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27 Customer Service Scripts For Ecommerce Companies


Use these customer service scripts to help you systematize the way that you respond to customer inquiries.

With these customer service scripts, you can speed up response times, ensure quality customer service every time, and improve your support operations. 

After all, having every support representative write ad hoc responses isn’t wise. Some responses might be spot on. But others could be too long, too blunt, or too confusing. 

Systematizing the way that customer service agents respond benefits both your business and your customers.

In this guide, we offer scripts you can customize plus plenty of tactical tips on how to implement these templates in your own business. Read on for examples and specific ways to save both time and money offering customer support. 

Table of contents:

  • Why your ecommerce business needs customer service scripts
  • 27 customer service scripts categorized by topic
  • How to share and use customer service scripts as a team
  • How to automate repetitive customer service responses

Why your ecommerce business needs customer service scripts

90% of Americans use customer service as a determining factor when deciding to do business with a company, and 58% will switch to another company because of poor customer service. 

Scripts can majorly improve customer service. 

When you utilize the right customer service scripts (instead of relying on reps to come up with unique responses every time), you can experience the following benefits:

  • Cost savings from reducing manual work – Make it easy for your customer support representatives to instantly access scripted responses inside of your ecommerce helpdesk. This reduces the time it takes to either craft a response from scratch or hunt for the template in a wiki. You can further cut back on manual time by automating ecommerce customer service, which we’ll cover in more detail towards the end of this guide.

  • Employee stress and confusion – Why force customer service employees to come up with the perfect response every time? This can put a lot of stress on their shoulders. Make it easier for them to provide great customer service using scripts.

  • Standardized support quality – You don’t want one customer to get great service and another to receive bad service. This can reflect poorly on your brand. Customers won’t know what to expect when contacting you, and you’ll end up with some bad online reviews and social media comments.

  • Faster employee onboarding – Customer support positions are prone to twice the average rate of employee turnover. You can mitigate the loss of high employee turnover with faster onboarding. Get new customer service team members up to speed with ready-to-use scripts.

  • Faster issue resolution – When your support team is using customer support script templates, they will be able to resolve issues more quickly, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a better customer experience. 

27 customer service scripts categorized by topic

These customer service scripts range across several different categories of support requests, including shipping problems, returns, billing issues, coupon codes, website bugs, and more. 

Positive scripting is on brand, empathizes with the customer, and puts their needs above all else. 

Use these scripts as a starting point and customize them with your own policies, processes, and brand messaging. 

Many small ecommerce companies today utilize chat and email support, not call centers. So, these are responses you can use for chat and email, not call center scripts.

Shipping issues

When your customers contact you about common shipping issues, you can be armed with the following templates:

  • Tracking shipment
  • Late shipment
  • Lost shipment
  • Need to change shipping options after ordering

Tracking shipment.

Hey! We’re excited you’re excited about your order. To track your order, click on the “tracking information” link in the email with the subject line “Your order has shipped!”

Pro tip:

Using a customer helpdesk connected to your ecommerce platform, you could insert customer variables like the last order id and tracking URL dynamically into your answer. Here is what could look like the previous template:

Hey! We’re excited you’re excited about your order. Click here to track your order: {{las_order_tracking_url}}

Late shipment

We’re sorry this order didn’t arrive on time. Click here to track your order: {{las_order_tracking_url}}.

To thank you for your patience, here’s a $10 coupon off your next order. 

Lost shipment

We’re sorry this order got lost in the mail. Would you like a replacement shipped to you or a full refund? If you’d like a replacement, we can offer 2-day shipping at no additional cost to you.

Need to change shipping options after ordering

I understand that you want to change your shipping option so you can receive this order quicker. I cancel this order for you and re-order the item with 2-day shipping, which will cost $15.95. Please confirm that you would like 2-day shipping and let me know if any other order details need to be changed.

Order issues

Order issues can happen for many different reasons. Maybe there was a system error, or maybe the shopper accidentally purchased the wrong item or product variation. 

Here is some positive scripting to help you respond quickly:

  • Can’t place order
  • System placed order incorrectly
  • Customer wants to change their order within the allowable time limit
  • Customer wants to change their order outside of the allowable time limit
  • No order confirmation email

Can’t place order

I’m sorry that our system isn’t working properly. Please allow me a moment to look into this. What product(s) are you purchasing?

System placed order incorrectly (system error)

I’m sorry that our system took your order incorrectly! I can fix this right now for you. Did you receive an order confirmation number?

Customer wants to change their order within the allowable time limit

Your order {{las_order_id}} was within the past 4 hours, so I can cancel this order for you. You'll receive cancellation confirmation in a few minutes by email, and you will be fully refunded. You can re-order what you’d like. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. 

Customer wants to change their order outside of the allowable time limit

I understand you’d like to change your order. Can I have the order number please?

Unfortunately, because the order was processed already, I’m not able to cancel it for you. However, we can offer you a full refund when you ship the product back to us. 

No order confirmation email

I understand that you didn’t receive an order confirmation. How long ago was the order placed? 

Did you see a thank you page screen after ordering?

Pro tip

A helpdesk for ecommerce will allow you to proceed to order create, duplicate, cancel and refund in one click directly from the ticketing system.

Create a new order from Gorgias helpdesk

Product problems

Sometimes the issue isn’t technical or accidental. The issue just might be your product. Maybe the customer is disappointed by what they received. 

Use these customer service scripts to reach resolution quickly and help potentially angry customers:

  • Product listing issues (not as described, pictured)
  • Negative product reviews
  • Product questions
  • Damaged products

Product listing issues (not as described, pictured)

I’m sorry that the product didn’t meet your expectations. We can issue a refund when you ship the product back to us using a prepaid label, which you can print here: (link).

