colorful Black is a hair, skin, and makeup brand based out of Paris, France. They aim to highlight Black and mixed-race beauty by offering haircare solutions for everyone whether they have dark to light skin, frizzy, curly or even relaxed and straight hair. Although they do have a wide selection of hair care cosmetics, they support their customers’ hair journey from start to finish with accessories such as pillow cases and wax caps lined in satin, brushes, combs, charlottes, and heated caps. You can even check out their blog, Magazine, for beauty and hair care tips, tricks, and advice.

8. Joiful Bee

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Joiful Bee’s About page showing a picture of founder Joi Wade with text that reads “Joi’s Curlstory”.
Joiful Bee’s About page showing a picture of founder Joi Wade.

Joiful Bee is a natural hair care company founded by Joi Wade in 2011 after beginning as a natural hair care blogger. Joiful Bee sells a variety of products from satin scrunchies and satin-lined hoodies to their signature Wash Day Kit to make wash day more enjoyable for Black women. Their Deluxe Wash Day Kit includes a variety of products including a scalp massaging shampoo brush, a honeycomb detangling brush, a microfiber towel turban, a reversible satin bonnet with a drawstring, and more. With hundreds of reviews, Joiful Bee’s new customers have the social proof they need to put their trust in these products.

Beauty and Skincare

9. Neabeauty

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Neabeauty’s homepage. The background shows zoomed-in images of their products. In the front, is a text box that reads, “your skin, just better. Helping You Bring out the Beauty in Your Skin. You are Beautiful. You are Loved . You are worthy of body-care you & your skin can feel good about.” There is a purple button that says ‘Shop now’.
Neabeauty offers body scrubs, body butters, and body oils.

Neabeauty was born out of founder Shanea Forbes’ own insecurities with her dry skin. After experimenting with Shea Butter and other ingredients in her mom’s kitchen, she created body butters that helped her skin and more importantly, her confidence. This was the inspiration for Neabeauty–to help other women feel empowered with “the most decadent, fun-filled and moisturizing skincare products”. With colorful, exciting body scrubs, butters, and oils, customers can shop products that are just as beautiful as they are. With Y2K branding and messaging, customers are able to find an online brand community that feels like a group of their besties.

10. Kerl Beauty

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Kerl Beauty’s homepage. There is an image of a hand holding a pink, crystal patterned jade roller and gua sha tool with the Kerl Beauty logo on them. There is a white text box that reads, “Skincare with clean ingredients. Shop self-care essentials just for you. Shop now”.
Kerl Beauty offers affordable beauty products and tools.

This Toronto-based clean beauty brand is all about providing high-quality, yet affordable beauty products and tools to their customers. Kerl Beauty offers makeup tools as well as their own line of skincare products like their Moisturizing Face Oil and Vanilla Butter Lip Balm. This Black-owned beauty brand goes the extra mile by offering an ‘Under $10’ product collection for those looking for products that won’t break the bank. In an industry where products often come with a high price tag, offering options that meet a wide range of customers’ price points can help them come back time and time again.

11. Herb’N Eden

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Herb’N Eden’s homepage of their Skincare Solution Quiz section. The background image shows several of their products arranged in front of a light blue tile background. There is a white textbox that reads, “Not sure? Find your skincare solution. Let’s find what you need for your skin to look and feel its best. Take the Quiz.”
Herb’N Eden has a skincare solution quiz to provide personalized product recommendations.

Natural skincare brand, Herb’N Eden is on a mission to empower others with an alternative to commercial skincare products through the power of herbs and essential oils. Herb’N Eden offers a wide range of products to bring natural health and glow to all skin types. On their website, you’re able to shop by product type, skin concern, ingredient, or collection. If you’re not sure what products you need, you can take their Skincare Solution quiz to get personalized product recommendations. No matter where you are on your natural skincare journey, Herb’N Eden is there to help you out with their plant-based products.

