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3 Lesser Known Facts About Italian Ecommerce

A person using an iPad for ecommerce.

“E-Commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade.” -Arancha Gonzalez.

Italy is among the top-ranking EU economies and is home to many famous international brands. Regarding fashion, luxury and lifestyle, it is challenging to compete with Italy. Businesses and consumers are also on their toes to steal fantastic shopping deals.

In fact, according to the data collected, the revenue of the Italian eCommerce sector in 2021 was 64 billion euros. The market size has also grown by 33%, the highest in the past five years.

That’s why the Italian eCommerce sector is quite lucrative for international investors.

In addition to effective RoI, investment also allows them to gain Italian citizenship. Yes, you read it right! You may also contact Bersani Law Firm & Partners for assistance on residency-by-investment programs. The professionals can also explain EU rights and free Schengen zone access that you can use to multifold your investments.

Did you know about this? If not, continue reading this blog post to learn some lesser-known facts about Italian eCommerce.

Typically An Italian Online Shopper Spend 1,608 Euros Per Year

According to statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2020, shoppers made more purchases compared to the first three quarters. Though, the majority of assets are conducted abroad. Nearly 95% of buyers make online purchases from Amazon. This is followed by 67% from foreign websites, 46% on eBay, and 45% on Zalando.

It is also noteworthy that although there are significant disparities between industries, the average receipt for Italian e-commerce sites is 134.9 euros. For instance, the lowest average tickets (39 euros) are in the publishing industry, while the highest average receipts are in the furniture industry.

Italy Has A Golden Rule For Success In eCommerce

Deliver Fast; Deliver Free is the golden rule of eCommerce in Italy.

To customers, seamless delivery means a reliable buying experience and a high-quality product. On the other hand, it translates into recurring business and devoted clients for companies.

Nevertheless, online businesses must go past a few challenges.

It is well known that the Italian postal service is unreliable. However, customers are now expecting better service due to the growing popularity of online shopping. So, ensure you’re set up logistically to work inside the system and still provide excellent service if you want to wow your customers.

Additionally, effectiveness is not everything. Italian customers are also cost-conscious. For 55% of them, free delivery is the norm. And 43% of people gave up on their shopping carts because they refused to pay for delivery. The same holds for returns; 91% of respondents think it should be free to return the product.

Social Media Platforms Are Ideal For Sales

Now, shoppers prefer to place their orders via live video links to ensure product quality and quantity. It helps earn viewers’ trust and makes sales easier than promoting posts via posts, stories, and reels.

Similarly, Augmented Reality is also making its way into e-shopping as it allows buyers to view the use of products in real-time and in the virtual environment. As the metaverse is becoming an ethereal trend, it is expected to cater seamlessly to customers’ needs.

Key Takeaway

These are some insights about the Italian eCommerce industry that you can use to boost your business and establish its name in a foreign land.

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