Do you have any additional feedback about the product or its page so I can pass this feedback along to the right people? Thanks for your time.

Negative product reviews

I understand you have concerns about some of the reviews you’ve seen. Our product isn’t a fit for everyone, but we have 2000 positive reviews from customers who love it! There are no risks, as we offer a full refund if you ship the unused portion back to us within 30 days.

Product questions

I see you’ve got some questions about your product! I’m happy to answer all of your questions. Ask away.

Damaged products

We’re sorry that you received a damaged product. We try our best to make sure items reach you in perfect condition, but sometimes mistakes happen. Please send the item back to us using a prepaid label, which you can print here: (link).

We’ll ship you a replacement right away.


Returns are one of the most common ecommerce customer support issues. However, offering fast and easy returns is essential for growing your ecommerce business. 

Use these live chat scripts to speed up your responses:

  • Request to return product
  • Request to return product outside of policy
  • Tracking status of return

Request to return product

Thanks for contacting us! We allow returns up to 30 days from the purchase date for all items except clearance items. You can initiate your return and print a shipping label with our easy return portal here: (link)

Request to return product outside of policy

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, your order is outside of the window of return. However, because it is only outside the window by a couple days, I can allow you to return the item. Please confirm you’d still like to return it and I will email the prepaid shipping label. If we don’t receive the product within 10 days, we will not be able to accept your return. 


Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, your order is not available to be returned because it is well outside of the time window (30 days) as outlined in our return policy. 

Tracking status of return

I understand that you want to get your refund processed quickly. We typically refund orders within 3 to 5 business days from receiving them. I can see that your package is expected to arrive tomorrow, so you should expect to receive your refund within 2 weeks.

Billing and payment

When there are payment issues, customers can easily become frustrated. Tread lightly and respond politely with these scripts for positive customer interactions. 

  • Accepted payment options
  • Paypal acceptance
  • Paypal issues

Accepted payment options

Hi, thank you for contacting us. I’m happy to help with all of your questions. Regarding payment, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, and gift cards. Do you have any other questions?

Paypal acceptance

Yes, we do offer Paypal! Just select Paypal and you’ll be prompted to login and choose your payment method through Paypal.

Paypal issues

I’m sorry that Paypal isn’t working for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to troubleshoot your account. Please ensure that your login information is correct and contact Paypal support with any issues. Alternatively, you can complete your order using a credit card or debit card.

Gift cards

Do you offer physical and/or virtual gift cards? Prepare for potential customer questions with these live chat scripts:

  • Gift card balance
  • Gift card policy
  • Gift card not working

Gift card balance

Thanks for contacting us about your gift card balance. You can find that information by entering the gift card number here: (link)

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

Gift card policy

Gift card balances expire after 6 years and can be used for any purchase, including clearance items. For our full gift card policy, please visit this link: (link)

Gift card not working

I’m sorry the gift card isn’t working. I’ll look into this issue for you. Please let me know the gift card number? 

Coupon codes

Are your customers contacting your ecommerce helpdesk with inquiries about coupon codes? Use these customer support scripts as a starting point for crafting your own on-brand templates:

  • Coupon code not working
  • Stacking coupon codes

Coupon code not working

I’m sorry this coupon code isn’t working for you! I’ve looked into it, and it doesn’t apply to your order. However, here’s a coupon for free shipping that you can use for orders over $50. 

Stacking coupon codes

I’m sorry, but coupon codes can’t be used together. Please choose one coupon code to use per order. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

User accounts

There can be a lot of user account issues that can frustrate customers who are trying to login, check order status, or initiate a return. 

Make sure that your customer service team is trained in requesting the additional information needed, such as their account number or order number, to troubleshoot the issue. 

When it comes to difficult customers, canned responses can come across as callous, so make sure that customer requests are always treated with care.

These scripts can help you respond effectively:

  • Can’t login
  • User account not showing order
  • Other user account issues

Can’t login

I understand that you can’t login to your account. Can you please use the “forgot username” or “forgot password” buttons here? (login link)

User account not showing order

I understand that the order isn’t showing up in your account. It can take up to 30 minutes for a new order to be added to your account. Has it been over 30 minutes since you placed the order?

Other user account issues

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues with your account! We’ll fix this technical error and get back to you ASAP. What is the best email address to contact you at?

Website QA

When customers discover issues on your site, use the right words to show your appreciation. Check out these scripts for quick answers to customer discoveries of website bugs and issues:

  • Discovered errors
  • Confusing pages or elements

Discovered errors

Thanks for catching that issue on our website! Our development team will fix it ASAP. Can I help you with anything else?

Confusing pages or elements

I’m sorry about that! I can see what you mean–that is confusing and could be improved. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this issue. Our development team will fix it ASAP. Can I help you with anything else?

How to share and use customer service scripts as a team

After you write great customer support scripts, you need to implement them as a team. 

You’ll have far better results if you include these scripts in your helpdesk software, rather than put them in a wiki or Google doc for your team to hunt through.

With Gorgias’s Macros feature, you can create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions. Write a message with custom data variables and reuse it automatically

How to automate customer service responses

When you automate customer service responses, you reduce manual work and increase customer satisfaction through speedy responses. 

Of course, a live customer service representative can take over if needed, but a bot can effectively handle many repetitive questions and tasks. 

With Gorgias’s Autoresponder feature, you can automatically respond to customer questions using your Macros as templates. For example, “Where is my order?” could be answered with an on-brand, templated response stating the order status and expected delivery date. 

What’s good for your business is good for the customer too. Speed up response times and everybody wins.

Ready to save time on customer support while offering a better experience than ever? Check out Gorgias.

Growth Marketing Manager at Gorgias

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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