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12. That Smoooth

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of That Smoooth’s homepage. The background image is a black-and-white headshot of a Black man. In front of that are white block letters that say, “Grooming products for men of color who own their energy. Shop”.
That Smoooth specializes in shaving and beard grooming products for men of color.

The skincare and cosmetics industry tends to be heavily targeted towards women, but as it turns out, men have skin too! Shocking revelation, we know. That’s why this next brand is aimed at providing “grooming products for men of color who own their energy”. That Smoooth sells shaving and beard grooming products for men of color with coils, waves, and textured hair. They’ve even got a blog packed full of helpful tips and tricks for customers. Their products are formulated with all natural ingredients–free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. They’ll leave your skin feeling so smooth that you’ll have to add an extra ‘o’. Yup, that smoooth.

13. Play Pits

Play Pits is a 100% all natural, kid-friendly deodorant that was Chantel’s solution to providing safe products for kids who live active lifestyles.

While we’re debunking myths, we’ve got another one that might surprise you–everyone has armpits. And sometimes, they smell.

This fact is what inspired this next brand–Play Pits. After coming home from basketball practice, Chantel’s six-year-old Kam “smelt like a grown man”. Chantel was on the hunt for something that was delicate and natural enough for her son to feel good about putting on every day, but she came up empty. This is when she decided to make her own natural, kid-friendly deodorant. From there the brand was loved by Kam’s teammates, their families, and now the world. Play Pits offers both kid and adult products so your whole family can stay fresh!

14. Mimaami Organics

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Mimaami Organics’ Our Story page. The text reads, “ Mimaami Organics is inspired by the heritage of women in Ghana who have healed their skin throughout generations with shea butter and all-natural products. Our mission is to create a world in which living a natural life is accessible, while improving the lives of women (specifically mothers) along the way. As such, we’ve teamed up with a community of women in Ghana in order to bring their knowledge from this beautiful ancient shea nut tree to women everywhere.” Below that paragraph are images of women holding ingredients in wooden bowls. There is a white text box on top of the images that reads, “We offer skincare formulas inspired by Ghanian culture, with our main ingredients coming straight from the heart of Ghana. Notably, shea butter is our primary product ingredient as it’s considered the ‘women’s gold’ in Subsaharan Africa. The process of cultivating shea butter is taught to women by their mothers and grandmothers, and is a source of income for them and their families.”
Mimaami Organics offers natural skincare products that are inspired by the women in Ghana.

Keeping on the theme of natural skincare products, Mimaami Organics is a 100% sustainable, handmade, natural skincare brand that uses the power of Shea butter, Baobab Oil, and Vanilla Planifolia Fruit to heal the skin. Inspired by Ghanian culture, Mimaami Organics has cultivated a line of products that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Everything about this brand is rooted in cultural traditions, right down to the name. Mimaami means ‘my mother’ in the Twi language that is used in the Ashanti region of Ghana, where their shea butter comes from. Combining the inspiration from founder Mildred’s own mother who lives in Ghana and the desire to appeal to mothers everywhere, Mimaami Organics is perfectly on-brand.

Home and Lifestyle

15. Predominantly Black

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot of Predominantly Black’s homepage. The background image is close-up shots of their candles on a white burlap background. The text reads, “Forever your candle supplier. Don’t worry our candles aren't going anywhere, shop all candles now! View products.”
Predominantly Black is a luxury candle and lifestyle brand.

It’s all in the name again with this next brand. Predominantly Black is a Black Women-owned home and lifestyle brand made famous for its OG Candle Collection. This luxury home-goods brand sells products that not only smell amazing but look just as good. From their beautiful fine-line designed candles to their monochromatic diffusers, Predominantly Black has everything you need to elevate your home and give it a luxurious aura. They’ve also recently expanded into clean body care products through the Body Haus so you can smell as good as your home does.

