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25 Of The Best Arts And Crafts Influencers For Your Spring Campaigns

A basket of easter eggs and yarn, perfect for your spring crafts campaign.

Arts and crafts influencers are gearing up for Spring projects. As such, marketing managers seek to harness the hopeful and creative moods of their consumers as they emerge from the winter season.

This year in DIY influencers offers a strong line-up. We’re excited to share our top 25 Instagram, YouTube, and blogger craft influencers for 2020.

Arts and Crafts Influencers: Who Should Use Them

Paper, yarn, felt, paint, ceramic, and party product suppliers are just a few of the most common business categories that are hiring arts and crafts influencers. But there are many more industries that can benefit from DIY influencers.

For example, many arts and crafts influencers create projects simple enough for kids to enjoy. Brands that cater to family and youth often find that partnering with artsy influencers yields fruitful results.

Arts and craft DIY-ers are in everything – cooking, home renovations, party planning, fashion, cosmetics, and more. Most successful craft influencers have their toes in more than one creative outlet. Some of them seem to effortlessly do them all.

Regardless, DIY influencers are great for any brand that favors style, color, and creativity. These influencers can help your brand engage more consumers and expand product markets.

Choosing the Right Arts and Crafts Influencer

Before you choose just any DIY influencer, you want to search carefully for influencers that meet a particular set of criteria. Here are some questions to think about when looking for the right influencer for your brand.

  • What are your influencer marketing goals?

Some influencers are better suited for driving revenue, and others are more suited for increasing brand awareness. The same goes for blogger/vlogger influencers that drive web traffic to your site and increase your search engine optimization.

  • Does your audience align with the influencer’s audience?

Influencers typically serve a niche audience. Hiring an influencer that fails to match the wants and needs of your audience will produce meager results.

  • Does the influencer have excellent engagement metrics or only vanity metrics?

Vanity metrics only note follower and like counts, and fake influencers can generate those numbers deceitfully. Instead, the influencers that bring the highest ROI know how to inspire meaningful comments, post shares, and post conversions among their followers. 

More Than Just an Influencer

Creative and crafty influencers can make nearly any brand, product, or service shine. They are usually masters of presentation with a superb eye for aesthetics.

DIY influencers tend to showcase more lifestyle than other types of influencers. You frequently see them building things at home (or building a home entirely) with the help of their spouses, siblings, or children.

The “how-to” approach of art influencers captures audience imagination. Consumers long to create using the same materials and methods illustrated by their favorite social media craft project influencers.

For marketers looking for evergreen content, the top influencers in arts and crafts frequently create content that is easy to repurpose for ads long after an influencer campaign is over. Crafter influencer user-generated content performs better across all digital marketing channels than does traditional ad copy.

25 of the Best Arts & Crafts Influencers

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 damasklove

Image via Instagram

Influencer #1: @damasklove

With a following of just under 70,000 on Instagram, Amber Kemp-Gerstel hosts the Disney Family Show (Disney+) and is also a craft fanatic.

From handmade jewelry to homemade stickers, Amber is a great candidate for paper suppliers, kid products, holiday promotions, and more.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 handmadecharlotte

Image via Instagram

Influencer #2: @handmadecharlotte

HandmadeCharlotte is an artsy cook with 55,000 followers. When she’s not cooking, she’s crafting. And when she’s not crafting or cooking, she’s creating new latte flavors.

If you’re looking for an influencer that can craft with edible ingredients into game pieces, wearables, and mouth-watering holiday treats, HandmadeCharlotte is a great candidate for your art influencer team.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 upstairscircus

Image via Instagram

Influencer #3: @upstairscircus

Upstairs Circus is an entrepreneurial couple managing home decor creator locations around the country. With just over 10,000 followers, they are household names in Denver, Austin, Dallas and Minneapolis – incidentally where they maintain Upstairs Circus brick-and-mortar craft centers.

