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3 Great Mother’s Day Tactics You Can Steal (Plus 6 Templates Your Mom Will Love)


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means your customers will be on the hunt for the perfect gift for their mom. 

Creating campaigns catered specifically to mothers will drive sales at this important time of year and, if you get it right, can secure you life-long customers who will keep coming back for more.

Often, customers will be looking for products they don’t usually buy, which means your campaigns need to promote the benefits of these products and instill confidence in potential buyers.

In 2019, traffic to retail stores increased by 12.7% around Mother’s Day, and the surge in online shopping during the pandemic has increased this even further over the last year. In fact, 43.20% of shoppers claim they do more shopping online because of brick-and-mortar closures forced by Covid-19. 

Creating authentic experiences in difficult times is key for online retailers, and one of the most effective ways to do this is through direct Messenger communications. 

Why Use Messenger for Mother’s Day Campaigns 

Reaching potential customers where they’re already hanging out – in their Facebook Messenger inbox – will put you ahead of brands trying to capture their attention on other platforms.

What’s more, Messenger campaigns generate 9x higher open rates than email. Even better, you only get charged when a sponsored message is opened – and the price you pay is considerably lower than other ad formats at just $0.01 to $0.015 per message. 

Think about the number of emails shoppers receive around key holidays like Mother’s Day. It’s easy to get lost in the pile but, with Sponsored Messages, you can reach them where very few other brands are. 

How to Use Recart to Spread the Word 

Recart’s Sponsored Message feature and in-built Giveaways function allow merchants like you to reach the right people at the right time. 

Making the most of these features will allow you to share your bestselling mom-related products, encourage shoppers to increase their average order value, and instill brand loyalty by sharing discount codes and free gifts.  

1. Give a Discount

Make customers feel valued and like they’re getting a great deal by offering a discount to potential buyers. Share the discount link in a Sponsored Message with a CTA that encourages them to take action straight away. 

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2. Share Gift Ideas

Shoppers want to give their moms the best present they can, but with so much choice it’s hard for them to decide. Create gift catalogs or guides that promote a range of your top Mother’s Day products and share them with shoppers via Sponsored Messages. 

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3. Promote an Exclusive Gift

Some products sell better than others around Mother’s Day. Think flowers, cosmetics, and smellies. Offer customers a free gift in one of these categories to inspire further purchases. And, to increase your average order value, consider giving the gift only to shoppers who spend over a certain amount. 

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Pro Tip💡 : We all love exclusive stuff. Everybody does…so make that the centerpiece.

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Pro Tip💡: The sense of urgency could be your greatest ally, especially for all those who might have postponed buying their gifts until the very last day.

4. Create a Mother’s Day Collection

Build a dedicated page on your online store that promotes a range of Mother’s Day inspired gifts. Having a central place to browse products will make the buying process much easier, and you can simply share the link with shoppers via Sponsored Message. 

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5. Offer Vouchers

Vouchers allow customers to get a gift they know their mom will love – because she can choose it herself. Promote your gift voucher option in a Sponsored Message. 

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5. Put Together Bundles

Let’s face it, moms deserve more than just one gift. Bundling relevant items together increases the chance of a purchase (especially if shoppers can’t choose what to get their mom), but it also increases the average order value per customer. 

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Lush does this too, giving people who don’t know a bath bomb from a body scrub the help they need to make the right gift choice. Complementary items are grouped together in bundles that help achieve a specific goal for moms – like relaxing. 

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Why Recart Works 

The stats around Messenger campaigns are hard to ignore. Sponsored Messages have a 3x higher opt-in rate on mobile devices, which is how a lot of customers will be shopping for their moms this Mother’s Day. On top of that, they bring in 15% more revenue and have 20x higher average ROI. 

3 Other Mother’s Day Strategies You Can Implement Right Now 

Sponsored Messages are great for spreading the word about your Mother’s Day offers, but there are plenty of other ways you can build your Messenger, email and SMS lists during the holiday. 

1. Mother’s Day Giveaways 

Giveaways help spread the word about your brand and products quickly. People love to win free things, and asking your followers to share your giveaway post with their friends and family will skyrocket your visibility. 

Ryderwear has had huge success with running past giveaways. During a 7-day promotion, they added 2,910 new Messenger subscribers to their list and generated $6.7k in immediate revenue – only from a $930 ad spend.


They used Recart’s Giveaway feature to send participants information about the giveaway and collect their email addresses in the process. Doing this meant they could add 96% of their new Messenger subscribers to their email list too. 

2. User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC), like customer photos, videos, and reviews are a great way to stir up loyalty and engagement in the lead up to Mother’s Day. 

Consumers are more likely to listen to recommendations from friends and family rather than brands themselves, so serving up UGC as part of your campaign will help build trust and drive sales. 

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Benefit’s #MomsTheBalm campaign invited people to share pictures of their moms on social media using the dedicated hashtag for the chance to win a prize. They then displayed the photos on their website and social media channels to generate a buzz. 

3. Launch a Dedicated Product Line

If you want to go all out for Mother’s Day, you can follow in Lush’s footsteps and launch a complete product line created especially for moms. The cosmetics company produced a range of new products focused on helping moms relax and feel good about themselves just in time for the special day. 

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You don’t have to spend ages designing new products to achieve the same thing; instead, think about creating a limited edition version of one or two of your bestsellers to cater specifically to moms. 

How to Have a Successful Mother’s Day

Although it’s just one day of the year, Mother’s Day is all about gift-giving. Online stores have the chance to reach a new audience and turn new customers into long-term loyal advocates that come back time and time again.

To make sure Mother’s Day is a success for your brand:

  • Be authentic: campaigns that are empathetic and dig deep into the meaning behind Mother’s Day will build trust and loyalty
  • Offer something new: whether it’s a discount, a free gift, or a new product range, give customers something valuable and exclusive 
  • Reach people where it matters: sidestep full email inboxes and instead show up in shopper’s Messenger inboxes to gain a competitive edge and increase engagement 
  • Nurture new customers: continue to nurture new customers who sign up to your email list on Mother’s Day to turn them into long-term buyers 

Make Mother’s Day special this year for your customers and your brand. Use Sponsored Messages, Giveaways, discounts, and other features to foster engagement and drive sales during this important shopping event. 

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