16. Jungalow

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Jungalow’s homepage. The section title is ‘Bring good vibes home’. Below are four product images for four of their product categories: a striped blue planter for ‘Live Plants and Planters’, a multicolored rug with two tigers on it for ‘Rugs’, a multicolored print of a women sitting in front of a starry sky for ‘All Art’, and a pillow with a vase and flowers in it for ‘Gift Shop’.
Jungalow is a home decor brand founded by designer Justina Blackeney.

From the second you arrive on Jungalow’s site you’re greeted with creative and colorful designs that are sure to transform any space and a branded ecommerce experience that matches. This home decor brand was founded by designer Justina Blackeney and invites customers to “tap into your own creativity, foster the human/nature connection, and bring good vibes home.” With jungle-inspired artwork, customers can breathe life into their homes with Jungalow’s line of rugs, wallpaper, art prints, decor and more. Not only is this brand inspired by the jungles, but it contributes to them as well by planting 2 trees for every purchase made bringing the entire experience full circle.

@jungalow Allow us to re-introduce ourselves… We're Jungalow by @Justina Blakeney! 🪴 #jungalow #jungalowstyle #jungalowhome #jungalowdecor #smallbusiness #smallbusinesstiktok #interiordecor #small_business ♬ Caution – KAYTRANADA

17. Gracewood Candles

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Gracewood Candles homepage. The text reads, “Candles made to bring you and your loved ones joy. Handcrafted with inspirational fragrances and designs.” The image below shows a brown case and a white candle with the word ‘Hope’ on it.
Gracewood Candles aims to create meaningful and beautiful gifts with inspiring messages.

Born out of the desire to create meaningful and beautiful gifts with an inspiring message, Alisha Lauchie founded Gracewood Candles. As a social worker herself, Alisha knew how important selfcare is and designed her candles to be bright, colorful, and powerful. The candles are crafted in small batches using 100% soy wax, cotton core wicks and non-toxic phthalate free fragrances, making them safe and clean too. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift or want to light your own flame, check out their various candle collections. They even offer candle making sessions and custom candles if you want your gift to shine a little brighter.

18. Aya Paper Co.

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Aya Paper Co.’s homepage. The image shows three smiling Black women sitting on a couch, reading a greeting card. There is a white text box beside them that reads, “About Us. Our Story. We create sustainable stationery and gifts to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. Learn more.
Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable greeting card and stationery brand.

This next brand is all about sustainability and environmental justice. Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable stationary brand that sells greeting cards to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day card to say ‘I love you’ or a friendship card just to let your buds know how much they mean to you, Aya Paper has the perfect card for the occasion. Through low-waste packaging, responsibly sourced materials, local manufacturing, and other sustainable practices, you can shop for a greeting card without the guilt here. Aya Paper also has you covered for all your journal, tote bag, art print, and candle needs too.

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19. We Ball Sports

We Ball Sports is a sports media platform and athletic apparel company. 

Most dedicated athletes not only enjoy playing their sport, but watching it too. This is the opportunity We Ball Sports is capitalizing on. As a sports media platform and athletic apparel brand, customers are able to get everything they need in one location from viral sports content to affordable, high-performance gear. As former D1 athletes, the founders wanted to provide trending athletic gear to the next generation of athletes. Their social media channels are full of valuable content that addresses both their football products and trending high school football content from across the United States. This type of content marketing has allowed We Ball Sports to build a loyal brand community who either come for the content and stay for the great products, or vice versa.

20. Soulful Vibes Co.

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Soulful Vibes Co.’s homepage. There is an image of a sage stick in a wooden bowl. Next to that image is a white and cream marble background with the following text on it, “Your one stop shop for all of your spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic needs.” At the bottom is another section of text that reads, “SOULFUL VIBES CO. We aspire to spread peace and positivity with our products that will not only create a movement but will become a lifestyle filled with soulful vibes. Peace & Positivity.” It then lists product characteristics with corresponding icons above them: Black-Owned, Women Operated, Fast Processing 1-2 days, Ethically Sourced, and Free Shipping Orders over $100.
Soulful Vibes Co. offers spiritual products like crystals, candles, herbs and salts, and more.