Proponents of classy and vintage, Upstairs Circus loves to recycle materials and convert them into incredible wall and shelf art. They publicize crafting events and personal projects. They also sample and review a variety of spirits and crafting tools.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 mrkate

Image via Instagram

Influencer #4: @mrkate

Mr. Kate is a designer couple for clothing, jewelry, and home decor projects. Also bloggers, vloggers, and Pinterest influencers, the Mr. Kate duo has a reach that extends beyond their 1,000 followers on Instagram.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 abeautifulmess

Image via Instagram

Influencer #5: @abeautifulmess

Elsie and Emma (sisters) have over 660,000 followers with whom they embody the challenge, “Stay home and make something!” From building outdoor playhouses to amazing wall art, these sisters are passionate about DIY in ways that will surprise you.

While they redesign the interior look of an entire room, the A Beautiful Team cooks tasty desserts and tells us all about it on their blog and podcast.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 neverskipbrunch

Image via Instagram

Influencer #6: @neverskipbrunch

Houston’s own Cara Newhart struts around her DIY lab with a contractor’s toolbelt and impeccable style.

A sucker for recycling random materials around the neighborhood, Cara engages her 30,000 followers with day-by-day updates on room makeovers and furniture creations.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 farahdhukai

Image via Instagram

Influencer #7: @farahdhukai

Farah Dhukai is a fashion and cosmetics celebrity influencer with almost 7 million followers on Instagram. You can also find her on YouTube vlogging cosmetic product reviews.

Farah masterfully creates pure hair and skin revitalization products from home. Additionally, she is an advocate for victims of fat-shaming.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 psimadethis

Image via Instagram

Influencer #8: @psimadethis

P.S. I Made This is “helping you craft the life you want.” She engages her 177,000 followers with pastel-colored crafts, favorite recipes, and kids crafts.

When it comes to party platters, P.S. I Made This is a master of elaborate meat, veggie, and dessert plates.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 ohhappyday

Image via Instagram

Influencer #9: @ohhappyday

Oh Happy Day is down to party. Or, at least help you craft one.

This homemade party decor fanatic teaches her 525,000 followers how to create their own streamers, piñatas, menus, wall art, party favors, and even plans on building an outdoor playhouse!

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 kailochic

Image via Instagram

Influencer #10: @kailochic

Watch Kailo Chic redecorate her living room hearth for every season and holiday – all with DIY products. She loves her vinyl cutting machine, felt, and shag.

Besides creating throw pillows, wall art, and planters, Kailo Chic shows her fans how to make home organization fun and fabulous.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 craftboner

Image via Instagram

Influencer #11: @craftboner

For brands not afraid of PG-13 influencer marketing, Craft Boner is a hand lettering guru and self-proclaimed “potty mouth.”

Craft Boner excites her 19,000 followers with DIY fonts and hilarious quips. She then teaches you how to put your message on an infinite number of items such as clothing, dishes, cards, stickers, home decor, and memes.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 thediyday

Image via Instagram

Influencer #12: @thediyday

If you thought that scrapbooking was dead, then you ought to meet Renee Day. This influencer takes paper crafting to the next level with handmade journals, calendars, note cards, scrapbooks, and more.

Find Renee Day sharing DIY secrets with her 250,000 plus Instagram followers or on YouTube.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 liagriffith

Image via Instagram

Influencer #13: @liagriffith

Lia Griffith is one of Instagram’s best paper, yarn, and felt crafters. She builds astoundingly life-like flower arrangements and publishes project templates for her nearly 80,000 followers.

Lia is also a master of wall art and miniature stuffed animals. In addition to Instagram, fans follow Lia Griffith on her blog.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 studiodiy

Image via Instagram

Influencer #14: @studiodiy

Kelly Mindell loves three things the most – her family, remaking her bathroom, and Disneyland. When she’s not enjoying one of her top three favorite things in life, she’s “embracing color” and “making life a party.”