Soulful Vibes Co. is all about spreading positivity and peace through their products. As a great source for all spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic needs, customers can find a variety of alternate healing products like crystals, candles, herbs and salts, incense, and more. For those farther along on their spiritual journeys, being able to conveniently shop by category is great. For beginners, Soulful Vibes Co. makes the process less intimidating by offering a variety of free quizzes in their Learning Centre where members can join The Vibe Tribe. They even have a custom app to allow their customers to access all of their spiritual needs at their fingertips.

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Food and Beverage

21. Savor Spice Co.

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Savor Spice Co.’s homepage. The text at the top of the page is on a white background and reads, “Inspired by home cooks and professional chefs, Savor Spice Co. seeks to blur the lines between dining out and cooking at home. Savor Spice Co. is purposeful in its intent to make staple flavors more accessible. We encourage you to mix our spices, creating your own blends and flavors! Explore. Create. Define. EXPLORE OUR PRODUCTS”. Below that is an image of a burger and seasoned french fries on a plate. Next to the image is a muted yellow background with green text that features the following customer review, “All That + A Bag of Chips. I’ve used the All That Blend on French fries, burgers and tempeh and no disappointment in sight!!! Honestly it’s becoming my go to spice for everything and I probably will fry up some thin tater chips and throw it on them as well. — Kristin on All That Blend”
Savor Spice Co. sells artisanal spice blends and infused oils.

If you’re looking to literally spice up your next meal, look no further. This Black woman-owned brand offers a variety of artisanal spice blends and infused oils to enhance any meal. Savor Spice Co.’s products are handmade, locally sourced, and free from preservatives, meaning they should be stored in the refrigerator to ensure freshness. Their website features a section of the founder’s favorites and curated recipes, or you can get inspiration from previous customers through authentic reviews scattered across their homepage and on every product page.

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Cookie Jar Co.’s homepage. The image shows a zoomed-in image of their cookie cake with blue and white frosting on top. The text on top reads, “Cookie Cake. A party without cake is just a meeting. Book now.”
Cookie Jar Co. sells gourmet, stuffed cookies and cookie cakes.

If you’re a cookie fan (who isn’t?) then you’ll want to check out Cookie Jar Co. With a mission to “curate supreme flavors, offer impeccable taste, and present in an artful manner,” their website will have your mouth watering in seconds. You can choose from a variety of stuffed cookie flavors like White Strawberry, Reese’s Overload, or Cookies and Cream, or opt for a variety pack to sample them all! If you don’t see a flavor that appeals to your taste buds, you can even fill out a feedback form to put in a flavor request. They also take requests for cookie cakes. A cake made out of cookies–literally, what could be better?

23. Partake Foods

Support Black-owned businesses–A screenshot from Partake Foods’ homepage. The top of the page has a bright yellow background, images of their products in a shopping basket, and blue text that reads, “B Corp Certified. Partake is now a Benefit Corporation committed to providing everyone the ability to partake and share in life’s joys—big and small. Read More.” Below are three colored boxes featuring their various product lines: Cookies, Breakfast Mixes, and Baking Mixes.
Partake Foods is a vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free food brand.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Partake Foods, a gluten-free, vegan, allergy friendly food brand that everyone can partake in. After founder Denise Woodard’s daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she set out to produce food that was safe and delicious for her daughter and others to eat. 1 in 13 children develop food allergies, with Black children being at significantly higher risk of developing them. This is why Partake Foods set out to give everyone  “delicious peace of mind” with their range of products that are free from the top 9 allergens. With cookies, breakfast mixes, and baking mixes, you can enjoy all of your favorites without the stress.

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Be an ally and support Black-owned businesses

So there you have it–23 Black-owned small businesses to support in 2023. Whether you’re looking for new natural hair care products or clothing with a cause, this list is a great place to start. Happy shopping!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 1, 2022 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on February 1, 2023.

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