Often using Disneyland as inspiration, Kelly’s Studio DIY features her and her son crafting and cooking together everything from popsicle stick buildings to wall art.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 ohjoy

Image via Instagram

Influencer #15: @ohjoy

Joy Cho is a life coach and public speaker obsessed with homemade wallpaper and luggage. More recently, she’s become an avid DIY-er for semi-custom projects – that is, cabinets or furniture pieces with wiggle-room in design and layout.

Joy chronicles her DIY life through her blog and to her 446,000 followers on Instagram.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 sugarandcloth

Image via Instagram

Influencer #16: @sugarandcloth

Ashley Rose does it all – cooking, crafting, and even home renovations.

She interacts with her 271,000 fans with surprising candor on issues like motherhood, breastfeeding, and struggling with being overweight. Ashley fills her feed with amazing creations from elaborate balloon decorating to intoxicating seasonal projects.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 agirlandagluegun

Image via Instagram

Influencer #17: @agirlandagluegun

Kimbo is a blogger that loves her memes and glue gun. A master of crafts for kids and simple DIY projects that anyone can do, Kimbo’s clever mantras find their way on several different art project styles.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 fallfordiy

Image via Instagram

Influencer #18: @fallfordiy

Francesca Stone does more with white and gray than most can do with all colors of the spectrum. Her 34,000 followers enjoy breathtaking views of minimalist decor and home organization.

Francesca’s blog betrays her fascination with building shelves and then designing the crafts that rest upon them.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 censiej

Image via Instagram

Influencer #19: @censiej

Censie Sawyer is a lifestyle blogger who loves to cook. Not only do her dishes demonstrate amazing presentation skills, but they also look delicious.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 tellloveandparty

Image via Instagram 

Influencer #20: @tellloveandparty

Sara Walk knows how to transform her world with pastel colors. Her 24,000 followers get to watch her deck out a party space with a wide variety of themed displays and simple crafts.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 vintagerevivals

Image via Instagram

Influencer #21: @vintagerevivals

Mandi Gubler is proud to announce that she and her husband are “currently converting a 1928 Mercantile shop into our dream home!” Mandi’s 150,000 followers watch in excitement as she documents Gubler home renovations.

Also a fan of tiny homes and playhouses, Mandi creates her own outdoor furniture and plant displays.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 thecraftedlife

Image via Instagram

Influencer #22: @thecraftedlife

If your brand favors pink, Rachel Mae Smith does pink in every shade and crafts in many pink-themed color schemes. She regularly covers her walls with quaint homemade art projects and also builds Christmas villages in “wintery” shades of… you guessed it, pink.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 makeandtellblog

Image via Instagram

Influencer #23: @makeandtellblog

Steph is one of the best Instagram graphic design crafters. Between her Instagram feed and blog, she shows her followers how to design by hand and display art digitally.

Currently hot off Steph’s press are pastel-colored digital wallpaper DIY projects.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 ispydiy

Image via Instagram

Influencer #24: @ispydiy

Jenny Yolo is a passionate DIY home renovator and interior decorator. Her blog features many small, medium, and large home projects to improve the look and feel of your living space.

Jenny’s 159,000 Instagram followers enjoy shots of her homemade projects and AirBnB presentations.

best arts and crafts influencers 2020 amberscholl

Image via Instagram

Influencer #25: @amberscholl

Amber $choll is not just an accomplished fashion DIYer; she is a hilarious YouTube vlogger. The only influencer on our list who is also a fashion model, Amber can switch from goofy to classy (and back to goofy) on a dime.

Her endearing personality makes it no surprise that Amber enjoys engagement with nearly 1 million Instagram followers and over 3 million YouTube subscribers.

Final Thoughts on the Power of Crafting Influencers

As you scale your influencer program with the top crafting influencers, using a customized influencer relationship management program can save your organization time and money. With GRIN software, you can select from a list of more than 35 million potential influencers, complete with filtering options and up-to-date influencer engagement metrics.

As you begin recruiting arts and crafts influencers this season, here are a few additional resources to help you build a killer influencer team:

This article originally appeared in the Grin.co blog and has been published here with permission.

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